Self Breast Exams for Men : Tumors & Male Breast Cancer

Self Breast Exams for Men : Tumors & Male Breast Cancer

Finding breast cancer early is very important,
and enables you to have less invasive treatment options, and actually higher survival rates.
When found in its earliest stages, a stage one breast cancer patient has a 100% chance
of being cancer free five years after their initial diagnosis. To demonstrate how important
it is to detect breast cancer early, let’s look at how a breast cancer tumor actually
grows. A breast cancer tumor consists of many cells combined together creating a mass. In
particular a breast cancer tumor of three millimeters resembles that tiny bead, whereas
a breast cancer tumor that’s allowed to grow the size of a penny is actually two centimeters
in diameter. It’s important to know that a breast cancer tumor grows through a process
of mitosis, which is the process of a cell dividing and replicating itself. So a tumor
begins, or breast cancer begins, with one cell dividing itself and creating a clone,
creating two cells. Those two cells divide and replicate, creating a mass consisting
of four cells, and so on. Four cells will divide and replicate and create a mass that
consists of eight cells. As you can see by this simple-yet-effective demonstration, a
breast cancer tumor grows by doubling its size once every 30 days, which is approximately
the duration of time it takes for a breast cancer tumor cell to divide and replicate.
What is important to know, that at one point in time, a small breast cancer abnormality
may be small enough where it’s not able to be detected by palpation, or human touch.
But after a period of time, when cells are allowed to grow and replicate, the mass could
suddenly become the size where it’s detectable. If breast cancer cells grow at an alarmingly
quick rate, then your ability to detect that abnormality will occur sooner rather than
later. Therefore, it’s very important to perform a monthly breast self-examination, because
what you may not have been able to detect a month ago, you might be able to detect now,
after that tumor was able to divide and grow. It’s important, men, that you can get breast
cancer as well, so check yourselves on a monthly basis, and if you detect any abnormalities
or sudden changes in breast tissue, consult your physician immediately.


  1. OK, well, I'm a 23 year old man & I just found this lump-like mass on my left man-breast, almost in the center of my chest. I swear I have never felt this before. I don't know if my family has this in it's history, but to this day, I have never heard anything about it. I have no health insurance, & have not been to the doctor in years. What should I do?

  2. im a 12 year old boy .. basiclly in puberty … i have lumps on both breast stiff and size of dime .. like stiff and hard ive had it for a few monthes.. its making me depressed i always look at my breast and thinking about how im gonna die. do i have breast cancer or puberty lumps?

  3. Hey guys, you should relax, it's probably not that serious. You should wait about 2 years to see if it goes away. These lumps occur during puberty. If they are directly under your nipples and they don't feel like they are attached to the skin, then your good. I have one as well and I'm 15, I went and got it checked out and it appears…. I'm just in the middle of puberty. Chances are, it's probably nothing to worry about, you don't want to spend the rest of your life worrying about this!

  4. well hav u been workin out it could be knooted muscle or jus puberty if it dont go away in a month get it checked out

  5. I'm 13 and I have a long ish lump under my left nipple it hurts slightly but I think it's the same as you guys it's probably just how we grow up but I'm still scared I'm going to the docters tommorow so I'll tell u what it is 🙂

  6. @TheLampStudio For someone your age this is likely puberty related, i've read many comments from teenagers online with the same thing, it has to do with your hormones, but you can still get it checked out if your really worried.

  7. Its ok u guys! I went to the doctor today just to make sure because i had a lump under my left nipple n they said its perfectly normal. They said it has to do with puberty n that it is tissue growth due to active hormones for teens going thru puberty. They said it will go away in a feww months! Theres nothing to be worried about! 😀

  8. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAM SCARED right now. Im 13 and I have one bump under my left and my right. I dont think that it is cancer, but I can never be sure. could someone tell me what they think ????

  9. I have one lump above my nipple and below my 2 left nipple btw..
    I am freaked out right now!!!anyone can help me!!I'm a guy..17 this year..


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