Shatavari benefits for women

Shatavari benefits for women

Welcome to ayurved care channel Today, In this video we will learn what are the benefits of shatavari in women’ “Shatamula” or “shatavari” is well known for its medicinal properties in many diseases. It’s botanical name is Asparagus racemosus. shatavari’s new shoots that emerge in spring. Shatavari is from “Liliaceae” family this medicinal herb used to treat many women health illness from ancient time Shatavari helps women from her teenage, middle age and upto menopause. Shatavari’s use is not only limited to women but men can also get so much astonishing benefits form it. Lets see, