“Really #BELIEVE In YOURSELF!” – Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) – Top 10 Rules

“Really #BELIEVE In YOURSELF!” – Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) – Top 10 Rules

– Some people will also
discourage you and say, “You know what, are you
sure you want to do this? “Are you sure, you want to wait?” Yeah, I’m not satisfied. I’m not fully satisfied, and I don’t ever want to be. I don’t want to regret
anything in life, ever. I do what I do. I do what I love. – Hello Believe Nation! My name is Evan Carmichael. My one word is believe, and I believe that
entrepreneurs will solve all of the world’s major problems. So to help you on your journey today, we’re going to learn from actress and
entrepreneur Deepika Padukone and my take on her top
ten rules to success. Rule number one is my personal favorite, and I’d love to know which one you guys like the best. And as always, as you’re watching, if you hear something
that really resonates with you, please leave
it in the comments below. Put quotes around it, so other people can be inspired. Might win a prize as well. And also, when you write it down, it’s much more likely to stick for yourself, as well. Enjoy. (swish sound) (basketball bounce) (uplifting music) (stamp slamming)
Believe, you know? Things will always not go your way. There will be times where things will be difficult. There will be times when you wanted things to be a certain way, and they don’t go that way. But I think, through the years, I think the one thing that I’ve learned is to be patient and to really believe in yourself. I mean you can have,
you know, amazing people around you telling you different things. Some people really believe in your vision, and some people won’t. Some people will also discourage you, and say, “You know what, “are you sure you want to do this? “Are you sure, you want to wait? “Are you… “You know, why don’t
you try something else “or do something else?” I think it’s important to be… I mean, at least, I fortunately had a lot of clarity about what I wanted to do with my life and for myself, and, you know, I’ve been very patient through all of it. And I’m not someone– I don’t give up easily. – You just keep the faith. – Yeah, I keep the faith. I’d never give up. The minute you tell me
that I can’t do something, I work that much harder to prove, not to people, but to myself that I can do it. It can be anything. (swoosh sound)
So every film has its own challenges. But overall, I think there is a perception that the film industry is all glamorous, and it’s easy, and it’s… I think a lot of people feel like people in the industry are very privileged, but that’s not true. There’s a lot of hard work and commitment and dedication and sacrifices that go into being who we are
or achieving what we do. It’s very easy to buy your ticket and sit in a theater and watch a movie for two and a half hours, and be entertained or not and that’s totally fair, but there’s a lot of hard work that goes into making that possible, which I think only people who are related in the film industry in some way will know
the full extent of that. (swoosh sound)
I’m extremely ambitious. I know exactly what I want, what I want to achieve for myself, the kind of films I want to do, the kind of people that
I want to work with, and that will always
be an ongoing process. Since childhood, I’ve always known what I wanted to do. Today, I’m living that dream, but I always say, I’m not satisfied. I’m not fully satisfied, and I don’t ever want to be. I want that hunger. I want that motivation to keep me going. – It’s the hunger that keeps you going.
– Yeah. (swoosh sound)
Do I appreciate and admire a lot of actresses around me and people who’ve been around me before? Of course I do. In few films that they’ve done, or in the performances that they’ve given, or in the way that they’ve
conducted themselves, of course I admire them, but I do not want my career to be like anyone else’s but my own. Because it’s a very very personal thing, and something that I like, somebody else may not like, so it cannot be. Even if I want it to be, it cannot be. And I want to be remembered for my own individual sense of everything. Whether it’s style, whether it’s films, whether it’s career graph, whether it’s values that you stick by. It has to be your own. (swoosh sound)
– Tendency to be cynical when actors go outside of their country and work. We’ve seen that happen
with actors in the past. There’s, you know, some people say, “What’s the big deal?” How do you view it? I mean, I know for you, you’ve been staying around longer. It’s not like you’re moving to the West. It’s not like you’re
ditching Hindi movies, and you’re going to
completely move to the West and become an American actor. Do you see this as just another exciting kind of stop in the journey? Yeah, I think you want
to keep adding layers to yourself, to your life, to your career, I don’t view them as two
separate careers anyway. I think that’s the biggest
mistake people make. I look at it as one long journey with different things that could be thrown at you, different challenges. And how do you make them your own? And, you know, I see that people from China, people from Australia, people from England, everyone’s done it so successfully. I mean, of course, everyone’s choices are individual, and, you know, I’m sure different actors have different ways of how they want to maneuver their career and what they want to do with their lives and with their careers, and it’s also a huge time
commitment, you know? It’s not just about being in the movie. It’s also… It’s a huge commitment. But I was willing to go through that. You know, I was willing
to make that commitment. I was willing to tread this path and experience this journey. I don’t want to regret
anything in life ever. Eight years, ten years, 15 years, 20 years down the line.
– And say that the opportunity came, but I didn’t…
– The opportunity came and “Ugh! I wish I did!” You know, at least now I know I did, and if it works, great, if not, you know, at least I know I tried. (swoosh sound)
– What does power mean to you? And what freedom does
this power afford you? – Nothing. Nothing. It means nothing to me. I do what I do. I do what I love. The money happens to come. It means nothing, you know? And I know so many people and my own experiences here. You can have everything in the world, but if you’re not happy, you can do nothing with it. And it really means nothing. So for me, if it’s there, it’s there. If it’s not there, it’s not there. It doesn’t matter. For me, quality time with my family, going on family vacations, spending quality time with them at home, cooking a meal in my kitchen, spending time with my friends, being creatively satisfied with a film or with a part, being challenged in that sense, going up on stage
receiving a Filmfare Award. These are the things that
I really really value. This makes absolutely no difference. (swoosh sound)
