Reversing a Gender Transition

Reversing a Gender Transition

When I was a woman, men had a problem
with me. When I was a trans guy, trans and queer people had a problem with me. Now that I’m detransitioned, Christians men, and a lot of radical feminists all have a problem with me. Growing up in Cleveland was interesting
because it was such an underdog city. I think it maybe gives you a little bit of
a complex. So this is the house I was born in on West 54th Street. I was born at home so this is actually where Ianded. My first memory of gender was
that my parents got me a mini tool set. I think that was the first time I felt
like oh I’m a tomboy and the tomboys are cool. Right before I went to high
school I got my breasts pretty much. So my high school’s uniform was a polo
shirt and a kilt. Going to and getting home from high school was just a lot of dealing with men. Men’s reactions to me and men wanting to talk to me and men trying to get my phone number and stuff. Once I said to a friend of mine that I
hated wearing the uniform that it made me feel like, disrespected and my friend was like, ‘oh that’s weird that makes me feel like studious’. It felt so unfair to me that I had to
wear this ridiculous outfit. After I went tohigh school I went to Ohio State. My sophomore year I was sexually assaulted. It absolutely contributed to just this
feeling that I wanted to take my body off. After college I moved to Chicago. It was partly about doing stand-up and it was partly about being away from my hometown So I could date women. Hey everybody, how is everyone doing tonight? I’m doing awesome. I moved to Chicago from Cleveland in September. It’s a big thrill for me. Clap it up for the move. And when I moved to Chicago trans guys were kind of all around. The first trans person I met, my first emotion when meeting him was like intense jealousy. I was just so jealous that he got to get a mastectomy. I found a therapist who like advertised
that she specifically wrote letters to get hormones and I got my hormone letter
like by the third or fourth session. When I got the letter I was just like so
relieved, so excited, thrilled. It felt like everything was beginning. I started testosterone October of 2012 I would inject every other Wednesday. People tend to inject in either the thigh or like the butt you just want like a big muscle to get it in. Very quickly after I started testosterone I was like this is obviously what I needed. Testosterone made me like exclusively
attracted to biological men, and I was like, if I’m going to be a gay trans dude, I have to be in a place where that’s a thing. I moved to San Francisco in March of
2013. Things in California were going badly like pretty immediately. The fact is that like lots of people will not hire you being a trans person. and it is like true that when trans guys pass they get to see an even darker side of men I was hearing a lot of rape jokes, the worst thing that happened to me is intensely funny to some guys. It’s a weird and dark thing to learn about the world. I had kind of like gotten to a point where I was very very like desperate and low. For a couple months been like thinking about suicide every day and stuff. And I was like like, I think that I just got this wrong, like this is not a trans thing this is a trauma thing. I felt like it was time to to throw in the towel. I moved back to Cleveland when I decided
to detransition. I use the word regret, I regret it. I
regret it. It was a waste of my money. It was a waste of my time. it was more time that I didn’t do what I needed, which was like address my dissociative symptoms. So I regret it. Maybe that sounds like me whining since
my irreversible effects are like pretty minimal. But if I had to do it over again I would not. I started writing to process the experience and make it make sense. A pretty prominent trans writer wrote an
essay about how rare detransition is, and I was incredibly pissed off. I made a YouTube video pretty much coming out. My response and other detransitioned women’s responses it kind of the community got a lot more public. I know one of the presenters Carey Callahan, she is a very talented compassionate and insightful person. These women are very important. It’s important to remember though that detransition isn’t just a controversial subject people argue about online. Detransition is something some people live through, people who often suffer and face difficulties accessing resources because
our very existence gets politicized. You know. I just know like how much work Crash puts in to all the content she
puts out there and there are repercussions in your real life to posting this stuff online I get attacked on a pretty regular basis. Two camps that give me a lot of trouble it’s kind of like fundamentalist
Christians Who think that my story proves that no one’s gender dysphoria can be alleviated through medical transition and people thus should not
have the ability to medically transition. I also get people in the trans community
who believe that me being public with my story is like unethical because it gives
the fundamentalist Christians the material to say that. On my Twitter feed someone linked to a book review and it was a review of this book by Ryan
Anderson who it works for the Heritage Foundation. That initial YouTube video I
made, he pulled quotes from it to argue that
people should not medically transition. So what I do in the book is I tell
stories of several people who found that transitioning, while it went well
as a cosmetic matter it might have brought immediate sense of relief it
didn’t actually bring the peace and the wholeness that they were looking for but
it only brought new problems. Here we go, Crisis Magazine.
This is the first way that I found out that I was in the Heritage Foundation
book. I felt like violated on such a deep level. The complexity of our viewpoint is pretty inconvenient to people on all sides of the political spectrum. Yeah, why am i actively participating in
this? Maybe there is a sense that like, if you tell the story and it gets misused and you tell the story and misused again … then you just like keep telling it until
people hear the story. I think the end goal is that other
gender dysphoric female people know that we’re out here and we’re doing okay. so, yeah.


  1. Nobody has a problem with you. You have a problem with you. Stop giving a FUCK about what other people think!!! JUST BE YOU AND LIVE YOUR LIFE 🙂 xx

  2. I feel where she comes from. It's hard being a woman and always looked at like a piece of meat. Then we are so smaller than guys so we feel threatened everyday. But at the end of the day we are woman and nothing can change that.

  3. Femininity and masculinity are traits in behavior, but not all men or women show some or all the traits. Sometimes they are just used as stereotypes for entitled people and busybodies to tell other humans how to act.
    Treat each person as an individual, and let them express themselves as long as they are not hurting anyone or causing them harm.

  4. Dont work to please the word. Work to please God. God made you and knitted you in your mother's room. He knew you before you were conceived. Never question the way you were created because you were made perfectly in the image of God. If people who call themselves "christians" reject you when you are being humble and want to repent then they are NOT servants of the biblical God. Yes there are things people feel like homosexuality and transgenderism that are wrong. This is because God absolutely HATES sin. When you partake in the things of the world and sin you become an enemy to God because he cant tolerate any sin. The bible says even liars and the unforgiving will have their part in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone. Never look for yourself in your feelings or what people thing and say think about you. Find your identity in christ and he will fill the void you've been missing. Do not be decieved the devil and hell is very real. Please WAKE UP AND REPENT AND SURRENDER YOUR WHOLE HEART TO ONLY GOD! Jesus is the best therapist and the only effective!!! I pray for her that God will show her fulfillment and purpose. This goes to anyone else who is confused. God bless you

  5. Sorry you experienced that dissociation.. I think this is why doctors should really be thorough with their patients. As a transwoman I appreciate how difficult the doctors were about screening people who are not actually trans but suffering from a mental issue. I'm happy with my transition I lived this way most off my life. I never felt like I ever transition because I almost pretty-much always lived as a girl and now a woman. I can see why trans people would be irritated with you though because you weren't actually trans and you did give other people ammunition against them. But at the same time I think it's a cautionary tale for people who think they can just dive into this.

  6. That awkward moment in the future when the world finds out that transgender tenancies are more about trauma and hormonal imbalances than just being the opposite sex because you want to be special.

  7. when you write publicly it is perfectly legal for other writers to refer to your public writings and quote your writings as long as they put a footnote of where they got the material. Or say it out loud to their audience at a speech or on a youtube video.–Once you go public, that's it, IT IS PUBLIC INFO. Legal for discussion or analysis or book reports or debate or opinion at cocktail parties. Or review in the critics column of any local or major newspaper or magazine. When you publish your info publicly it is free game. Otherwise you keep it private and to yourself.—I think your story is intense and I thank you for sharing it. I know it will touch many people and help many people in many ways.

  8. Everyone has to come to terms of excepting themselves just the way they are. And, loving themselves. They do not have to change themselves to measure up to anyone else expectations. And they need to understand that God their Creator, who is also Creator of the universe loves them very much. All He ask us to do is love one another and not to hurt other people. Though we sometimes do He will forgive us, but if we hurt children and we do not stop that action in our life and repent, He will not forgive us and will sorely punish.

  9. This is about the spirit within..maybe some spirits have been reincarnated into the opposite physically sexed body to what it was in before in its previous life. And maybe some haven’t (as in her case) and its more to do with her just hating herself

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  11. 4:53 No, that doesn't sound like whining at all. It sounds like you had some serious trauma that was not properly addressed.

  12. i am a Christian and i do not consider myself a fundamentalist but I do believe the bible is Gods living Word to us. For me a 65 year old man who lived a promiscuous bisexual life from the age of 13 to 53 till I turned to God, i am 100%convinced that the book of Genesis is true. God knew you before you were conceived in your mothers womb. He thought of you in eternity and when you were born His breath was in your nostrils and you became a living soul. He made you either male or female and you will remain whatever He made you until He removes His breath from your nostrils. There will be no peace if you or I struggle against what He has created. It is all about accepting reality. People will say " I dont believe in God and dont believe He made me male or female" yes i know there are a lot of rebellious unhappy people out there but that does not make them right.

  13. "Socially transitioned transgender children who are supported in their gender identity have developmentally normative levels of depression and only minimal elevations in anxiety, suggesting that psychopathology is not inevitable within this group. Especially striking is the comparison with reports of children with GID; socially transitioned transgender children have notably lower rates of internalizing psychopathology than previously reported among children with GID living as their natal sex."

  14. You just as easily could've wrote your own Thought's down in a composition book, with a pen & paper… & it would be your story alone of other's opinions or beliefs….

    You choose to to make it public on social media… You opened it up for other's. To make what they will of your own experience's…

    If you get pissed off about it. Then you honestly have no one but yourself to blame… You put it out there in the public…. The public will take what they want from it. And use it to justify their own points of view… Living vicariously threw your experience…

    Honestly, instead of being pissed off. You should be proud of yourself. People & Parent's are learning from your experience's…
    And maybe keep going with your writting. Just do it with pen & paper in a dated composition book… If you want to keep your work & self growth project. Out of politics, LGBTQ political movement, Christian political movement, & keep it private for now… Who lnows, maybe a few years down the road. You'll have your own book draft, or movie script….

  15. It speaks volumes that nearly 100 percent of transgender people have had some sort of sexual abuse in their childhood?

  16. Such a beautiful face. Its such a difficult topic. As a Chri stian I always make a point to be kind and loving to trans men & women who are dealing with this. I have friend who helps the parents & family of those transitioning. Her daughter transitioned to man. I just must say- God makes us perfect. I've learned exactly what she is sharing- psychological trauma often involved. Rape is horrific trauma. Molestation is horrific trauma. The main thing for all to realize- is that God loves you so very much. So many hurt & harmed people walk among us. Its impt for these to know they truly are loved.

  17. A female who can't wait to get a masectomy is very sick. There are only two genders. The rest are mentally ill.

  18. I'm a much older, traditional woman. Young people today think entirely too much about themselves. They analyze themselves, change themselves, read about similar people. Instead, go out into the world and serve others and forget about yourself. That's when you'll find yourself and fall in love with life. People today are just too analytical, especially about self.

  19. Maybe Christians are being careful as we cannot trust too easily now that the Lgbtc has control of the media and we know they are out to destroy Christianity.

  20. Christian’s hate you.. no ma’am ! I am a follower of Christ and I love others like Christ loved me and others. My sister. You are loved, you are reigned on with blessings, with peace, with grace, with restoration and with prayer. ?

  21. I remember when Americans grew up in a conservative peaceful environment, got married..raised their children and spent their old age loving each other…WOW…HOW CAN LIBERAL LIFE COMPETE WITH THAT? …It cant..Dont listen to these PIED PIPERS who rape the minds of innocent children today…This is MENTAL MOLESTATION….CHILD ABUSE to teach homosexuality to little children….How cruel.


  23. "this is not a trans thing but a trauma thing"…….. yes, I so agree with this. I see so many people struggling with gender dysmorphia that went through some kind of insane abuse or bullying. it makes sense though. if you get abused, what happens? you feel like something is wrong with YOU. And you want to crawl right out of your body to get rid of the pain. I mean who wouldn't after going through trauma?? It makes total sense how people could get trauma and the need to transition confused.

  24. I find it hard to believe that she was a passable dude. It's pretty easy to tell in most cases. We need people like her in these situations to speak out against hormone treatment for children.

  25. Amen sister!
    Jesus’s Love is bigger than this world and it’s insults. Very, very excellent witness. You’re in my Eternal prayer basket. You did good by sharing. Courage!

  26. it sems that lgbtq,, all of them loose their identity, and you can only find your identity on Christ, (thats the first problem) of all

  27. I'm in the same boat. Was sexually abused, happened to come across a trans guy online about a year later and had this intense jealousy she describes and, from there, I cut off all my hair, came out as trans to everyone in school, all my friends, my family, went through four years of secondary school as male, even enrolled in the college I'm currently at as "Mr ______" but changed it just before the start of the academic year. I realised I didn't feel that way anymore and began slowly de-transitioning in time for college. It took me just over a year, when I was simply just lying in bed one afternoon and over-thinking, to really realise this had been the result of the abuse back when I was 12 years old. Being transgender is the belief or the knowledge that you do not belong in the body you have. I made this four year mistake because what I was feeling was actually that my body did not belong to me, in my head it belonged to the people who stole my innocence before I was even a teenager. I had confused the two feelings and because I was too young back then to even fully process what I was feeling and what had happened to me, I clung to this label 'Transgender' because it was the only thing that made sense. It's terrifying, my mother and I had just began discussing where to go to get started on testosterone and getting surgery etc only a few weeks before I realised it was a mistake.

    Anyway, I really needed to type all of this because it's been two years since I started de transitioning and I've not told anyone the truth, not even my family and I'm so glad to have stumbled across this video and seen that somebody understands what I went through. It's scary how much trauma can change your life in ways you didn't think it could

  28. The people attacking you from Christianity are NOT true Christians, Jesus NEVER attacked any human being, so their behavior is disgusting and unacceptable!
    I'm praying for this woman, may God continue to move in her life, may the enemy lose all ties and strongholds in her life and may she come to know Christ personally. Jesus speak to her, protect her and use her as a mighty weapon in this spiritual battle.

    Peace and blessings.

  29. This is why I’m against being able to get hormones without therapy. I am diagnosed by a medical professional with persistent and ongoing GD (gender dysphoria) which is why I’m transitioning, it is a form of treatment and medication for me. Transitioning saved my life. I’m more comfortable living as a male in my everyday life due to my dysphoria but it has nothing to do with being against femininity or females. I never felt like being a girl was a bad thing, I just felt like for me it was incorrect due to my dysphoria. I think a professional should always step in when someone is going to change their body with hormones or sex reassignment surgery.

  30. I’m grateful I never had that trans itch. From what I’ve seen it never ever gets better. I don’t think the govt should fund operations because it doesn’t seem to alleviate that itch most of the time. Counseling is definitely needed.

  31. Thank you for sharing your story. Personally, I think more people than not struggle with the concept of sexuality. I have never wanted to be a man; but I do struggle with same sex attraction. I am practicing celibacy now out of respect for Jehovah God. I have been celibate for neatly three years. Since he doesn't approve of homosexuality. I have never been married or had children and am 53. I wish they would teach the kids that there is a huge spectrum in male and female sexuality and its ok to be different from the other girls and boys. Best wishes to you on your journey young lady ? I am proud of you!

  32. I am very deeply Christian and Transgender. I would never try to control what someone could do with their body, but telling someone what the bible says about it is neither harmful or controlling because it is the opinion of the believer and that of God from his word. The laws of this nation protect both your right to do what ever with your body and my right to speak my mind and believe in what God said and have an opinion about. if that offends you don't listen and walk away. to many people from the LGBT community want their rights protected but then at a moments notice want to strip those very same rights from Christians.

  33. Satan is behind all this transgender crap. He wants to destroy God's creation. God loves you and wants you to know that. He doesn't hate you. Satan, on the other hand, seeks to control and destroy your life with his lies. Transgenders think they are free when they are really entrapped by the lies. Jesus died to set us free from sin. "If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed" John 8:36

  34. This is the answer of why the suicidal rate in this community is so high.
    Is a trauma that people just try to hide and find different reasons for not being happy with themselves.
    Trans people need medical psyhological help.
    That's my conclusion

  35. You don't transition why is this term used you think you transition but actually your still the same gender with false body parts and that's a fact

  36. Acceptance of one's self is a key issue. As a transgendered person, they have to spend most of their life having to worry about "passing" as someone they are not; instead of just living their life. Mental illness is not a civil right.

  37. With all this transgender agenda being pushed on kids today , there will be thousands of cases like this one in the years to come.

  38. All who are heavy burdened, call on Jesus Christ and he will give you rest. His yoke is easy and burdens are light. I am sorry for all things bad things that happened to you and others make fun of your pain. Christ love you and wants you to know Him. So do I love you in Christ family! I pray for emotional and physical pain that you have! Hopefully we can be friends.

  39. America needs to start talking about why people can't except who they are born it also needs to re-introduce prayer and meditation into schools instead of treating us like we have no souls we need to water both minds& Spirits

  40. So happy that even though i grew up a tomboy, and only did boy things and liked boy stuff, that my parents/friends just let me be instead of trying to push anything, but now im not into being like a boy so much, just because you like things that are stereotypical of the opposite sex, doesnt mean you want to be one. Its definitely the case for some people, but for most its not, and we need to stop rushing and pushing people to transition. I have a friend who gets asked all the time if shes going to transition just because she looks incredibly male in how she acts and dresses, but she loves being a woman, she just likes being a tough woman.

  41. Why the hell would she want to be a man when she's a woman? You could have the same face and body type as a man and woman and be considered 5 points uglier as a man.

  42. It's messed up that we live in a society that thinks using tools is a male trait – or private schools that force girls to wear skirts, even in the middle of winter in Cleveland. That's cold. In any case, society would be better if more girls used tools and stopped trying to appeal to the sexual fantasies of men.

  43. I’m a woman and appear feminine but I think more like a man and I always have. I was a well rounded little girl because my mom had no hang ups about gender roles… I played with boy toys and girl toys. I had three sons and taught them to change a tire and sew and cook. Kids need to know how to do it all…
    Interestingly… my husband hated traditionally male things growing up and is happy to do the tasks I find tedious. It works well.

  44. I’m a tomboy. I feel uncomfortable in skirts and dresses and bras in general. I’m heterosexual but a lot of people assume I’m homosexual. It’s really frustrating sometimes.

  45. I feel for this person because she seems really depressed. Perhaps the power of her identity doesn’t lie in her story, or her sex, but her soul and her connection with other souls? I hope her story inspires people to take extra time when considering transforming themselves, whatever the outcome of their decision, to give themselves room to breathe as a human instead of just a label, and room to discover that they are so much more valuable as a whole, 3 dimensional person, instead of just a collection of interchangeable parts. We are described by our sex, not defined by it. No matter where you stand on these issues, or where you are in your process, I hope you consider your sex ID as being just a part of who you are. I worry that media reductions, focusing on this aspect of people’s lives, can magnify a problem instead of help solve it. I worry that the added pressure young people are under today to define for themselves what gender they wish to be or create for themselves is one more layer of distraction from finding out about and developing their interior character. If this helps you do that, more power to you! But I believe you’ll be most valuable, no matter where you arrive on this spectrum, in developing integrity, empathy, and joy, than you will be struggling with, for, or against, any descriptor of your physical self.

