Sasha Banks & Bayley are wrecking everybody: WWE Now

Sasha Banks & Bayley are wrecking everybody: WWE Now

Cathy Kelley here for WWE Now and
if there’s anything we’ve learned over the years, it’s that Sasha Banks and
Bayley are absolutely inseparable. Despite seeing the new, more vicious side
to the boss, no one could have predicted the hostility shown on Monday night
from the SmackDown woman’s champion.>>Why, Bayley,
Bayley is unloading on Becky.>>Well Bayley has played
coy since Sasha’s return. Looking back the signs of
frustrations were everywhere. The SmackDown women’s champion noted her
excitement upon her best friend’s return and in recent weeks expressed her
frustrations in trying to elevate the women’s division and feeling stifled.>>I want to prove Charlotte wrong. When she says I’m not
elevating the championship or this division it’s because
I don’t get a chance to. So give me that chance. I need that chance and I am going to show Charlotte how far I’m
willing to go at Clash of Champions.>>Bayley’s bitterness finally boiled
over and Charlotte was not here for it. Tweeting this eye rolling GIF of
herself presumably targeted at Bailey. Then the SmackDown women’s champion
doubled down from the previous night attacking her Clash of Champions
opponent with a steel chair.>>And a steel chair to the back.>>[NOISE]
>>The second night in a row. This is becoming the MO of Sasha Banks and
Bayley.>>Alexa Bliss also chimed in, wanting all
the credit for predicting Bayley’s, quote, fakeness, weeks ago during her talk show,
Moment of Bliss. Banks and Bayley have expressed that
they wanna run WWE’s women’s division. And it looks like the duo
is well on their way. Will we see more bad blood from Bayley and
the Boss on Raw and SmackDown Live? You don’t wanna miss it this Monday and
Tuesday night at 8, 7 Central live on the USA Network. And of course, stick with us at for more developments.


  1. Just give them back the Tag Titles. That would be sweet. And if Sasha dethrones Becky and Bailey retains, they can be double champs.

  2. Sasha and Bayley deserves this so much. Sasha’s been through bad booking since her feud with Charlotte in 2016. Bayley’s been ruined since that terrible feud with Alexa. It’s great to see them back on top where they’ve always belonged.

  3. The villainous stable called the WBDC (Women's Beat Down Clan) of Sasha Banks & Bayley are going to add new women members from NXT.

  4. What will happen is if Bayley retains at Clash of Champions and Sasha wins the Raw Women’s title they’ll call up the rest of the horsewoman for the Survivor series match .. then we’ll get the fatal 4 way between the horsewomen next year at Wrestlemania with Sasha finally getting a Wrestlemania win by retaining the Raw Women’s title after winning it from this years Clash of Champions

  5. Idk if u know but in a interview cm punk said he wasnt interested in aew he saud if wwe called he would answer hint hint

  6. Ma io credo che le sedie prima o poi le dovranno assaggiare loro sulla loro schiena. Mai dimenticare i vecchi detti, il detto dice oggi a me domani tocca a te AHAHAHAH

  7. Thank you so much for turning Sasha and Bayley heel. That is the best thing happening in the women's division right now. We have been waiting for Bayley to turn heel for a long time.

  8. So this is what I think is gonna happen at COC:
    Sasha Banks helps Bayley retain the SD Womens Championship and they brutally beat Charlotte down. Bayley in return helps Sasha Banks beat Becky for the Raw women's Championship. Then at Hell in a Cell Bayley and Sasha (c) vs Becky and Charlotte (Tornado Hell in a Cell tag match) Winners take all. That would be so intriguing!🔥🔥

  9. I hope bayley wins
    Honestly, charlotte is a good wrestler but way too overrated
    We need more spotlight on the other female wrestlers of the women's division WWE!

  10. Wow I just had a crazy idea. Why doesn’t WWE make NXT pg 13 for the kids, maybe smack down as well. But make Raw really RAW! Hey even Disney the master manipulator for kids. Owns and have business dedicated only to adults! Just a thought. But we need more savage and organic wrestling!

