Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other

Rich And Poor People Seek To Understand Each Other

You know I have an obsession, basically with power, and money is power, and you don’t have a platform without that — – And then he calls us when he wants to commit suicide.
(Laughter) You’re gonna get , you’re gonna get worn out. I’ll tell you that’s a dangerous place — — Thank you sir. — (Offscreen voice)
The wall with the X on it, can I have all of my high income folks… …and on the other side my low income folks. (Offscreen voice) “I think the opposite side judges me for the side that I stand on.” There is… there is judgment. Society seems to think that it’s based on mental conditions, alcohol abuse or drug abuse that we are in the streets whereas most of the times it’s not. I do feel judged by the other side because I feel like most people have an innate, massive inadequacy and insecurity within themselves as they start as human beings. So jealousy is a natural tendency mass majority of people have, and that’s the root of why they’re not successful to begin with. I don’t think jealousy is natural law. I think we were all born exactly the same and to say it’s inherited I think is a bunch of BS. It’s all learned behavior, and I’m telling you if we took these people on that side and they were trained to have different beliefs and judgments, they’d be wealthy as hell. Every human being is incredible from the start. That’s a beautiful thought. (Offscreen voice)
Okay, bring in the disagreers. I don’t know, I guess I don’t really spend that much time around people who are on the other side so I don’t feel like I know what they actually think about me. There’s enough open-minded people that do really well, that’s very kind, and so I don’t feel like the other side judge me. (Offscreen voice)
“I would spend a day on the other side.” I sort of started on the other aisle. I grew up sort of low-income neighborhoods, broken homes, but for me that was something that kind of gave me that drive to want to achieve, and to me I would say that that’s been something that’s been very helpful to me, so… I just would like to see what it’s like to be on the other side for once, I would say. I would like to learn from them. I would help my mother but it depends on what they’re doing if it’s illegal or if it’s something against my conscience I would step back. I don’t know how they got their money. You know, once you attain financial security, whatever that means to you as individuals, you realize it’s all for nothing. It says it in the Bible: (Hebrew phrase) in Hebrew. It means it’s all for nothing. The reality of why we do all we do is because we’re looking to feel fulfilled. And that’s why I have no problem going back because fulfillment doesn’t come from money. (Offscreen voice)
“I was scared to admit how much money I make.” A lot of times if you speak how much money you make that’s a great way to get sued and let people know you have something to get at. So sometimes It’s better off to not let people know what you got. I got the realization that… Wait a minute, I’m supposed to work so hard in life to get a job to marry a woman who wouldn’t marry me if I didn’t have that job… …so that’s why? (Laughter) I look at a lot of my Vietnamese pharmacist friends… They boast this and that but I ask them a question: If you didn’t have that money and that job, would she still be with you? She wouldn’t, so… (Laughter) Very true! So I’m never afraid to tell people how much – – That’s 100% true. – If someone really loves you, it’s always enough. If someone doesn’t it’ll never be enough. And so I’m gonna just tell people how much I make my whole life, and that’ll also weed out all the people I want no part of. Most of my friends, or true friends… the best time we ever have are, like, simple conversation like this. (Offscreen voice)
“Money is power.” Do you feel like money is power? Yeah, and I’ve seen it. In what way? In the illegal ways. I’ve seen it too. It does, it works. It is manifested power. Is there a higher power, is there a higher spiritual level? Certainly, but in the level that we operate in, yeah, I mean if you want to get something done you need some sort of financial backing, you know, generally speaking. Money is energy. That’s all it is. So in form it is power. It’s power to be used in a good way, or power to be used in a bad way. Money will only amplify who you are as a person to a larger extent. If you’re a douchebag, you’re gonna be a bigger douchebag. (Laughter) If you’re a sweetheart of a person, giving, you’re gonna become more of a giving human being. That’s all that money is gonna do. Might be a good idea to go talk to Gandhi. (Laughter) Or maybe you want to talk to Mother Teresa. The thing about power is, you speak something and it occurs. Do you speak something, and does it happen, and if you’ve got money, or if you don’t have money, basically the bottom line is, what is my purpose in life? And am I — Boom! — having it happen? All you got to do is look at somebody’s life. You can look at people’s auras, all of us have a certain aura. It’s real obvious. – Sure. – And you know whether you’re making a difference or not. You can’t fool anybody. (Offscreen voice)