  46. We radical feminists fully support detransitioners (probably the only ones, differently from liberal and queer "feminists"): of wtf "radical feminists" is she talking about at the start? Maybe she's confused and intendend the extremely liberal ones ?

    Therefore, I'm really sad for she lived and I'm really happy she detransitioned before it was too late ^-^

  47. I don't get how radical feminists would be mad about this woman. I actually only see radical feminists talking about giving voice to detransition and queer community trying to silence it. Anyways, i'm really happy that you were able to find yourself ❤

  48. I wonder why the ones she had trouble with was fundamentalist Christians. Why not muslims or a myriad of other religious groups?

  49. As a feminist and a therapist and a woman, I am sorry that people have been hateful and that you were assaulted. I hope people stop using your story to push their narrative. I also believe others probably have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria and that we should acknowledge that psychology makes mistakes and people are complex. Good luck to you on your journey of healing and growth thank you for sharing your story!

  50. Mine, body, and soul need to be in alignment before anyone think they need to change or alter their body in some way. A person need to be mentally fit before seeking any of these operations. Get therapy to work out your problems or try to change your life somehow in order for it to work for you, because those problems are still gonna be there whether or not you have a dick or vag.

  51. There is always going to be someone who has a problem with you, its a fact of life, some people will simply dislike you for whatever reason, this however does not mean that "all men, or all women, or all Christians have a problem with you."

  52. Why didn't you put a link to her YouTube channel in the description box? I think a lot of women would like to show their support, including me.

  53. Prettycrazy that the guys that make rape jokes don’t do the raping but the male feminists be raping like gangbusters

  54. I honour your honesty and I value this piece as I struggle to accept the suicide of a friend who went from stanley to Anna , ended up in suicide . Thank you for sharing your story . Complete transparency.

  55. All your life trying to change who you are, trying to get acceptance by the same people you think they loved you the most. If you were born with a vagina and think and act like you have a penis, you need a psychiatric evaluation, not physical alteration.

  56. Medical Ethics Lesson Number One: Examine the Incentive structure of Surgeons, There Are No Heros, and People Engage in Commerce Not Out of the generosity of their own heart, but from their Own Self-Intyrst. Why Should Suicidal People Be Making Decisions of Bodily Integrity? These Surgeons, were Exploitative and Greedy.

  57. Great work for putting yourself and giving other former trans persons chance to share and support regarding the life of de transitioning back to their original sex.What it entails physically and psychologically.

    In reality, well adjusted persons of both male and female are generally those who aren't intimidated by imagining social constructions around gender impose any
    unmaleable expressions for their personality. This is regarding the way they will elect to incorporate or express attributes tagged as masculine or feminine. 

    There is nothing that prevents a confident person from partaking in activities, attire or even styles of interacting that a lesser number of their original sex generally do without needing to alter their biology in any way. Incorporating and carrying out with confidence and competence any less typical behaviors to original sex than others will work out fine. Authenticity, confidence and competence engender respect, acceptance and result in success.

    Carey has done great in identifying that in her case as would be in a number of other cases that trauma was behind her presumption of transitioning to another gender was her answer to her discomfort. Plus the way she initially felt relief to be heading that way and having taken on board trans rationalisations made common knowledge shows how little chance that chain reaction of events could have been stopped to easily.This is one warning that those thinking their solution lies in biological transitioning should look at as other detrains persons stories emerging to slow down and question more deeply for themselves.

    The other thing that too little attention is paid to is for a true questioning of what is it that a person presuming to desire a trans process understands in all dimensions of what they think being a man or woman is. Factually there is nothing in behaviours, expressions or life choices that belong only to men or women.

    Levels of cosmetic external facial and aspects of physiology being changed to the other sex can seem appealing, so can altering genitals and breasts. Its just superficial and at a lot of cost, monetarily and physically with health risks. The outcomes can vary greatly in effective passing amongst individuals for a variety of reasons.

