Sex & Alcohol

Sex & Alcohol

When I taught adolescent health classes I’d often use this analogy: Dish as the body and milk as the mind. Then I’d ask participants to squeeze drops of food coloring into the milk to represent the messages they’ve received about sex. After it was nice and full I’d explain that alcohol by its very nature effects how the brain works. and I would pour in the slightest amount of dish soap to represent this. Alcohol is a drug and this is its psychological effect. It’s something many people seek because it can make things so pretty and care free. It’s also why people fret about imbibing. Decision making with this mind is weak. Here’s the good, bad, and coyote ugly on sex and alcohol. Keeping in mind that everybody reacts uniquely to it based on the type of alcohol, quantity of it, genetics, body weight, body fat, water in the body, food in the body, hormones, age, medications, and overall health. The good: Alcohol, nicknamed “liquid courage”, is popular for its ability to lower inhibitions. It tends to make people feel less self-conscious so they’re more likely to say what they want sexually and try partners in sex acts that they wouldn’t otherwise. 10 points for sexual expression and another 10 for sexual exploration. Alcohol also has a warming and relaxing effect. That’s sensual, right? People, specifically bio-sex females, can feel more turned on after drinking alcohol. The increase in testosterone and estradiol in their bodies raises libido. Even though physiologically, their body is less receptive to sex. Drinking serves as a shared interest for many. A way to bond, like a sort of language. It’s a pick-up line. “Hey girl! What’s you drinking?” A display of generosity. “Can I buy you a drink?” Its become synonymous with getting laid. So, just going out for drinks can put people in a sexual state of mind. Bars and pubs are known places to cruise. They’re also acceptable places to make-out in public. And kissing a Long Island Tea mouth can be way nicer than a dry sober smooch. 5 points for alcohol. Yeah, lots of good points, alcohol. Let’s see if they outdo the bad. Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it reduces the amount and quality of messages in the central nervous system. Essentially, the more alcohol, the slower the body functions. That’s pulse, breathing, blood pressure, concentration, speech, sensation, and coordination. Almost all what sex is! Minus 10 points each. Maybe you’ve heard of whisky dick or brewer’s droop? Alcohol dilates blood vessels so that blood flows in and out rather than building up to create an erection. So alcohol makes it difficult to get an erection! If you can, then it may be difficult to orgasm because messages from the genitals to the brain to the genitals are sent inefficiently. It’s all slower. Harder to get up, harder to get off, minus 20. Then there’s dehydration. contributing to dry mucous membranes, namely the vagina and the anus. Alcohol plus sex can also mean injuries. Tearing, abrasions, bruises and bites because, again, the messages aren’t getting around well. The body isn’t realizing as quickly, if at all, that there’s damage being done. You remember alcohol brain doesn’t know if a condom is really necessary. Or how to put one on correctly. Isn’t even attuned to whether or not it breaks during sex. Minus 50 for sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. Long term, alcohol can lead to male breast development, wasting of the testicles or ovaries, difficulty getting pregnant, chronic erectile difficulties, decreased libido, irregular periods, and a keg full of personal and relationship problems. Violence, lying, infidelity, heartbreak and separation, low self-esteem, guilt, depression, and addiction. Now, for the ugly. Beer goggles refers to alcohol induced visual impairment that leads to skewed sexual attraction. Can’t really tell what a person looks like, so even though they may not be attractive to you, you have sex with them anyway. Coyote ugly is the post sex, post alcohol feeling when you’d rather gnarl off your arm than wake up the person sleeping on it. The most troubling and ugly thing about sex and alcohol: Half of sexual assaults and 90% of acquaintance rapes involve alcohol consumption. If someone is under the influence, drunk, intoxicated, by law they’re not able to consent to sex. Don’t touch them in any sexual way. Wait. Reassess your sexual ambitions when everyone is sober. Some of you are thinking, “does that mean I can never drink and have sex?” Remember this list? I don’t know. Many people drink mildly and have sex or they’ll drink, sober up, and have sex. But my recommendation is to separate sex and alcohol all together. Stay curious. To support our sex education, you can go to (humming noises) I’m so obsessed with my vagina The text be on my left or left or no, left or right


  1. You don't mention "HANGOVER SEX"
    Nothing stops pain, better then.
    A nice slow endorphen rush, Trump's a hangover.