“I am satisfied with how much money I have right now.” Once you attain financial security, and I said this earlier, it’s just excess for me. I’m 31, I probably reached financial security when I was like.. …21, ten years ago. Self-made, no daddy, no mommy, nobody. And I was very fortunate to recognize what success means, the responsibility of success, and also what I want out of life. Money doesn’t motivate me anymore. I didn’t come here today to show off that I have money. I came here because hopefully I’ll learn something that I didn’t know yesterday, and that I also could hope to maybe influence someone that didn’t know something, the same. Being wealthy is having no wants. Yeah, I think I’ve got just about everything I need. I’m pretending to have a lot more… don’t need it. Well, yeah for me it’ll never be enough. You know I have an obsession, basically, with power, and money is power, and you don’t have a platform without that. So if you want to provide a positive message, you need that power, and without money, you can’t really have — — But that’s not gonna solve your innate problem of wanting more. No, it’s not, and I and I accept that at the door that I – – It’s like, you can say it about drugs. (Sniffs) Want another line. You can say about a womanizer. You want another girl. You can say it about anything that you have an obsession for, an abundance of, right? — You’re right. –
So that’s not the problem, but that’s the why. The money part is just the… vice. But that’s OK. I don’t need to be okay. I just need I need to be successful. I need to make things happen. Do you really feel that? You really feel that, I’m not gonna stop you obviously, but all I can tell you is my opinion, and I can tell you this much, it will never be enough, and the feeling you have will never go away, and anxiety it will bring you in your life will never make you happy. And then he calls us when he wants to commit suicide. (Laughter) You’re gonna get worn out. I’ll tell you that’s a danger – – No. No sir… – I do think, though, that people that get stuck in that totally over material perspective, that there is something missing inside. And you might not see it, and that there might be a very big elaborate show and shiny things and beautiful women, but I think somebody that has immature behavior patterns like that, I think it speaks to, you know, an inner vacancy, I would say also. I just feel like I haven’t reached where I want to be financially, happiness wise…
– That’s cool. – I’m just not sure what I want to do all the time and… I was there, I’m sure he was there, everybody was there. You don’t know what you’re going. – – I mean I’m okay, I understand why I’m at where I’m at, but – –Like he’s the exact opposite. He knows exactly where he’s – – I know I’m sick, I mean –
(Laughter) – No, not sick, I’m saying he’s on a mission. That is a beautiful thing. That level of energy, dedication, focus…
– Yeah. – That will attain mass loads of anything he puts his effort to. (Offscreen voice)
“I am grateful for the life I live.” I am, because every day I’m able to get up in the morning, I’m alive… There are certain situations, rapes, shootings… Everything out there that, you know, has occurred, to me, to other people. I’m blessed and I’m [grateful] to be alive, because we don’t know when our time’s gonna be up. That’s 100% true. That puts it in perspective right there, I mean, I think about where I came from, things that I take for granted now that I never would have imagined at a younger age. But like you said the core blessing is to be alive. A lot of people wake up with, ‘what am I gonna eat?’
– Yeah – ‘Where am I gonna go?’ ‘What’s this person gonna try to do to me?’ It’s a fucked up, ‘scuse my French, state of mind. So I’m extremely grateful that I’m on the giving side of things, that I have the ability to share and not to take, necessarily. I have true friends and … I live a very very simple life, and anyone who comes to my life who wants to stay in my life are very simple and very loving at the same time. I have nothing really to complain about beside the fact that I want to do more, but even that is like a blessing itself because I have the opportunity to try and do those things – – It’s ’cause of America, buddy, it’s the best country in the world.
(Laughter) Look, at the end of your life are you a much more loving person than at the beginning your life, or even at the end of this discussion? I feel so, I feel I’ve grown a lot and learned – – It’s been a privilege speaking with everyone –
– Likewise – – … The most important thing is love. How much do you love at the end of your life compared to the beginning? – Thank you. –
– I think that’s true. –
– Thank you. –
(Laughter) (Offscreen voice)
That’s it, that’s the last question, guys. Appreciate – – Thank you very much – – Hi! –
– Very nice meeting you! –
– That’s a pretty good hug you got there. –
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  1. Yes jealousy is completely the reason that poor people aren't successful, that guy just proved the question.

