Se× Chat with Pappu & Papa | Episode 02 | Pregnancy | Se× Education

Se× Chat with Pappu & Papa | Episode 02 | Pregnancy | Se× Education

Hello, I’m your big brother Punit. Come out fast! Mumma, is it a baby
boy or a baby girl? Even I don’t know.
What would you like? I want a baby girl! – Me too!
– Me too! I can’t handle more than two boys. Oh come on, we’re not that bad! Hi Pappu! Mr Watsa, you can pick up
your reports from counter #2. You two go get the reports. I’ll
wash up and meet you outside. Papa, how are babies born? Pappu! Papa, tell me no! NOOOOO… …don’t tell him! We will have to tell him sometime, no? So tell him that children
are gifts from God… …when people get married… God gifts them children
out of happiness. You two? What is this? Here? And father, you don’t need
God to make babies. Only a man and a woman are enough. What rubbish! These days a baby can
be born without a man too… …but not without God! Look at Karna… Kunti bore him in her belly directly
through the Sun God’s blessings! It’s true, says so in the scriptures. So then the marriage
thing isn’t true no? Kunti wasn’t married
at that time, was she? Well you have to teach some
morals along with the truth too! Don’t… stop… I need to stop him! I won’t lie to my son. But how will I tell him the truth,
I don’t know! What? You don’t know how
babies are born? Of course I know, son… So tell me! You’re going to get us killed! Yes, just the way birds are born
from an egg, the same way… …babies are born from mummy’s tummy. Very good! Well left. So I can’t help it if my
Papa and Mom are feeding you sweets… …because they think
you’re looking too thin… Shahana, baby, it’s not my
fault the reports aren’t ready yet. Excuse me, do you know
where counter #2 is? Hunh?! I don’t know… Are you also having a baby? Pappu! …the reports aren’t back yet. Sweet… What a sweet boy…
must be Sarang’s! (On phone) no I didn’t say
sarang, listen no. Why would I take sarangs name
baby, shahana, shahana. You mean even I was in my
mumma’s tummy some time? Yes, son. But how do such big kids get inside
a mumma’s tummy in the first place? That… Hmm… you know how plants are made? Yes… when you put a seed in the
earth, a plant grows from it. Correct. A seed is so small,
but a plant grows to be so big? Just like that, even humans
have a little seed… …which we call sperm, and when
that is planted in the earth… …in this case, an egg inside
the woman’s body… …then slowly it grows
bigger and bigger… …and 9 months later it comes
into the world as a baby. Ok… But how does this sperm
enter the woman’s body? I told you, tell him the God thing… I even gave you Karna’s example… …but you don’t want to do
anything I tell you to! Every baby is not born that way! Jesus was also born that way. Please be quiet father! MANNERS! Let me think. Thinking is a job for
the smart people. Pappu! Idea! Come with me! Ok, what is this? – A mobile phone!
– Correct. And this? – A USB chord.
– Good. Now where do you insert
this USB chord? What, Papa… in a USB port! So imagine this USB
chord is my male organ… So thin? Son, I’m just giving you an example. So, the USB chord is
the male organ or penis… …and the USB port,
the female organ. And when they two attach,
what happens? Charging! Yes! But look, a file transfer
is also happening. So just like you can transfer a file
from the mobile to the laptop… …you can transfer sperm
from a man to a woman. Now tell him that to transfer files… …a mobile and a laptop
have to be married. And the process of inserting
this USB chord into the USB port… …is called sex, intercourse,
or love-making. When two adults love
each other very much… …they often show their love
in this way. So, I was born when you and
mumma did this same process? HUMMMMMMMMM. Yes! And mumma got pregnant again
because of this process! Yes, absolutely! What are you two talking about? You should be ashamed! What’s to be ashamed of? And you were also born when
grandpa did this same process? Don’t tell him… I won’t be able to show
Pappu my face ever again! You’re right again, son! Grandpa did the exact same thing. Someone clear this trash from here! Clean India, Great India! Papa… have you tasted this
condom candy? – Is that a condom?
– Yeah. Which flavour? You CAN’T get pregnant
by shaking hands… …blowing kisses, actual kissing
saying ‘I Love You’ …or by simply interacting
with another human being. You CAN’T get pregnant by
eating certain medicines or food. Unless you have sex…
before or after. You CAN get pregnant
at any age after puberty There are many measures
for controlling pregnancy… …to find out the most common one,
tune in to the next episode. or #GoAskYourDad. I’m Batman. But Papa, I wanted to be Batman. You’re lucky I didn’t dress you up
as Robin, he’s a pussy! Pussy? You mean a cat? That’s a different episode. What are you two doing? Is she with you? I thought she’s with you. Can we get to the real job? Ok, if you thought this episode
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  2. जैसे आप समझा रहे है इससे बच्चों पर किसी तरह का गलत असर भी नही पड़ेगा । साथ ही वो अच्छे से जान पाएंगे , human anatomy and reproduction system

