Senior Fitness Exercises : Senior Health & Fitness Exercise Safety Tips

Senior Fitness Exercises : Senior Health & Fitness Exercise Safety Tips

Hi my name is Ricki Butler and I’m an exercise
professional. I’ve been in the fitness industry for the past 10 and a half years. I’m certified
through AFA and AAAI. I am a personal trainer, group fitness coordinator and a group fitness
instructor. On behalf of today I will be demonstrating exercises for
senior adults. Before I begin, let me just go over a little bit of safety here. Before
training senior adult you must completely screen them. You must know the health risks
that they have, what medications they’re taking and how these can affect their exercise
program. Once you’ve gotten this information, you can develop an adequate fitness program
for that person. Keep in mind that circuit training with high reps and low weights are
the most effective for senior adults. You must also incorporate balance and flexibility
in their exercise program, this is important for them so that they don’t injure themselves.
With that being said, keep in mind that seniors are individuals, so they’re not all the
same, one senior may be able to do something another senior can’t. For the most part,
seniors can do exercises that everyone else can do, just at a lower intensity level. With
that being said, we’re going to go ahead and get started.

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  1. These are wonderful examples of exercises older adults can do to improve overall health and wellbeing. More tips and resources to enhance senior health can be found here:

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