  11. Sasha is being bad to almost everyone now, watch out… Maybe Charlotte, Becky and Natalya are keeping eyes on you Sasha, same to Bayley…..

  12. Sasha has always been the same the talk is Bayley. Bayley would always keep Sasha from getting at other people now they both don’t care I don’t know what to say but there is no stronger connection

  13. I've just watched AEW All Out highlights. Dude it was really awesome, completely different style, different talents. I think WWE and AEW are different, unlike IMPACT. Both are good in their own way and will succeed while co existing instead going for competition. Go watch, you will love it.

  14. Sasha :- Raw womens champ
    Bayley :- Sd womens champ
    Sasha and bayley :- Womens tag champ again ( Heel )
    Best for business for now !!

  15. Heel Bayley is awesome! There’s a new side to her that’s never been seen and hopefully she and Sasha can bring that ruthlessness out of her. Let them run roughshod over the division!

  16. Power is not what you have power is something u earn everyone wants to be top of who saw what did this to someone but it was never about friendship it's about titles clash of champions all titles is defended but my only thing is if bayley truely going against Charlotte who is Sasha challenge she can challenge becky and take her tittle but some how I don't think it's that it aint about four horse WOMEN no title greed power they want the 💰 so who they go for the bigger fish imagine Charlotte and Becky be women champ instead of Sasha and Bailey but now imagine Sasha and Becky champion both titles one either or shoulder u bound to find out who is the stronger champion it happens all the time the divas sorry the women go head to head afther clash of champions it's been wwe all the times it's all hype in this storyline i guess we just have to see what u got

  17. please get Matt Hardy more on TV and Shelton Benjamin and please give them a chance to give them titles please wwe we want to see Woken matt please

  18. Becky's Raw women champion = Weak champion along with Alexa, Even Nia jax, Ronda and Charlotte have better build character and feud. She only defend her title against jobber like Natalya, Lacey, Zelina Vega, Lana, Iiconic, Nikki Cross and Alexa bliss. I hope Sasha take that title back or take sd title from bayley by helped of ember moon, liv morgan, mickie james or fire and desire.
    Bayley sd women champion = good champion. I remember almost of all her match (mostly) against sasha, nia, asuka, ronda rousey, iiconic, nikki, alexa, carmella, ember moon, charlotte, mickie, natalya are 5 star match. hope she hold it longer so she can break trashlotte record LOL.

  19. In the last 6 months we've been having the best version ever of bayley and she will get better with that heel turn , I became one of her biggest fans.

  20. I'm hoping that Charlotte flair and RAW women's champion Becky lynch,will team up to battle the boss Sasha banks and the SMACKDOWN women's champion bayley at WWE" CLASH of CHAMPIONS"

  21. And they have every right to their hostility!! Marks and smarks be damned.. Sasha and Bayley got relegated to "elevating" .. of all people.. the Iiconics! They, along with Alexa, Lacey Evans, and multiple others were not good enough to give the NXT Women's title.. but they got pushed to the moon by Kevin Dunn and the McMahons because of their looks. Alexa (whom I LOVE) even spend a year being "Vince's Cosplay Barbie", which justly offended MANY.. and then he has the nerve to make some of the roster "make up for it" by not so subtly pushing the relevance of DragonCon, where Cosplay is more than a fashion show like it is at more than a few other Cons. Simple truth.. the "Women's Revolution" is a joke, and I don't care if Dunn, any McMahon, or anyone else working for the Company reads this and has issues or is "offended" because I said it. Your hypocrisy is costing you money and fans… and it is only Sasha and Bayley being themselves or "themselves" that is among what will save the WWE.

  22. If Charlotte Flair‘s father were to be in her corner when she faces Bayley for the Smackdown Women‘s Title at Clash of Champions,would Bayley or Sasha dare attack him for spite after they chose to become dangerous? That would be going too far.

  23. WWE might not be able to 'ruin' this feud, but it looks like FOX might though because they want Smackdown and Raw separate so who knows where this fantastic storyline might get 'screwed' possibly in the upcoming draft.

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