  2. If all these rich people give nobody would be poor out of poverty. And there is only one thing stopping them it is called the greed sin, and you cannot say that there is not a hint of greed in the sentence you will say if somebody that is poor asks you for money from you. And there is no excuse for most of the world, the entire globe to be in poverty. And I am not saying that I am greedy, because I am and that fits in with gluttony as well. ( I can talk about this non-stop so I'm just going to stop right here ???)

  3. The Arab guy is in another video-i think the black gent is too. Same topic, they play cards. I really enjoyed it. If you know it, please comment the link? On the power guy-please check the BLM vs ALM discussion on the same platform. I'm curious to hear your notes.

  4. Money doesnt fulfill but it can sure relieve the stress worrying of you can pay your Bill's or not. Will I be evicted or have my car repoed or will I be able to afford to have a life saving surgery etc. It may not be everything in life but it can definitely help. The sad part is that the people that have it and dont need it aren't willing to help the people that need it and dont have it.

  5. Wanting more money for sake of power…that's when it is dangerous… Cause that power can be wielded on a whim to something that is completely evil. But then again, I guess everything is yin and yang. Evil doesn't exist without good and vice versa.

  6. When you were born being Poor: if it is not because if you, it was because of your ancestor.
    But after that it's because of you…that's all.

  7. Whoever said money cant solve your problems, must not have enough money to solve them. -I mean, even as a poor person, that quote isnt untrue.

  8. How about self-made millionaires and trust fund kids (will probably be hard to find trust fund kids willing to come up, my definition of trust fund would be anyone who inherited at least a million dollars)

  9. I love this so much? it's cool to see all these very open minded people of different lifestlyes come together& share advice?

  10. "It's all about the mindset. You can get rich if you want to and if you work hard enough."

    True to some, but sadly, not for most. Most people aren't just given the right circumstances in life and the right oppurtunities so even though they work their ass off, it would still be a matter of surviving, not living. So please avoid generalizing that poor people are just poor because they didn't work enough. NO. They just didn't get the right circumstances in life.

    I see lots of comments about it and it's just so insensitive

  11. I live in a county where autistic people are denied jobs so I am broke with poverty being the best scenario

  12. “I have an obsession with power” yeah that guy also works in law enforcement. He was on the black lives matter episode as well. Yikes

  13. Someone previously commented on a comment of mine calling me a psychopath for birthing a child into a low/middle income household. People don't realize that it takes far more than money and material items to raise a child. We're wealthy in other ways and we're happy.

  14. I disagree with Nhan's statement about gold diggers. Its natural to be attracted to people who are successful.

  15. My family is no where near wealthy but we always say every one is equal and never treat anyone different no matter if they are a “celebrity” or “popular” cause we all all just humans and we should be treated the same ?

  16. I've been on both sides of the fence – money is definately power and life is 100% better with it. The older wealthy man I agree with on sharing about what you have to others. It only brings jealousy and problems. I've experienced this myself.

  17. Time is more important than money, something that wasn’t mentioned by anyone in this video. You can obtain more money but not time.

  18. take this from someone whos kind of straddling both worlds, living comfortably in a nice house while also worrying how i will feed meself next week: the greatest use of money is as a tool. not power, not for happiness, but a tool.

    it's a tool of survival. tool of pursuing yer dreams. the money itself doesnt really bring much wit it. how ye utilise it and how ye view it is the deciding factor.

