Self Breast Exams for Men : Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer for Males

Self Breast Exams for Men : Signs & Symptoms of Breast Cancer for Males

Self-breast examinations are equally important
amongst men as they are in women. The incidence rate of male breast cancer has increased every
year since 1975, making male breast cancer an increased threat to the men all throughout
the world. As a matter of fact, this year approximately 1,700 to 1,800 men will be diagnosed
with breast cancer. Although the symptoms are the same in male breast cancer as they
are in female breast cancer, men typically don’t associate their symptoms to the breast
cancer disease because they don’t think they can contract it. A man should pay special
attention to any changes in his breast tissue on a monthly basis through breast self-examination,
and becoming more aware of the normal look and feel of your breast will help you detect
those changes sooner rather than later. The symptoms for male breast cancer are similar
to that of the female breast cancer in that a large breast cancer tumor will be able to
be detected as a mass whether hard or soft, with uneven edges creating a lump in the skin.
Some breast cancers actually cause skin puckering or dimpling, such as this diagram here, where
the roots of the breast cancer are pulling the skin down into the breast tissue. Unfortunately,
again, since men rarely associate their breast cancer symptoms to the disease, they allow
breast cancer to grow and spread, as is the case with this diagram here where the cancerous
tumor is growing into the chest wall or the muscle. This causes breast cancer to be more
difficultly treated, and also increases the mortality rates creating a higher mortality
rate amongst men as it is in women. A man should also be looking for nipple discharge
such as this diagram shows, or a rash on the skin which may result in what’s called inflammatory
breast cancer, or IBC. Any changes in the shape or color of the breast tissue should
be immediately reported to your physician. Remember, men get breast cancer too, and the
early detection of breast cancer may save your life.


  1. why is it when i press into my right nipple i feel something hard?? Im only 14 years old PLS RESPOND!

  2. @Cheeseball1066 well i still got it and im still alive lol, Im pretty sure its puberty, ive had it for 2 years already. I just hope it goes away soon.

  3. @addictedshuffle Thats exactly what i have and i am going to be 14 in a month and i was starting to worry also sometimes in indents when i bend over and i am in good shape and i seems like i have a bump under my nipple and it is more painful

  4. I agree with andrewGram mine under the nipples and it's swelling.. Is it breast cancer? I feel a lump below. Can someone pls let me know? Thx.

  5. @aitkensE04xXxRecon hey i have the same thing ..i have a very small lump underneath my right nipple about the size of a pea doesn't hurt or anything but when i squeeze it a small amount of liquid comes out
    i'm just asking do you have the same thing ?

  6. My nipples are inverted sometimes and its really red at the tip of the peck….. im kinda nervous im only 13………

  7. Both my nipples have clumps of individual lumps under the nipple area I've been nervous but I don't know if I should check

  8. @SnowballPlanet thank you for your info i just wanted to add that my left nipple is sometimes inverted to anyway i will see how i can bring it up with my family. My grandfather also had cancer.

  9. @cervantesJEFE thats normal. the same thing with testicals; one is usually bigger than the other or hangs lower

  10. I am a 13 male, and every now and then if I squeeze my nipple, my nipple will discharge a drop of a clear fluid.. I'm sorta getting scared about cancer. What should I do. Also, the discharge is only coming from my right nipple. I also feel no lumps.

  11. @footballtitann not nessisarily the clear fluid could be water…… But I'm am not a professional so it is best get medical attention.

  12. @EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!
    ******LISTEN UP!!!!*******
    If you feel a lump directly underneath your nipple and you are 12-18yrs then it is MOST LIKELY Just puberty. Hormonal Changes in the muscle. However, if you have any symptoms then you should get immediate medical attention. NOW don't substitute my word for the word of a doctor if you are truly concerned then you should go to the doctor ASAP. Thank you for listening, I want you guys to live long happy healthy lives. May God Bless You. 🙂

  13. @Instinct869 that is what i am looking for becuz i have a little smaller than a dime-sized lump under my left nipple and i have an appointment tomorrow to see what my doctor will say hopefully it really is just hormones or a benign tumor thanks for that post

  14. @Instinct869 ermmm, okay. last yr, when i was 12, i have that lump under my nipple on my left breast. it's gone now, and nothing is there anymore. but now, i'm 13, and i have another lump on my right nipple. i'm so scared! is it cancer? or is it just puberty? btw, i do push ups like once in 2 days. is it because of that?