– You know, sacrifices, social sacrifices, sacrificing I think for me, my biggest sacrifice has been the fact that I don’t live with my family. I’ve had to move away, so of course there are days when, you know, I go home. I miss them. I miss the fact that over a meal, I don’t have my parents or my sister to talk to, you know? Just talk about what my day was like, or of course I can do it on the phone, but it’s different when, you know? Your face to say it. So there are certain
sacrifices that one has to make, diet-wise, you know? I enjoy eating. I love eating. Thankfully, I’m not someone who puts on weight easily, but I have a weakness for sweets and chocolates, and I have to control that. So yeah, it comes with its… Or in the way that I
conduct myself, you know? I think that is also a sacrifice. If sometimes there’s a certain way I’d like to be, I also have to realize that I have to be socially responsible. (swoosh sound)
You know, as actors and as artists, you’re constantly looking for challenges, either in the kind of role that you do or in the kind of movie, or like even when I did Cocktail. Like, Cocktail was completely out of my comfort zone, and I think this was
the right film for me. I remember being offered, you know it’s public knowledge. Everyone knows.
– Yeah, yeah, Furious 7. – I was offered Furious 7, and we tried so hard to make that work, and it didn’t. And today, when I look back, you know, a part of me is like, it
just wasn’t meant to be. So, I always feel like there’s always a right
time for everything, and I think that this, kind of… this was just the right
time for it to happen. And it was the right kind of challenge, and in a right way, I mean of course the character’s exciting, but I’ve never done this kind of– I’ve done an action film before but I’ve not done this
kind of action before. I really don’t know what
success means to me, but I think for me, to be truly successful is to be at peace with myself and to be
happy with every day. I think depression has taught me how fragile my life is or how fragile our lives are. And it’s made me value people and emotions and feelings. So for me, it’s not the material things. It’s not the numbers, it’s not– Because there’s always more. You can be number one, and then you will still want to keep going at that. Or, you know, you can be… You know, you can have X amount of money, and there’s no end to that. So as far as material
things are concerned, I think there’s no end to it. You’ll just, you know, people want more and more and more, and that’s human nature, but to be truly at peace with yourself, and to be… That’s is success for me. (swoosh sound)
– About a year ago, I get a call from Paramount saying, you know, they’re casting for this film, and I flew down and I met D.J., my director Caruso, and then Vin found out in LA that I was in Toronto, and so overnight, luckily, I had a visa, and he said, “I want her to come and see me.” So overnight, I flew down from Toronto to Los Angeles to see Vin, and suddenly, in the middle of the night, we’re doing this 45-minute photoshoot. Professional, with
lights and this and that, and I was like, what is going on? Because I didn’t know if I got the part. I still don’t know if I got the part. He just… We just got into this
really serious photo shoot. I don’t know if you guys
have seen the picture, and that was it. – That picture right there? – That’s the one! In his house, yeah. – Yes.
– That’s the one, and he just put it up. I said, “I do hope you know “that if you put that picture up, “it means I’m doing this movie.” He still didn’t say anything. (audience laughing)
He just put it up. – And so, when that went up, you got all these calls from your fans and friends congratulating you, right?
– Yes, and I didn’t know what to say to them, because I had journalists
calling me from India and saying, “Oh my god,
you’re doing this movie?” And I didn’t know what to say. I just, I was like, “I don’t even know if that’s Vin. “I don’t know what you
guys are talking about.” (audience laughing) – But I mean, or their
looking at it going, “There’s a romance going on.” That’s what you would
get from that as well, which there– Oh, look at that face. (audience laughing) Does that mean there is? Because that’s what the rumor is. – Well, there’s no smoke
without fire, you know. Look at that. – So?
– But… (audience laughing) But it’s all in my head! You know? – It’s in his head right there. (audience laughing) Puttin’ stuff in his head right there. – (laughing) So yeah, I mean in my head, I think, like, yeah like we’re together, and we have this amazing chemistry and we live together, and we have these amazing babies, but it’s all in my head. – Now you just became crazy. I don’t know what happened. At first, it was a crush, and now you have babies. I don’t know. – Never a crush. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because
Meera Patel asked me to. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, check out the link in the description and you can go and cast your vote. I’d also love to know which clip resonated the most with you. What lesson are you going
to take from this video and immediately apply to your life or to your business somehow? Leave it down in the comments below. I’m really curious to find out what you have to say. I also want to give a
quick shout out to Lauren. Lauren, thank you so much
for picking up a copy of my book Your One Word and making that video
on your YouTube channel. I really really really
appreciate your support, and I’m so glad that you enjoyed my book. – This week, I read Your One Word by Evan Carmichael. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I believe in you. I hope you continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is. Much love. I’ll see you soon. (swoosh sound) (basketball bounce) – Everyday, every individual is fighting a different battle. We may not– we all come to our work place. We all meet each other
for eight, ten hours, and we all laugh and joke and move on with our lives, but each one of us is carrying something. You know, and it’s important for us to remember that. We’re all flawed in our different ways, but I think it’s important
for us to identify. Like, for me, I’ve identified what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are, and I’ve come to terms with that, and that has made me a happy person today. We should do what makes us happy, what drives us. If you’re going to do something that you’re not interested in doing, your heart’s not there, so I think it’s very important to follow your heart. Every decision that I make, and not just relationship-wise, everything that I do, including the films that
I choose to be a part of come straight from the heart. So, I think sometimes people might question my choice of films, people might question
various other things, but I think at that point, I’m just thinking from the heart. (swoosh sound)


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