  19. would love to see a video on the middle eastern guy and his story! he seems to have a lot of wisdom to give 🙂

  20. i have to disagree with nhan for the question on being scared of admitting how much money you make. women and/or men that are looking to start and successfully raise a family with children will always prefer a stable and if possible comfortable environment to do so. hiding that fact when meeting a possible spouse will only bite you in the butt again, as he/she will eventually find out. i wouldnt blame the woman or man for asking that question early on in the relationship.

  21. Wealth CAN be inherited. Annoyed he said it isn't when it is for some people. Not everybody has worked for what they've gotten.

  22. Is America really the best country?,B/c to me We have the most craziest stuff happening everyday and Majority ig is are sleep and don’t pay attention at all
    Comment below some American issues atm⬇️

  23. I 100 percent understand the dude who never has enough money or power. When you have lived poor you get a sense of fear thinking you might be poor and powerless one day so you always want to make more money so that you never become poor again

  24. 4:51 – OHHHOHOHOHH MY GOD – THAT GLANCE, SON. THAT SINGLE GLANCE. Chills, bro. I have legit chills. I want Tracy to narrate a movie about her life, ya know

  25. I would listen to the older guy give me advice and talk about all sorts of things, he seems so wise and nice

  26. I actually really respected Darlys answer, in that people will want to lie to make themselves look good. He chose to be honest, and I value that.

  27. I grew up in a broken home and family, my parents were welfare collectors who depended on the government and we lived in the poorest conditions.
    I had to get a job at the age of 15 so I can pay for my university education.
    At the age of 18 I got my Real Estate Salesperson License here at Ontario, Canada and I started to work weekends/part time as a Real Estate Agent for two years before I got my Real Estate Broker License.
    While I was working in real estate I was still going to university, at the age of 22 I finally got my Honours Bachelor of Social Work Degree, I immediately started working part-time as a Social Worker with the hospital, while that was going I started to work on opening up my own Real Estate Brokerage Firm which took about a year, and by the time I was 24 years old I started to make 6 figures from my real estate commissions mostly.
    I found a wife, bought a house, and started a family.
    I made a promise to myself that I will never let my children grow up in poverty and a broken family like I did, and I will make sure they will be successful in life themselves.
    I was poor to at many points in my life, it takes hard work and dedication to get to where you want to be, and these stuffs you want won’t be handed to you.

  28. Steven gets it. It’s all about your environment… you become your surroundings and adapt as a human being. Everyone is the same and loving at base.

  29. Im elango from india. Me also poor. Any helping mind peoples help me 7708513583plz??in my life im fasing only problems. No happy. Any help i will accepted.

  30. The guy with the suit and the accent is absolutely the most amazing, wonderful, rooted & compassionate person I think I will ever see

  31. Kind of shocked at the comments here. I think both sides were respectful. It's not a wealthy person's fault if another person does not have money…or vice versa. I was impressed by this conversation. All the people talking badly about the younger man who is a higher earner–how can you make such snap judgments based on an edited clip? Calling him a sociopath? He simply admitted to a trait that MANY MANY people (rich AND poor) struggle with. Power is not bad. Being obsessed with it can be (as being obsessed with anything can be). What if he used his power to help those on the other side here? What if you found out he gave them a bunch of money at the end of the show? There's a lot we don't know here. Not saying he was obligated to do so…but just "what if"? I would feel like a major jerk for talking badly about someone with very little information available to me.

  32. So I signed up for skillshare but the site wouldn't work anymore so I don't quite understand if it's free or I should pay, it's a bit confusing. Also, I love these video's and I learn so much so thank you <3

  33. "I'm satisfied with how much money I have right now." – Well obviously, because their rich, they're beyond satisfied.

  34. Okay, like, I understand money can't buy happiness blah blah blah. But I guarantee you I would be a much happier person if I hadn't gotten evicted, and if I had enough money to eat everyday.

  35. The answers to "rich and poor" is in John Taylor gatto book's "weapons of mass instructions" or "the underground history of American Education" and look no further! His legacy will live thruogh all of us!

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