  2. This is extremely judgmental and the point system is incredibly arbitrary. Most of the positives are common with someone drinking only a little and being responsible while the negatives are almost all only gonna happen if you drink way more than is considered medically safe and/or you have a problem with alcoholism. And some things like “taking longer to get off” can be beneficial for someone with premature ejaculation issues. Whiskey dick is not a concern for lesbians, and some people find alcohol relaxes them and promotes lubrication due to the calming effects and promotion of blood flow

  3. This is stupid. There is such a thing as moderation. Maybe if you're a fucking lush, you need to avoid alcohol and sex, but for normal people who are quite happy with 2 beers, we're not going to run outside naked and invite everyone on the street to gang bang us. If you're getting so drunk that many of the things she listed would apply to you, you need to be in rehab anyway.

  4. I know its a trivial thing but she keeps saying messages to the brain to the genitals when I thought that climaxes and erections came from the CNS as like an automated response and not connected to the brain. Like I know the brain is obviously part of sexual arrousal but people can get erections and climax while in a coma. Don't make a difference to what she's saying it just bothers me.

  5. Thank you, awesome, I don't need to waste time watching "Coyote Ugly" never saw that movie was curious about it, curiosity fulfilled! Thank you for saving me that two hours of my time on this plane

  6. At the beginning of a relationship, or even in no string relationships; the positives of alcohol tend to outweigh the bad. However, for a long term relationship or marriage; that bottle of booze turns into another form of infidelity. It’s sad when someone can see the negative effects of what they’re doing & still can’t find the strength to stop.

  7. the other night me an my lady each had a large glass of wine and than had sex 2 hours later. even though i was able to keep an erection I was not able to ejaculate. She said the sex is great for her but I I think it made her feel insecure because I didn't ejaculate…

  8. One of my biggest fears is having sex drunk and it seems like we're both into it just to find out later that the other person felt violated. It would twist my mind and crush my heart. Not to mention the potential legal ramifications. Alcohol and sex can be a scary combination.

  9. I prefer Sex & Candy.
    No one was ever to chocolated to accuse anyone of a crime.
    What's the problem miss?
    He gave me a bunch of M&Ms and then we had sex.
    But I didn't really want to.
    Did he rape you Ma'ma?
    No. But I wasn't thinking right.
    Did you say,. NO?
    YES! But just to the peanut butter M&Ms!
    Did you tell him NO TO SEX?

  10. Sorry but the "drunk people can't consent" thing is flawed… because what if you are both drunk? Thats just an excuse to blame your bad choices on booze!

  11. We’re almost 50 and my wife drinks every time we have sex and we both get off, but too much and she can’t. I do not drink at all during sex. I believe the man should be sober.

  12. I couldn't make it past your first minute because you are stupid [or at least appear that way] – Alchohol is a poison not a drug. Your higher self/spirit/energetic body cannot stay in the physcial while it is poisoned. The same applies to illness, "drugs" or while you are sleeping. Sometimes one needs alchohol just to be able to listen to stupid women spew nonsense,,,,, hahahahha So I am going to have a scotch right now so I can NOT listen to your stupidity.

  13. 1:04 What about bio-sex males? And 2:21 ANUS? And 2:45 I like them, it gives me something to play with, in the tub. Good night.

  14. Things in this video are exactly why I speak with the girl I am going to have sex with before we drink, decide what we both wanna do, get ready for it and then start taking shots of one another's body and begin having sex. My partners nor I have ever had a bad experience from having sex while drunk and I thank the gods that I do the preparations when I am sober so we don't need to worry about any issues during or after sex. (This way won't work for everyone but you will know if it works for you, if you have to question if it will work for you, it probably won't)

  15. Well when it comes to beer I drink 15 + a day and I still get a hard on ok more then I need it crap I have to beat off 4 times a day wish I had a G/F 🙁

  16. All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison. —Paracelsus

  17. Sorry Dr. Doe but me and my fiance don't all the time ?‍♀️. Still going to do it, but for first-time encounters sober is the best way to go for sure.

