S. Koreans boycott Japanese goods spread amid escalating trade tensions

S. Koreans boycott Japanese goods spread amid escalating trade tensions

the trace map between South Korean Japan
over Tokyo’s export curbs on Seoul has whipped up a storm of consumer
hostilities against Japanese goods in South Korea it’s severely denting sales
of Japanese products in the country including luxury vehicles and alcohol
our Kim Jiyeon has more on the boycott campaign amid escalating trade tensions
between Seoul and Tokyo South Korean consumers are boycotting a whole
spectrum of Japanese products everything from beer to cars according to industry
sources sales of Japanese beer as South Korean convenience store chain Cu
plunged 40 percent in July the marketer of Japan’s Asahi beer dropped nearly
three percent losing its title of the best selling imported beer in the
country the boycott against Japanese beer first began among smaller
businesses with mid-sized convenience stores in Seoul displaying stickers that
said they do not stock Japanese alcohol over 23,000 retail outlets were
participating in the campaign as of mid-july back by the scorching heat and
the boycott campaign picking up steam sales of South Korean beer are rapidly
increasing South Korean beer sales have jumped as consumers are reluctant to buy
Japanese beer eventually it even dragged down the market share of Japanese beer
and major retail stores Japanese cars are also taking a hit in the first half
of this year over 6 million US dollars worth of Japanese vehicles were imported
to South Korea a whopping 25% increase from the same period last year
however the figure decreased significantly this month following
Tokyo’s trade restrictions on Seoul Japanese automobiles were popular among
South Koreans but the situation will be very different in the later half of this
year due to the increasing anti-japanese sentiment across the country while Tokyo is scheduled to decide on
August 2nd whether to remove soul from its white
list of countries that enjoy preferential treatment in trade is left
to be seen whether the boycott will eventually lose steam or intensified to
levels as yet unseen kimi-san Arirang news


  1. This is all a game folks! This all about American business in these country or N.E.Asia to make other investor and business move into S.E.A or ASEAN. It's all about changing the newer and more updated business atmosphere not just in Asia, but in America and Europe. It's all show people!

  2. Congratulations for the ROK racing to drop to the bottom!
    Not only are you losing your supplier for high tech but pretty soon you will find the same variety of products on your store shelves as your DPRK brothers!
    Wonderful unification will be achieved when both Korea are at the same level of sub Saharan Africa!

  3. The boycott news report always shows the same scene: beer and car … perhaps that's all what matters to Koreans 🙂

  4. Korean beer is weak in flavor, that's why the demand on Japanese beer was increased, right??
    I suppose there has to be a lot of production machines made in Japan in Korean manufactures. Koreans should dispose them as priority, not putting the cheap goods under a boycott anyway.

  5. boycotting is not gonna do anything. we are already used to it when china boycott our products, so Koreans your point? Everything you guys pretty much use is from Japan so you will be only hurting yourself but Koreans dont even know this, are they dumb?

  6. Why keeping European beers? EU never puts Korea to the whitelist. They should also boycott them.
    1:18 Lotte is a Japanese firm, you should also remove the fridge.

  7. SKorean must boycott Samsung which uses countless Japan-made parts. High end Samsung phones use Sony camera censor. lol

  8. Asahi, Fukushima limited edition beer release .. "radiation ability edition" criticism spread spread

    Japanese beer brand Asahi has released a limited number of beer made in Fukushima in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Fukushima factory.,As the news that the company released rice beer in the nuclear accident area was later announced in Korea, criticism among netizens is spreading.

    According to a number of Japanese media on the 25th, Asahi began selling 'Asahi Super Dry Fukushima Factory Limited Brewing' at marts and convenience stores in Fukushima Prefecture from 23rd.,It is said that the beer used Fukushima's proprietary rice varieties, "Tennotsbu," as its raw material.

    Asahi, Fukushima limited edition beer release .. "radiation ability edition" criticism spread spread

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    Asahi beer in Japan began selling only beer made at Fukushima factory using Fukushima rice from 23rd.,The photo shows the image of Asahi beer, which is not related to the article.

    Japanese beer brand Asahi has released a limited number of beer made in Fukushima in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Fukushima factory.,As the news that the company released rice beer in the nuclear accident area was later announced in Korea, criticism among netizens is spreading.

    According to a number of Japanese media on the 25th, Asahi began selling 'Asahi Super Dry Fukushima Factory Limited Brewing' at marts and convenience stores in Fukushima Prefecture from 23rd.,It is said that the beer used Fukushima's proprietary rice varieties, "Tennotsbu," as its raw material.

    Limited edition beer is manufactured at the Fukushima factory in Asahi using raw materials from Fukushima.,Just as Fukushima agricultural products are used and boasts that they were made at local factories, the limited edition beer also has the phrase "Fukushima's pride." It is said that it is part of local contribution.

    The Asahi Fukushima plant is located 60 km west of the nuclear power plant, which suffered the worst radiation spill since the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.,It is also a place where safety issues have been raised since the nuclear power plant is near the distance.

    The government is also criticizing the company for its nuclear weapons, but it is also criticizing the government for its nuclear weapons.,“If we let it go, we’ll promote it as good for our health.” (ggo**), “I don’t think all the people will be exposed to it together” (luc**), “Remembrance of a limited express train to hell” (per**), and “limited carcinogenic beer.,“It’s possible” (J**), “The Radiational Beer Edition. It seems to be crazy” (Cho***) and so on.

    The beer is only sold in Fukushima, but domestic netizens are responding that they should proceed more clearly with the Japanese beer boycott.,It is more unbelievable that radioactively contaminated facilities have entered materials that are suspected of radioactive content.,Some netizens said, "I will never eat any other beer because I will have other beer from the equipment where the radioactive raw materials were put in." (Cheong****), "I should filter Japanese beer unconditionally now" (I***), "I do not drink it in disapproval, but I should never eat Japanese beer.,“The fermentation tanks must be contaminated,” he said.

    Yoon Han-sul reporter [email protected] (mailto:[email protected])

  9. SKorea and Japan must improve their trade and partnership as they have not so good neighbors like NKorea and China.

  10. My friendly suggestion. Korea should boycott not only Japanese products but also Japanese based Hangul words such as 民主主義 酸素 抗議 共和国 。。。。and create new words. My big question is why KOREA cuts down every cherry tree to eliminate Japanese thing out of the peninsula while it claims SomeiYoshio cheery is originally from Chezu island. Please, some one explain to me.

  11. It’s very rare that Japan is offensive in this manner. It may be common for Koreans to continue to be offensive and insulting others, but Japanese don’t do this.
    Many Japanese are indifferent to the Korean boycott of Japanese products and tourism since Japanese believe the relation to Korea has already ended. A Japanese novelist whose husband is Korean described Korea as such. Korea is the same as a super ugly girl who is threatening a boy by cutting her wrist, and according to her, China would say “Kill yourself but Japan always says “ I’m sorry. I love you. I want to relieve your anger.”
    However, this relation is over. Most Japanese want to end the relation to Korea. Japanese are very tired of Koreans.
    Whether Japan removes Korea from the whitelist must depend on Japan’s decision. Since Koreans strongly begged Japan to enlist Korea in the whitelist, Japan enlisted Korea in the list in 2004. Since Korea urged Japan to ask America to enlist Korea in the whitelist, Japan asked America although America refused it. Both America and the EU don’t enlist Korea in the whitelist. Japan has not enlisted any Asian countries but Korea in the whitelist. Have any other Asian countries been angry with Japan just like Koreans?
    Japan is dumping Korea currently. Japan doesn’t want to interact with the super ugly girl cutting her wrist.

  12. Just found out that the ROK mindset is no different from that of the PRC, the Communist China. Japan better tighten up security further; ROK asking for it. Most hurt are the local marginal scale shop owners. The sad part is this channel never introduces opinions from different perspective is the proof how not deep/sound the  Korean journalism is. Dangerous!!

  13. Please boycott (remove) cherry blossoms in Korea, too!
    Hanami (enjoying cherry blossoms at their best in spring) is one of Japanese traditional cultures…. @t
    According to Wikipedia, in Korea most of the places for cherry blossom festivals are still planted with Japanese Yoshino cherry trees.
    You should stop this, because there is a Japanese wartime military song of Sakura (cherry blossoms)…
    You Koreans should cut down all of them within this campaign of boycott Japan!

  14. There was a report on one of TVs in Tokyo that many Korean boys soccer teams are cancelling trips to various cities in Japan. A heart warming story reported that a boy who visited Korea last year received a message from one of Korean boys he met sent a texed message that their frienship nutured last year will not change.

  15. Haha so many Japanese comments on these videos. They truly feared the korean boycott.
    Stupid sneaky Japanese mon.keys.

  16. Japanese had been boycotting Koreans products long time ago so now it’s fair. They rather buy trash Japanese phones rather than Samsung phones and other korean technology.

  17. Guess the boycott is working well in Korea. Look at the bunch of idxxxx, commenting rudely about people's boycott based on freedom of choice. Chill out. It is not even like your stupid government's movement, imitating Trump.

  18. Why don't you Korean boycott what you're trying to import from Japan???  It makes no sense at all… lol

  19. I saw so many arguments between Japanese and Koreans here. If both of you truly believe your country is better than the other, just leave the trade war between you two, not counting on the 3rd party like the US or WTO. Then we will find out who the real boss is. Interesting…

  20. I am curious. Who is the real enemy of Japan and Korea?

    China imitate from Russia. Use force to occupy more territories.
    China's very bellicose and aggressive. War with China is just matter of time. Japan and Australia should have nukes right now because China is very cruel and malicious. Remember tiananmon and Tibet cases.
    The world must stop China in east sea.
    America should forget iran, ignore NK, keep peace with Russia….. focus on China, confront China, drive China out of east sea.
    Don't worry Taiwan.
    Don't worry Philippines
    Don't worry Malaysia
    Don't worry Indonesia
    Don't worry VN
    We are all in one front
    Japan, Australia, America, NATO. . will be with you provided that Russia stand aside.
    China must go. East sea belongs to everyone.

  21. why would someone drink asahi beer putting them on the risk of getting radiation poisoning. i heard some ingredients from fukushima area were used for making japanese beer. fukushima will never be 100% safe for the next couple of hundred years. japanese government is lying.
    i heard some restaurant maliciously serve fukushima rice to korean tourists.

  22. Korea and Japan fighting each other yet again yet when its against China or US they don't even have the balls to say anything. Both nations do not realize that its killing themselves while the world laughs. While neither side wants to back out while demanding the other is fueling anti propaganda, using boycott strategies is getting really old with politicians and its supporter these days. Not only it does literally do nothing, but it will only create more hate and false information on each other. "The bigger the lie the more likely people will believe it, and when a nation cries for vengeance the lies spread like a wild fire. The fire builds, devouring everything in its path." (Vladimir Makarov).

  23. Mental illness S Korean morons fighting!

    Have you crushed your cellphone and toilet already?

    Don't apply double standard.

    Got that?

  24. S. Korea looks like a 10 year-old boy who threw a temper tantrum, screaming on the floor of s auper market. They have NO shame.

  25. I love Japan I like to go Japan really I am in 7th (class or grade) when I am in 11 class I go Japan love you Japan
    From: Qaim

  26. abe should apologize to all Japanese for all Japanese ignorance. https://amp.dw.com/en/japans-nationalist-school-books-teach-a-different-view-of-history/a-40092325
    Where is truth voice of Japan

  27. The Japanese members of idol groups in Korea are caught up in this because of their nationality but no one in Korea say their Korean artists and idol groups should stop releasing Japanese versions of their Korean music to sell in Japan and hold concert tours there….coz they make so much money in Japan.

  28. Bob Sappy

    1 日前

    it's funny that Korea wants Hydrogen fluoride from japan but got too much excited and boycott Japanese products.

    Japan will eliminate Korea from their white list soon. funny to imagine what stupid Koreans will do next lol

    and because of Korean credit risk Korea can import nothing without L/C issued by Japanese bank. What will happen next? lol

  29. Cause & effect of Korea-Japan trade war//Japan is a defeatist country and an American teenager. Japan cannot compete without US permission to use Korea, which has been successfully supported by the United States since World war 2. According to Wall Street rumors, Japan 's economic invasion of Korea is a conspiracy in line with the understanding of the two countries between USA & Japan. Korea is used there. If Samsung is hit by Japan's banned export of emiconductor materials, the price of international semiconductors will rise and China will suffer. And the enemy of US Republican Party, Google and Facebook, will face difficulties in the supply and demand of semiconductors.  Abe, in one hand, is able to buy more weapons from the United States to win the election and to change the constitution to become a war – able country and strengthen the army. On the other hand, if Korean Samsung builds a Samsung semiconductor plant in the US avoiding Japanese regulations, Trump will be elected in the next re-election. Under these scenarios, the US and Japan would have been involved. Since the announcement of the Korean regulatory plan in Japan, a South Korean official visited the United States to request arbitration, but the United States responded that the parties should resolve it. It is evident that the United States has been involved in this matter. They are mean things. It is scandalous to think that some countries can control the security, economy, and politics of the country at will. Moreover, did a nation like you do that? What can Korea do here? Do you have to play crazy with Abe and Trump's scenario? That is why the voluntary boycott of the people is intense. It is too late to import imported materials that have benefited Japan in the meantime.  Meanwhile, the patience of Japan has exploded beyond patience. With this opportunity, Korea will develop with a big gap with Japan, and Japan will have a budget deficit of tens of trillion won. And most importantly, the lives of Japanese and American political leaders are at risk. They play games that guarantee the survival of a nation, because it will act as a big reward to shorten their lives. This is a secret that cannot be said. Let's stay for a year and a half. What is happening.