  15. @MacHelp2010 Ok so what you wanna do is check your testicles, above area, and see if you have any pubic hairs. (I know it's awkward for me but just bear with me) If you have bouts 15 pubic hairs that are long. Then that does mean you are going through puberty with hormonal Changes in the muscle. I don't think push-ups have to do anything with it. However you said its a little bit above the nipple, is it hard? Does it hurt?

  16. i have some of those symptoms, and im only 13 years. its right under the nipple, goes a bit downwards, uneven and it hurts. no visual changes though. im really scared. any advises?

  17. @pingovle read the comment that I left right below yours. I had the same problem and I turned out to be just Puperty. But definitely read the comments I posted it should help.

  18. I had lumps under both nipples a while back but they went away I'm 13 and I have another lump under my right nipple it is larger than the ones I had before could this be serious?

  19. I'm 11 and is this puberty or not because someone made a video and it said 13-17 but I'm 11 I have pimples but still someone answer me plz

  20. is there any treatment leaving surgery. m 18 and found bump on my both breast.m i victimized by breast cancer???? plz

  21. what is the real age of getting breast cancer in male.m still in puberty stage .m afraid of this fucking things so plz advice me

  22. hey bro, breast lumps are usual for young lads…dont worry, it'll go off eventually…but u can have a lil check-up to feel better 🙂

  23. Im 13 and i feel i have a male breast cancer because there is a small cyst under my armpit and near on my right breast. Does it cancer?

  24. im 18 and i've been doing push ups and various other non weight chest exercises for about 3 or 4 months. i was looking at myself in the mirror when i shockingly noticed that below my nipple on my right side, the muscle looked kinda deformed. and below the peck itself their was a new muscle sticking out… its almost as if the muscle below my nipple and moved down below my peck. Does anyone know why or how this happend?

  25. Im 14 and i found a lump in my left breast, it doesnt hurt but its never been there before im really scared

  26. uh ok about 4 months ago I woke up with a tiny ball in my nipple….yea..and I thought it would just go away but it got bigger and somedays it kinda hurts somedays I don't notice it. I have no idea of what it is im not scared but im really concerned and I think it would be awkward if I told my parents. im only 12.

  27. Bro my left is uneavin then my right but no lumps rashes or nipple changes I think im good and prey that I don't get it and all you don't get it to. its kind of stupid how we young healthy men are scared of this monster and im only 16.

  28. ITS PROBABLY NOT BREAST CANCER SO CALM DOWN! if you are between the ages of 10-18 and/or going through puberty then read this. honestly im not a doctor and depending on your concern levels you should go ask a doctor. but honest to god this website will give you worried teens all the info you need.
    (dont trust me and think its a virus site then just google it)

    HOT TIP #18839940: if you see a website link on the youtube comments ALWAYS GOOGLE IT. if it is legit you will see it pop up on google. that hot tip could save your PC

  29. Im 15 ang i have noticed that my right nipple is kinda swelling and it is kinda hard when i pinch it it also hurts aswell

    Anyone here who also is experiencing the same thing? I am scared to tell my parent because i am very afraid on getting diagnosed with a breast cancer 🙁

  30. Im 15 ang i have noticed that my right nipple is kinda swelling and it is kinda hard when i pinch it it also hurts aswell

    Anyone here who also is experiencing the same thing? I am scared to tell my parent because i am very afraid on getting diagnosed with a breast cancer 🙁

  31. I'm 19….I recently noticed a lump by my nipple, it's kind of maybe a penny size and it's painful when I touch it..and I've also noticed a coin sized soft lump inside but like towards the top of my nipple…I'm scared to visit the dr office

  32. Hello.
    I have experienced this too aswell. Every teenager who is going through puberty can most likely have a lump beneath their breast.
    It is called gynecomastia.

    (Source: wikipedia)

    Gynecomastia is thought to be caused by an altered ratio of estrogens to androgens mediated by an increase in estrogen production, a decrease in androgen production, or a combination of these two factors. Estrogen acts as a growth hormone to increase the size of male breast tissue. The cause of gynecomastia is unknown in around 25% of cases.

    The classic feature of gynecomastia is male breast enlargement with rubbery or firm glandular subcutaneous chest tissue palpated under the areola of the nipple in contrast to softer fatty tissue. This enlargement may occur on one side or both. Milky discharge from the nipple is not a typical finding, but may be seen in a gynecomastic individual with a prolactin secreting tumor. Males with gynecomastia may appear anxious or stressed due to concerns about the possibility of having breast cancer. An increase in the diameter of the areola and asymmetry of chest tissue are other possible signs of gynecomastia.

    The only symptoms of breast cancer for men are: (source:

    -A lump or swelling, which is usually (but not always) painless
    -Skin dimpling or puckering
    -Nipple retraction (turning inward)
    -Redness or scaling of the nipple or breast skin
    -Discharge from the nipple

    If you have any of those I reccommend you should see a doctor.

    I am no doctor. I am 14 and I am pretty sure this is puberty I am experiencing because I had this for a month maybe and I haven't got any of these symptoms.

    God Bless you and keep healthy.

  33. Am I the only 13-16 year old who came because they were scared? Its most likely just puberty, but talk to a parent to be for sure. 

  34. Im super scared. I haven't noticed any lumps around my nipple but I have noticed scabby type areas around it and it itches alot. Can anyone help me figure out what it is

  35. I found a sore and tender lump on my right breast above the nipple this morning and also a weird sensation under my right arm pit, so after much research I landed on here. I'm in my mid 20s so I doubt its puberty, what do you think?

  36. Hi I have a bump under my nipple and after I touched it today its sore now is that a sign of cancer oh and I'm only 12 years old

  37. Do cancerous tumors in the breast tissue sometimes not feel like lumps per se but rather just an increase in density of the breast tissue?

    Under my right nipple there seems to be something going on but I'm not sure if it even qualifies as potential breast cancer. I am a 32 year old male with, as far as I know, no breast cancer in my immediate family. I noticed last week that it was uncomfortable when pressure was applied on my right nipple. After feeling the area though it doesn't seem to be a lump. It feels like the tissue behind my nipple is just more dense than it is on the left side and even to surrounding tissue on the right. At one point when I was crawling on my belly under a truck the sensation was bad enough to cause a knee jerk reaction where I arched my back to remove all pressure on it. So maybe it qualifies as painful, but if I press on it right now I would only call it mildly uncomfortable

  38. Don't neglect your penis fellas. Use a penis health creme that contains Vitamin D (otherwise known as "the miracle vitamin") and other nutrients and anti-oxidants. You simply apply this creme once a day and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with taking charge or your health. Hope this helps.

  39. I have a lump in my right breast.. but a bit fluid comes out when I pinch it, just a bit.. and I'm just 14… is this puberty or what??? I'm really scared right now.. please reply to me… 🙁

  40. I have a lump under my left nipple, I squeeze it and some form of liquid come out of the tip ?. It's gets sore some times

  41. my nipple kinda hurts when i push down, but also im only 11 and my friend gave me a really bad purple nurple last week.

  42. @no further west i think it might be a part of pubes or something because i saw like a 15,16 year old commenting on it.

  43. I'm a 12 year old boy and I've recently found Tha i have a small lump under each nipple. There is no fluid coming from it and it doesn't really hurt but I'm still really scared. Please reply

  44. Help I'm 17 , directly under my left nipple it's is a bit sore when I press down and it's only been like that the past couple weeks ??

  45. It feels like I have a bruise on my nipple, when I feel it, it's like there is something inside it. Not loose though, it bulges out more than my right nipple and I'm really worried. Any help I've had it for s couple weeks now I think.