  3. As per evolution of generation this kind of education are really important. Very good content on YouTube..

  4. Nice videos to educate children but har education ka sahi waqt hota hai… like these videos shd be taught to teenagers (13 yrs nd above). Rocket science ke education 1st class ke bache ko dena complete stupidity. Why we shd take away the innocence?

  5. koi faeda nhi bacho ko sab pta hota he fir bhi vo bhole bante he agar aapko pta nhi ho to dekh lena class 8 se hi sab kuch syllabus me aajata he

  6. This is totally wrong. I've just seen your posted episodes and guys you people are finishing his innocence. Sahi wqt hota hai har baat ka., itni young age may ye saari baatein krna bilkul sahi nahhee hai. Yehi baatein us k dimagh may beth gaeen tou apnay friends group may wo yehi baatein krega. You people just focus on creating a Youtube channel and increasing your views not exactly on what you are delivering !

  7. Really it's a fact n we need to tell this n aware them about importance of our body parts, as normal as our other body parts,
    Today by mistake one click on net give porn videos, which distract them to do many criminal act too.
    So educate them as normal part of our body. Aware them what is bad, n what is important.

  8. It's one of the best content in YouTube and humein childhood se galat kaha gaya hai like we are the wardaan hain

  9. For those commenting about the right age for explaining these things, please quantify how do you determine the right age. Let me quantify it for those in my terms. Humans are inherently curious so are human kids So the day any child observes the oddities about his or anyone's body or anything he finds curious about any biological truth of nature he/she can question.
    Now comes the part of how you explain, this is where we as a society have done an excellent job of messing it up with bad visual imagery and explanations with misguiding facts and keeping things vague to create mysticism around it untill the boy/girl learns things by themselves. So yes it's about how you present. Saying a penis is put into vagina makes more sense to a kid or even have him read books that are oriented towards explaining these to younger audience.
    Incase anyones wondering why it's important, these curiosity sooner they are addressed better it is. Kids will look for answer today or the other day. You cannot control when they will ask questions , but u can ensure they have the right objective answers which will allow them to decide better. ☺️☺️☺️☺️ ….
    Also to the team an excellent JOB. Really …. Will definitely recommend this series.

  10. Accha jo v bol rhe ki nai btana chia.. Wo ek chig notice kiye ki jo avi papa h wo apne naukar se puche the jb unke papa mna kr diye the. Sometimes they get the education in a wrong way if the other person do not explain in proper way.

  11. Ohhhhh #bhenchodonnnn.. i agree bachon ko ye info baap ya apne bare he dete han..par age bh to mater krti h.. ek imature age..seriously??? Is age mn agr wo sex kr k tmari he gaud mn pauta le k aa jaega.. phr socho ge.. q smjhaya


    Must listen.. kalam ki taakat
    Rap by #Rito paaji

    Like share subscribe jarur krna.. 🍷🍷

  13. I read so many comments here below. People here talking that kid will know it by self when right time will come. But when right time will come? Is there any guaranty that till that time kid will be too curious as he is now? May be he will get that knowledge by himself that will be too risky ( personally i think)when he gets that so called right age ?
    Here , only one thing i am worried about Does this hamper her/his innocense?? Obiviously he will be mature too early , but is it right to be mature too early?
    Guys plz tell me ans. Of these ques.

  14. what a lol..pappu ke papa uss aadmi ko couter no.4 pucchte hai bt file counter no.2 se lete hai…😂😂😂😂🤗

  15. Papa-while showing the usb cord to his son,dekho betha yeh usb cord mera private organ hain
    Pappu-carefully watching the cord, papa aapka male organ itna patla hain?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣ultimate bezati

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