Reverse Culture Shock! China Back to USA

so what I’m hearing you say is you’re having some difficulty making the transition from living in China back to America I don’t know what’s going on I’ve been back a month already in my life is it’s a goddamn disaster all right let’s do this guy’s waiter cold dishes will go bruschetta olives for meats will do crab linguini bolognese oxtail lasagna bring us all your rice and tons and tons of watermelon just keep it coming great guys we’re good oh sorry did you guys want hot corn juice it sounds like you’re experiencing some sort of reverse culture shock whatever it is it’s bad so I had some bad Thai food and we get into the uber and I can feel my tummy rumbling so I’m telling the driver like you need to stop right now he hesitates just blows wait you can understand what I’m saying it’s never open beer in my car oh yeah oh so we’re supposed to drink it at my car oh good good no get the ass up there now my car we don’t do this in the forest so you are making a few social faux pas like right now Joe can you please put away your phone sorry sorry just let me snap a few selfies damn it you see I can’t help it it’s just like the other day how much is it $9.00 about two expensive give me a cheaper price give me friend price friend price okay that is pretty strange have you tried googling any of these symptoms yeah I did a Bing I found out I’m not the only one oh my god is there ice in this I’m on my period [Music] you know I’ve read about this other guy he can’t even hold a job down anymore and here’s their standard employee contract great so I’ll be getting 60% more than that why would you think that you know I’m not from here I’m not sure understand look just be honest okay can you get me a visa or not perhaps you could form some sort of self-help group oh we tried but whenever we get together things tend to escalate my treats it’s my challenge my god [Music] this doesn’t even cover the tip what what you call me we lost my tip is that okay great right here we can stop I can’t stop there alright well can you stop right here that’s a sidewalk fine right up here right up here that’s somebody’s lawn dude ok pink jelly jelly ting ting ting you’re on a routine client Oh deal with all the Alberto Alberto the Alberto oh you get something boom I played that game to Jeremy Lin they love it hey boys couple beers in the park oh yeah yeah some cold ones that’s delicious what are you guys doing can’t drink in public wait I remember how this works what’s this green tea make your whistle cigarette Oh party favors is that what we’re doing I got one two let’s go [Music] all right I see what you mean so yeah this is gonna require a fair bit of work and just so you know my rate is a hundred and eighty dollars an hour come on too expensive give me cheaper price come on friend price friend price come on I’ll bring you lots of business come on yes no yes no yes no yeah that’s all you that’s all

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