    Ultimately the massive majority of people from teens to their 50's, including the most ones who adopt "politically correct enlightened support of trans persons rights" would never ever want an ONGOING PERMANENT intimate partner relationship with a transitioned person.
    The trans person is relegated to an outer fringe, never accepted as their transitioned sex regarding intimate ongoing relationships, limited in even short term dalliances, sometimes even kindly experimented with and far more frequently seen as fair game to abuse, rape and humiliate. 

    Sure there may be social situations like some work places or the wider community they will get treated how they demand to be yet still thought of as that trans man/woman, exceedingly rarely thought of or seen as the gender they have transitioned. 
    The most tough rough presenting farmer woman or most softly spoken delicately boned male in a jewellery shop are still viewed as a woman or a man regardless.

    The increasingly cushioned numbers of trans person who may start out with initial supportive little world and be initially swept away with thinking they accessed what they asked for will over longer and longer time have the harsher reality of the costs they face increasingly encroach and shatter their lives. They discovery that they have not managed to really become either a man or woman, but a mere simulation, perceived as a simulation, have to disclose their trans history regarding any chance of a relationship including sexual intimacy that no typical man or woman needs to do ever.

    The discovery that they have ended up in a marginalised, very small world they can interact and move freely in.That's compared to the massively higher numbers of options of persons non trans persons can take for granted to relate to and be accepted by. The trans persons options for choices are so much less in whom they can access as full friends and would be interested in them as constructively acquaintances. 

    Trans persons do have a much wider number and types of darker fringe elements that will allow them into their spheres. Wether they play on a trans persons vulnerability, seducing them into more dangerous predatory situations or do outright abuse and attack them. The various stressors of the trans persons life ensuing from past or ongoing physical treatments, the increased psychological stresses, the sociologically realities of greater hurdles, waning of support systems as they outgrow or wear out prior ones with lesser variety of established support options fitting changing needs can become overwhelming. That really increases risky escapes and exposes them to significant dangers that can prematurely shorten life.

    There will always be a number of trans persons who will have personally negotiated to their satisfaction adjustments whenever confronted by realities and costs of their transition. 
    Those who manage this across their lifespan will generally be financially well off to cushion medical needs and the types content with a small enclave of supportive relationships.

    It is not helping potential trans candidates by pretending there are any parallels with peoples sexual preferences wether hetro, homo, or bi. Wether these encompass dressing conventionally or otherwise or utilising more nomenclatures.
    Everyone recognises them as a typical person of either male or female demonstrating the spectrum of sexual attraction possibilities and forms of signaling such, as well as the cliques within those. As such they are part of the bell curve while not the peak in the middle re consenting adult interactions.

    Trans people, even when sympathised with are always viewed as a simulation of the gender they take on.Their are currently limits to what science can do. Nothing can undo a persons original sex via medical treatments and transform them to another sex. They end up on the margin of the bell curve after enduring many costs financially and physically. A very hard place to be in and harder to sustain over a lifespan.

  58. I think it is important for her to tell her story. How awful that her very existence is regarded by some as inconvenient or unethical because they see it as an attack on their political agenda. I'm sure she's not the only sexual assault survivor to have felt this way, and she's clearly not the only person to regret her decision to transition. I think transitioning can be a wonderful thing for a lot of people, but it's important to seek professional help (and have more than a couple therapy sessions) before making such a monumental decision.

  59. My heart goes out to this person. Everyone at times feels lost and alone. Adding rejection and negative reactions from people only further solidify the trauma. What a difficult journey. All sides, despite intention, do not understand the consequences of their advocacy. All people are wrong in some way, listen to something greater and bigger than humanity. Our identities are never set, we are our circumstances. They dictate our perspectives.

  60. i feel transitioning and regreting it basically feels like what actually being a real transgender person feels like except people dont hate you for it.
    no disrespect to this woman though. I completely feel her trauma and i hope shes happy now. Just trying to put in into perspective.

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