  18. Just saw this video again after first seeing it a few years back and I still think it’s pretty judgmental and didn’t do a good job of discussing the issues. Yes alcohol can be an issue in sexual situations sometimes but the tone was very “don’t have any of the sex if you’ve had even half a drink because youll have a terrible time and probably get raped and have all the diseases”. It’s just completely ridiculous. Yes there’s a line but there’s a reason many people have sex when they’ve had a few drinks. People are often more relaxed and friendly feeling when drunk. I am someone who’s always been a little shy when it comes to showing a guy I’m interested because I’m always worried I’ll mess up or something. I recently had a sexual encounter where the guy and I were both drunk but we both were conscious and knew what was happening. I’ve felt attracted to this guy for a while, we know each other very well, and I know he had those feelings too. We talked and flirted a lot when drinking and later on we both walked back to his place (I was already staying there). Still drunk we spent some time talking and getting increasingly closer physically. It was very clear things were gonna happen unless one of us explicitly objected but neither of us did. Because I had a few drinks I was able to curb some of the introverted nervousness and make the first move and it helped him too. I think you can imagine what else happened from there, but not once did either of us force anyone to do anything we didn’t want. Everything he did and he had me do I wanted to do, and everything vice versa he wanted to do. Both of us were completely aware of where we were, what was happening, and felt very comfortable with everything. I don’t feel bad about choosing to drink alcohol leading up to this. No one took advantage of anyone and I certainly don’t see either of us as rapists.

  19. Mildly tipsy sex can be pretty fun but not so drunk that my mental faculties are turned off, or when me and the person I intend to have sex with are at different levels of drunk. I've got a fairly high tolerance, my boyfriend's is low, so when we have drubk sex it's usually when I'm 5 or 6 drinks in and he is 2 or 3 drinks in

  20. Okay I hear about this whiskey dick bs all the time. It has literally never happened to me, and it seems more to me like if you get absolutely hammered maybe it hapoens, but drinking has literally NEVER caused a single problem between me and my girlfriend.

    Also, Separate sex and alcohol altogether? Somebody's never had a good friday night.

  21. Scientific fact: women are more attracted to obnoxious, ugly, bully douchebags while drunk.
    Scientific fact: same results sober.

  22. Ok, how about the male’s view if he is sober and the woman is decently drunk? It’s sexy to the man, because he can tell you feel sexier, and you act sexier. It’s like if alcohol only made men into badasses who could drive better than anyone. And I’m not talking about non-consensual crap where the girl is basically passed out. I’m talking about ones who can still sorta walk around and talk, but definitely shouldn’t drive. Can we all agree with that or am I a POS? 🙂

  23. Most of the times when I drink, i feel horny and most of the men are handsome to me. And everytime me and my guy have drunk sex, i give my best and its like always as almost as good when we are sober .

  24. I have a little bit of bias because I often take care of people where things went south. I used to watch funny drinking game videos by an athlete who I think wanted to show she could drink and be fit. But at the same time I would take care of people unable to handle alcohol whether from trauma, assaults, or acute / chronic poisoning / multi organ failure. 

    ,Also, as someone who is married, commenting about sex can get creepy really fast so I usually sidestep around it except perhaps in my own writing where putting a little in there can improve a story. I often think of a line from the movie "Warm Bodies" — "Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy. Don't be creepy." So it is awkward to make a comment about a sex life or an attractive body, but it can improve a scene in a story. In the real world, I just hope people are safe and this video has good advice.

  25. Hey Lindsey, its only for women that being intoxicated counts as rape. If the man is drunk then the law says he perfectly capable of giving consent.

  26. better no video at all than one that is so completly bias.
    everything functioning slower can be a huge benefit when it comes to sex, because half at least half of the people having sex complain about the other one rushing it.
    also, sadly most of the sex in this world wouldn't even happen if it wasn't for alcohol. in addition, this is a video about sex and alcohol.. not rape, rape requires emotionally handicapped people, drunk or not.
    the negatives about sex and alcohol that do matter are whisky dick and poor choices when it comes to protection. men not getting off is less of a problem because in most cases it just means longer fun.

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