  30. 日本は韓国を甘やかせ過ぎました。そこは日本が反省すべき点です。







  31. Japan did us a real mean thing. In the past, South Korea made it impossible to speak Korean and mercilessly assaulted it if it did. Koreans were forced to change their names to Japanese, and underage children were forced to go to war. There, Korean girls had to relieve the sex drive of Japanese soldiers and assaulted them if they rebelled.If They were sick, They were died, and in the end, They tried to kill everyone to avoid hearing about it. The girls are running out of time. Japan clearly has to apologize, but it denies all this. Germany apologize to Jew . but But Japan say Dokdo is mine!! Koreans learn Korean history evidence that criminalized as the Korean, Dokdo is Japanese history books come out. Japan did not only this but also many other atrocities such as biopsy. I hope many people learn what Japan did. I don’t speak Eglish well Maybe I was wrong, I’m sorry.

  32. Toshitoshy-
    Korea was extremely poor as the 2nd poorest country after Korean War, but not any more.

    GDP per capita of Korea is 31000$ compared Japan’s 39000$.
    It was 9000$ vs. 31000$ in 1992.
    Debt per capita in Korea is 11000$ vs. 99000$ of Japan’s.
    Growth rate was 3.1 % vs 1.9 % in 2017.
    See? get it?
    Korea don’t look down any poor country b/c Korea understand once the poor does not mean always the poor.
    However, do look down the country committed war atrocity with a false and empty lip service only apology and its descendants of war criminals.

  33. 일본인을 싫어 반일 교육까지하고 있는데 국교를 계속하려고한다.
    일본인을 싫어하고 있는데 일본에받은 돈에 무리를 짓는다.
    일본의 물건을 불매 운동하는데, 산업용 로봇 등의 생산 설비, 계측기, 소재 물질 등은 탐낼 수출하라고 말한다.
    거짓말을 아무렇지도 않게 대해 거짓말을 말하는 것을 부끄러워한다. 약속은 지키지 않는다. 약속도 적당하다 같이 나사 구부린다.

  34. Naturally! Feces Korea! ! I just want to break down in the first place! ! Return the Takeshima thief! ! It will disappear and Korea! !

  35. Japan said "we're not selling" so koreans are saying "yeah? Well we're not buying" so… What's up with the mockery?

  36. Please be friends don’t fight against each other past is past
    Lets move on now the new generation of Japan is so good
    Wish peace between both countries from Pakistan????????

  37. Companies from global IT brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc. have already been created.
    It began to turn away from Japan. Does Abe really want to make Japan a good country? LOL ???

  38. Emotional citizens in a small economy on the tip of Korean Peninsula are barking like a weak dog. Look forward to seeing their economy collapse once again!

  39. I do not support any campaign.

    Because everyone is guilty in World War II and no one apologized except for some countries like Belgium, Germany and others.

    Now we go for history ..

    The United States apologized to the Indians, blacks and Vietnam?

    Korea apologized to Vietnam?

    China apologized to Tibet ?.

    Spain, Portugal, apologized for the invasion, colonization and murders of the ethnic race of Latin America?

    Who apologizes for the deaths, rape, abuse, child prostitution that are almost daily in Syria, some countries in the Middle East and Africa?

    seriously while you campaign, I don't know if I laugh or get angry when other countries do live during decades of murder and a war that doesn't end until now ..

    And who speaks for them?

    Thank you humanity for creating such a complex race.

  40. A few diplomats betrayed their ignorance at the meeting in Thailand yesterday; it was not until this meeting that Singapore and China have come to know what the "White List" was. Furthermore, no one mentioned that the number of the listed country could be decreased and increased in case.
    It was an international comedy……….

  41. Very very stupid Korea and Japan. Our key malicious and cruel enemy is China. You both must put aside disagreement to focus on China. Don't harm each other any more.

  42. Do you know that the QR code system was invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave?
    I'm talking about "boycott Japan". So, you'd better not use [the QR code system] to see if it's Japan product or not.

  43. The items you Korean need to boycott are:
    Instant ramen/Cup Noodle
    Yagi TV Antenna
    Instant Coffee
    Sharp Pencil
    Olfa cutter
    Fish Detector
    Dry battery, Lithium Battery
    Cellphone equipped with camera
    The above are all invented by Japanese

    and ………………………………
    W10000 & W5000 Notes
    Korean Passport
    Korean Driver's License
    The above 3 use Japanese hologram or IC chip. Throw them away immediately if you guys have pride!

  44. 最近9月の南朝賤での日本製ビールが前年比で99%減少したと報道されたことについて。
    We sincerely thank and welcome SK to boycott japanese beer. We needed much volume of beer for the spectstors of Rugby WORLDCUP Japan which has been great success ever.
    And we basically never want koreans to drink our beers. Urine only suit for koreans to drink. Enjoy its colour and foam! lol

  45. Congratulations SK. You know boomerang? Asahi-Lotte decided to dismiss around 70 temporary employees they are all koreans. Japanese brewery companies have lost sales in SK but recovered domestically and in other countries. And Koreans?? ha ha ha

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