Season’s Greetings – A film about Seasonal Affective Disorder (Seasonal Depression)

Season’s Greetings – A film about Seasonal Affective Disorder (Seasonal Depression)

Who needs this intolerable heat..? It’s impossible to sleep until the monsoon hits…. What’s the purpose of this extreme heat God..? June has arrived… Please make it rain…. The rain has stopped.. wil make it quick…. Did you litter downstairs? Uh.. uh.. It’s not acceptable in the society… Uh.. uh… me… PM Modi is promoting cleanliness in the country…. ..Is this your contribution to it…? This won’t do…. What’s the matter..? Ganpati Celebration…. I do offer my prayers at home…. Dude.. you can’t say no to it…. .. It’s compulsory in this society…. .. Everyone pays for it… How much is it..?? 250 (Marathi) What…?? Two Hundred Fifty rupees…. How can people pay this much for praying..? Am sorry.. I can’t pay It’s compulsory in the society…. You need to pay for Ganpati celebration…. May be…. .. But am not so efficient Anyways… .. I can worship God in my house too… What’s the matter now….? It doesn’t work this way…. I already said… .. I can’t spend money in the name of Ganpati (God)… Dude… .. we have not come here to beg… (MARATHI) What..?? We are not begging … Then why are you repeatedly asking for it…?? Wait.. lemme handle it…. Are you new in the city…?? How does it matter..? I am poor guy and I can’t donate 250 bucks in the name of God
That’s it…. What do you mean you can’t..?? You need to follow the rules of society…. It’s a must….
Everyone pays for Ganpati celebration…. .. If you don’t have money… say it Yes… I don’t have Fine…
Will deal with you later… Let’s move…. Hello… Yep… just leaving… ok fine.. Why do you repeatedly keep ringing my door bell..? Don’t talk this way to me Check your tone… ..we are not beggars… Am talking properly… .. But why do you keep pestering me….? You won’t gain anything out of argument… .. It’s our daily routine… .. It’s you who will have to suffer… Come on… .. Don’t waste our time …. Listen bro… You need to follow the rules of the society… …Or else you can shift…. Flat No. B2-301… Take your receipt Don’t miss the Blessing… Their only aim of life is to beg… .. and threaten people in the name of God…. .. One is the beggars on street… .. and other is.. .. the so called society members Wow.. I just love rains..
– Me too.. Me too.. Me too.. I to just love having hot Samosa and Bhajiya (Fries) in Rain…
you know…. Me too.. Me too.. N monsoon sale too…. Me too.. Me too..
Me too.. Me too.. (Imitates) Me too.. Me too.. Me too.. .. Acting like her parrot…. (Imitates) Love rains… .. Wants hot Samosa…. I wish I could slap these idiots Accept this too…. .. Borrow some more if don’t have enough (Radio playing) Cribbing for every reason is useless.. Are you suffering from a leakage problem….? Why do you keep pouring day and night..? Please use your sunshine too…. I will go crazy… One after the other… Earlier it was rain… .. now it’s the sun….


  1. It is a very educational movie. And it is a fact and common in Mumbai.
    People suffering from this disorder should consult the doctor.

  2. One just has to cope with the seasonal changes as these are inevitable & cyclical by nature. But the scene about forced donation for Ganpati festival is very true. I've been a victim too. Haven't experienced any other religious community demanding such forced donations for certain Hindu festivals which are celebrated inappropriately with even being getting drunk while celebrating them. It's one of the most annoying aspects of certain radical sections of Hindus.

  3. Тот случай, когда не каждый поймёт слова, но каждый прочувствует "картинку" . Спасибо. Есть над чем задуматься, а это важно :). С удовольствием поделюсь с коллегами, которые жалуются на плохую погоду 😉 .
    The case when not everyone understands the words, but everyone feels the "picture". Thank. There is something to think about, and this is important :). I will gladly share with colleagues who complain of bad weather;).

  4. direction editing craft script actors each and every aspect just mind blowing congratulation to all of you and all the luck for future

  5. Wonderful message.. The ground realities of life well captured. Excellent work. In fact… When a man is struggling really really hard …he tends to blame everything and everyone around him. weather also plays a pivotal role in uplifting the moods… When everything is going right… Come rain.. Snow storm.. Scorching sun can be battled or could seem less important. The truth of chandas during Ganapathy festivities in Mumbai…. 🤒😰😓 Good presentation

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