Samsung Health: How to use the Discover tab

Samsung Health: How to use the Discover tab

Hey, so I’m going to show you
the new Discover section. You’re going to see some of the biggest changes
in our latest version! It’s super easy to find. Just tap the “Discover” tab
on the navigation bar. Discover is a hub of information where you’ll find
previously separate functions gathered altogether in one spot. You can see fitness programs, accessories, apps, and other kinds of content here all at once. Let’s start with the settings. If you tap on the three vertical dots
at the top right corner of the screen, you’re going to see the option
to “Set your interests”. Here,
you can set your fitness level, goals, and interests. After you’ve selected all your desired settings,
just tap “Done”! You’ll also find “Programs picked for you”, all personalized to fit your settings. Here’s an example of the programs
recommended for me. You can also scroll down
to see various other functions and stories under “Featured content”. Isn’t this easy? Start a healthier lifestyle today with Discover.


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  2. You guys should create a dedicated camera for us vloggers. The camera system on my Galaxy S9 Plus help me gain thousands of the subscribers.

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