Senator Elizabeth Warren: What’s next for Democrats?

Senator Elizabeth Warren: What’s next for Democrats?

Election Day did not turn out the way that we hoped it would turn out. It is no secret that I
have some concerns about (audience laughs)
Donald Trump and his agenda. But, you know, really, I mean
let’s look around the country. People are angry, people are scared, they are deeply worried
about their families. Here’s the thing, they
have every right to be. So the question is what do we do now? Here’s my answer. We fight for the people who sent us here. That’s what this is about.
(audience cheers) We fight for people who
want a build a country that works, not just for some of us, but who want to build a country
that works for all of us. That’s what it means to be a Democrat. (audience applauds) I want everybody in this
room to keep in mind that Donald Trump did not
win a majority of votes. (audience cheers) The majority of people
picked somebody else. The Democratic candidate
got about, so far, it’s about 2.3 million more
votes than Donald Trump did. That Democrats took seats
away from Republicans in both the House and in the Senate. (audience applauds) Why does that matter? It matters because we are
not the minority party. We are the opposition party. – [Audience Member] There we go. (audience cheers) When you’re the opposition party the American people who sent us here do not expect us to
roll over and play dead. – [Audience Member] That’s right. (audience cheers) They expect us to fight for them and that is exactly what
we’re gonna do as Democrats. So how do you start this fight? Well for me you get back
to basic principles. It’s about what do we fight for? What does it mean to be
a Democrat in America? For me, this is really pretty simple. It is about basic dignity and
respect for every human being. We believe in basic dignity and respect for every human being. (audience applauds) There’s a second part to that. We believe in building
economic opportunity for every person in this country. (audience applauds) That’s it. It doesn’t get much fancier than that. Those are our core two principles. But we need to get to work. We gotta fight back. Donald Trump has hired a man as his strategist in the White House who associates himself with
white supremacists. He’s nominating an attorney general whom his fellow Republicans voted against because of his racist statements. Since this election,
hate crimes and attacks on religious and racial
groups have skyrocketed. We have only one choice here. We stand up to bigotry. – [Audience Member] That’s right. We stand up and we fight back. (audience applauds) Let me be clear on this. We stand up to bigotry and on
that there is no compromise. There is no compromise. (audience applauds) In all its forms, we fight
back against attacks. Attacks on Latinos, attacks
on African Americans, attacks on women, attacks on Muslims, attacks on immigrants,
attacks on disabled Americans. We fight back when they make attacks on anyone because that’s who we are. (audience applauds) Here’s the other part to that. We fight to build opportunity, to level the playing field for
hard working families. You know, this economy is not
working for much of America. Here’s the bad part. This government in Washington is not working for much of America. Donald Trump understood that and he tapped into the anger over that. You know, he said one thing that is right ’cause I’ve said it too. The system is rigged but let’s be clear. It is rigged in favor of
billionaires like Donald Trump. (audience applauds) Trump promised that he would
drain the swamp in Washington. But so far he seems to just be loading the swamp with more swamp monsters. (audience laughs) We just heard about this one today that he has nominated
a Goldman Sachs banker to be basically the chief
economic officer of this country. A man who worked to help
create the financial crisis and then after it occurred, bought a bank so that he could squeeze
the families harder who got caught up in the mortgage crisis. That’s who he thinks has the right insight and the right values to run this economy. He’s also lined up a couple of
billionaires to help him out. You know, this is one of those times when you really have to
say now more than ever we have to be out there fighting
for economic opportunity, not just for those at the
top, but for all of America. This is a core part of what we’re doing. (audience applauds) But I wanna make a point about this because I’ve been, you kinda watch the conversation of where
it’s been going around this. There’s something that’s
really important about this. We stand up to bigotry and we stand up for economic opportunity. Fighting on these two
fronts is not either or. It’s not either or, it’s both and. That is what we believe in. (audience applauds) We fight against hate and we fight to build economic opportunity. These two are not
opposites from each other. I think about it this way. We know that a broken
criminal justice system, a broken voting rights system, decades of systemic racism, redlining, predatory lending, and on, and on, have kept black and brown
Americans from having the same opportunities as white
Americans in this country. (audience applauds) We cannot ignore that our African American friends, and families, and neighbors literally fear dying in the streets. We cannot ignore that Donald Trump has threatened to round up millions of people and tear families apart. We cannot ignore that a new Trump administration is talking about registering people based
on their religious beliefs. He’s talking about doing
that right here in America. So that’s it. This is what we stand for. We stand for fighting against
bigotry, against hatred. We stand against hatred. We do that as Democrats and
we do that as Americans. That’s what we believe in. (audience applauds) Now we also know what’s happened with trickle down economics and coupled with trickle down economics, the attacks. The attacks on unions,
the attacks on wages, the attacks on pensions,
the attacks on healthcare, the attacks on social security, on education, on infrastructure,
on financial regulation. All of those attacks have
gutted America’s middle class. We fight to make sure that every family in this country has an opportunity to build some economic security. That is why we are here. (audience applauds)
We fight for both. We fight for respect and
we fight for opportunity. You know, Donald Trump campaigned on fear. He told Americans that the problems in America are caused by them. By people who don’t look like you, or people who don’t worship like you, or people who are somehow
different from you. That’s just not true. It is not true and it is an ugly idea that tears at the very
fabric of this country. It is also an ugly idea that
helps keep the system rigged. (audience applauds) When we turn on each
other, bankers can run our economy for Wall Street. Oil companies can fight off clean energy. Multinational corporations can ship the last good jobs overseas. When we turn on each other, rich guys like Donald Trump can push through more tax breaks for themselves. We will never have enough money in this country to educate our children and build the infrastructure
of the 21st century. When we turn on each other, we turn our backs on the basic truth that diversity and immigration
made this country strong. It is our differences
that make America great. (audience applauds)


  1. Isn't the issue of immigration about legal vs illegal? Ignoring that gives credence to the Right's claim that Dems just want anchor babies to be here, grow up and vote Democratic.

  2. Noise spouting from a sell out, her words can't be trusted anymore, she once had integrity but proven to be just another typical two faced politician, nothing but rhetoric.

  3. This woman is a total fraud. She is bigotted against middle america and anything republican. Trump is not a bigot. She is. In psychology they call this projecting.

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