REAL Authentic Korean Street Food!!

REAL Authentic Korean Street Food!!

since it’s 4/20 hi guys I’m some girl mangas finally the life in Korea season 3 has just begun oh yes I know a lot of you are waiting for new season of Li Ka and the first stop in Korea will be mangwon market in Mapo Seoul old man wan market is known for they are inexpensive authentic old-fashioned Korean Street food the best place for bowling on your budget the energy of the market is incredible so let’s get into it [Music] the first food that caught our attention was 3001 parable su korean hand pulled a knife cut neuter soup we couldn’t believe the performance of how the noodles were made and the price the price less than three dollars for handmade another soup yes please I’m really excited it is this is less than three dollars to be both handmaiden Luther soup less than $3 can you believe it I guess I don’t know it explained [Music] so notice I’ve got a city outside but it has a very strong chewy texture in it and there is the condom and again you can add this is a little spicy sauce so you feel one year noodle soup to be really spicy water and add some reading became cheap I think the fraud is based on our name shall be the flavor is welded to life but the texture is very thick there was a fantastic start of the authentic Korean Street food tour and let’s move on to the second stop Park dong Jung the Korean Candida fried chicken bite crispy bone nest Korean fried chicken bites toasted in many different types of homemade sauce from the traditional Korean fried chicken sauce sweet spicy and tangy to real fire spicy or some white cream sauce mirin Korea fried chicken hi that they serve on a cup like this cannibalistic front in the soft we got one spicy and the other one with flavor is like slightly sweet but not overly sweet at all it is like perfectly balanced this is the most popular menu and it’s very close to the classic Korean fried chicken after a bowl of noodle soup and fried chicken we were ready to take some sweet bite so next stop is a Korean style donut shop there are so many donors to choose from but we have to be really smart about it because this is only the third stop and we have so many other foods to taste today so yeah it was our little dilemma but I think we did it good this is a Korean twisted donuts with baba they eat donuts what a given is twisted it’s a really simple donors that is all the fashion plain doughnut better that goes very airy and they just make the piece become like this and they fry and roll in the sugar while they’re hot I think the best part is is three four one thousand one less than a dollar to do these four one thousand one try to like like what nine ninety cent less than a dollar it’s actually a little more chewy I don’t know talking about the doughnut mama market had something very very unique style of doughnuts to offer we call core okay the world guru K is from crooked it’s Japanese way to pronounce it and this Korean style core okay is a bit different than regular crooked and lasting like mozzarella kind of dough but it’s like super hairy and light that doughnut is filled with Korean style savory veggies and neuters yes I said mutters and coated with panko breadcrumbs then deep-fried oh yeah it’s heavenly this is a vegetable one onion green onion tripe oh there’s actually the port there too and carrots oh look at this look how elastic this dough is Oh exactly the metrology though the dodo [Music] nectar they shape the core okay they cover this avoid entire thing with panko breadcrumbs to make it [Music] and this is the frightly vegetable look at this the dough is so in last year I don’t know what secret I just love a front of Thailand ridiculous the specimen is pretty much famous for vegetable I think they just as a little kimchi and little pooch evaluate the Korean red pepper flakes we make it spicy but other than that it’s pretty much danger I like this one a lot all the vegetables in it so it’s crazy how they get all that stuff in the dough doesn’t get like really soggy the don’t stays not elastic whatever I don’t even know how to explain it I’ve never had anything like this fried bread really good I cannot believe that this is only 500 fine oh we got some our fried food the fix today oh my goodness I’m really thirsty somebody handed me some ice cold drink already chica is a Korean traditional rice drink and I love drinking days or wine Street food you probably saw me drinking this 44 times when Amelia Street food because that we fraction the sweet cold drink and just cooling your palate it is perfect for the authentic Korean Street food tour we definitely have to try the Korean spicy rice cake it’s the number one korean street food menu the pocket to korean people is like mac and cheese to americans gimbap the korean rice rolls to him the fried food Alma cook fish cake soup soon death the blood sausage they are the best friends of the poppy very very very authentic history startup to be all played and that’s a $1 Korean chili peppers and pura filled up with with meat mixture little security you know for let’s have steak it’s in there I liked it make him pop into the pokey when you get thirsty while eating the poopy oh I want some soup to wash the oldest spiciness down just make yourself a cup of fish cake soup they have a cup and ladle right front of you don’t be shy unless you’re eating the fish cake they are not going to charge you for a cup of soup or two but remember you have to order food there to have the fully serviced by 3:00 right away the most popular let’s try this little Laureus chili pepper look how big it is oh look a tie or the meat it’s a Korean version of jalapeno pepper he’s on his good living in letter Pakistan wonder my happiness right here this is so good onion could recreate this at home chili pepper is really not that spicy at all but the feeling I taste a little to fill that Holly is very well-balanced fulfilling our last menu to try at Milan market is hota Korean fried pancake nowadays every vendor Soho talks are very different because everyone’s trying to make it better with their own secret recipes and stand out from other vendors so this kind of competition I really appreciated almost scared to eat it it’s a little different than regular stuff because it’s like fan it’s like one thousand three one thousand one really great value is that sacrifice – ha [Music] I’m so full but my mouth watering right now so that the inside the filling is all melty then like a little little little honey look at that and I love the cinnamon flavor really warm sesame seeds pumpkin seeds really nourish me the dog somehow though you properties is a really crispy but some part though is actually thick has more two-year texture I love the mixture of that two different texture of the dough it will be needing a lot today so good oh my goodness my it might tell me it’s a fool it’s like stuff that I can even it anymore I know how long do we spend today with all that food I will put it away as a pack so how much do we spend it today maybe a little food probably a little over 20 doesn’t doesn’t and we had like five meals today geez that was amazing if you guys ever come to Seoul this is lowest part of patrol it’s really easy to find this market you guys doxology to try come and beat it here it’s it’s so amazing a lot of a things to shop a lot of things to eat and I love prices of this market falling on a budget bowling all right guys today that would be a that ho dog is our last street foods that we are eating today and it’s been amazing if you ever come to Seoul come visit this man Wan markets you will never ever ever disappointed what they had offered to you life in Korea and I think again by [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause]


  1. 🌷 Street Food Recipes 🌷
    Mini Gimbap

  2. when I go to Korea I will surely follow every episode of your Life in Korea. Watching you makes me smile. Thanks for this videos.

  3. Korea is expensive, less than three us dollar? no cheap at all, you can find food for a dollars or less in Taiwan…Korea and Japan very expensive πŸ™‚

  4. She speaks with a horrible lowly pigeon Konglish that you pick up on the fly as a K2 fiance visa immigrant in the US. Definitely can tell she was not college educated before coming to the US just by the lowly way she speaks her Konglish. Should be named 'Former bar maid married a stationed in OSAN or Pyeongtaek enlisted GI guy channel' haha

  5. Hi my name KIM .My Father is Korean Thank you for you video but make me wana eat every thing if i am over there.I am living in Korea .Soeul .27 years ago now I am living in Toronto .Canada.they have 3 Korean Super Market.have food every week i went there to eat.hope see more video of you….

  6. the camera guy is better with the commentary. this chick is talking like either she had a stroke or her audience are really stupid. good vid cant stand the lady though

  7. All of the food looks AMAZING!!…BUT the best part of this video is the ADORABLE little girl with the squeeky shoes kicking at birds around 7:20! I have to try authentic kimbap and topokki!

  8. Hi Seonkyoung! I'm your fan from the Philippines. I love all your videos especially when it comes to your travelling. God bless!

  9. I would be the one to notice the sexy Korean in the yellow apron that was making the cinnamon πŸ₯ž πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ Like damn South Korea just goes around having undercover idols posing as street vendors now!? Jeez he was FINE! & he had muscles πŸ’ͺ🏽😻… Okay I’ll stop drooling now! 🀀🀀 He actually reminds me of my bias Bobby from iKON no wonder I spotted him & ended up rewatch that one part like 100 times! 😩😍

  10. I wish Korean Air was as kind as you. Singapore Air is fabulous, as well as Singapore. I use KA to go to Bali..
    My grandfather died fighting for South Korea.. I met two Korean passengers, who were super nice, but The Aussies were just as racist. Shame. The Bali people were super nice. Pork is deadly.

  11. Yummy yummy yummy awesome πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—

  12. After watching your video i really want to visit Mangwon market! Can you teach us how to order food in korean language, or useful phrases in market/restaurant?

  13. I hope there would be some Korean st food vendors like these in Australia !!!! Your videos make me feel hungry all the time +_____+ !!!!!!!

  14. Do not get me wrong. It will be nice if you buy one portion or sample of food and share with your husband. And I think small bites, too. I trying to tell you what I see and try to make it better. You are great! Thank for showing us your culture.

  15. damn when I grow up, I am gonna travel and eat the food there. I love watching street food especially feeling the breeze even though I have never tasted street food except for our own local but wanna try other places as well. Love the video

  16. I often watch Korean drama and I see food they eat it looks delicious but I never had a chance to eat Korean food

  17. See young that foot deep fry pepper stuffed with meat reminds me of the Texans stuff poblano peppers 🌢 that is stuffed with cheese πŸ§€. Texans love πŸ’• JalapeΓ±o peppers and stuff fried peppers with some type of chili sauce on top but the red enchilada sauce on top sometimes. Tfs your the best with hubby.

  18. AMA move to Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ or Korea I could live there. Just likeyour husband said balling on a budget that’s my kind of a dude!!

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  20. I wish america had street food. the most they have is hot dog stands where the guys barely warm up the buns and charge you two bucks

  21. Your skin was GLOWING in this video! I've learned a lot of recipes from watching these videos of yours! Love from Texas πŸ’œ

  22. In the Philippines the twist donut only cost 5 pesos in which u can get 10 for a dollarπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. I went to south Korean in December, but I was never be able to find good street food places, even I went to these markets, because they are huge!! I don't know exactly where they are! πŸ™ but I did have few other ones.

  24. Teokboki is my favourite becoz if I watch teokboki eating video I'll easily get hungryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. you see this is why koreans are so healthy because they be eating organic foods for cheap prices meanwhile in america there are 5 mcdonalds within on blockπŸ˜”

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