  46. so everyone who has a lump under one or 2 nipples right under it it is NOT cancer. i live in the netherlands with professional doctors. i walked in when she saw my nipple she immediately said it had to do with puberty i happens to boys from 10 to about 18/20. so dont be worried and if you want to tell it to your parents tell it to your dad. only so your mother doesn't get worried i went with my dad and my mom never heard a thing about it. hope i helped you and like this comment to get it to the top so everyone can see it 😀 u can ask me questions. (as wel and it can hurt too i have it right now when i push slightly on it it already hurts or if i lay on my chest)

  47. I have a small lump under my Brest and my nipple is slightly going in on its self as well my Brest is swollen and itchy its starting to get painful now I'm a man in my 30s I'm very afraid it may be something serious

  48. I have a very small lump right under my right nipple. No fluid is coming out it's just sore I think it is hormonal but I just wanted to check.

  49. There's a small lump under my breast and if I press on it for several seconds , a very little amount of transparent and water like liquid comes out . There is also a slight pain ,slight and not excruciating but I'm just very worried. I don't know if it is the effects of puberty since I'm in that stage of life currently .Only one nipple is effected by it .I just need someone to help me out, can any of you help me or tell me what this may be ? I just want to know before it gets real bad .Please answer me

  50. I dont have any of these symptoms, but I do have general breast pain when I directly press down on either of my nipples. It only occurs when I push down on the nipple itself. No lumps, No bumps, but just general pain. Is it muscle aches or is it some sort of puberty thing? Im a teenage male so that could be possible. Any suggestions?

  51. I am 14 and I have a lump under each nipple, one is bigger and hurts to the touch and can hurt if I lay on it, is it likely breast cancer?

  52. im 17 years old and my right nipple (areola) is lighter and more pale than the other one. what does it mean?

  53. I get an itchi nipple so I scratch it and then a few hours later I sometimes get some lumps surrounding my nipple and like sometimes water appears on a lump I came here worried for if I got breast cancer it happens 1 every 1-7 months margins

  54. Time to update this video. While the information is at best okay, the actually diagrams she is pointing at are small and hard to see. Someone that is more confident in talking about the subject might help it more.

  55. Where do i go i have a nasty feeling of little balls and fat in one nipple its starting to stress me out like a bruise stiff arm

  56. umm- yo im 13 nearly 14 now and i have had lumps underneath my nipples that are quiet sore. had them for about half a year. im scared is it normal???

  57. i have a lump pretty big under my right nipple,very uneven shape and very painful.when my doctor seen it and felt it she made me a emergency app at the breast cancer a 30 yr old male.moral of the story EVERYONE needs to keep on checking.i left mine for 2 months because i believed it would go away on its own but it hasnt.keep checking people.

  58. Yeah, I had the same problem too and here is my Story:

    Am a 23 year old Male, recently I started noticing a lump in my right breast, directly under the Nipple, it hurts with the slightest of touch.

    I reported to a doctor in the nearby hospital, and I was prescribed some drugs (Amoxicillin & Cocodamol), and I was told to report back to the hospital after a week.

    Well, they sure didn't improve my condition, so the doctor said they will have to remove it through surgery. I asked the doctor if he knew what it was but he said "we won't know until we open it"

    WTF??? And he had started making preparations for a surgery. Really!!! WTF???

    Luckily my darling girlfriend referred me to her doctor and he told me to go carry out a scan. Cautioned me that "the Male breast is a very sensitive area, I MUST not allow any doctor to just cut it open without through examination"

    So i went to do an ultrasonic scan. I was scared to death that it was a cancer but i was diagnosed with gynecomastia. While it isn't an indication that you have breast cancer, it does raises the chances of having one.

    Immediately before the event, I had started taking Ginsomin, but I stopped when I noticed the changes with my breast.

    I just found out online that its part of the side effects of Ginsomin.

    Before taking any drug please do take your time to check out its side effects or consult a doctor.

  59. Friends tell me I am 15 on my lift nipple above a small lump I press it hurt me so I am fear soon reply friend's

  60. My left breast is feeling tight from the bottom and im 15, and sometimes it feels that why do i have a piece if flesh there! And im overweight

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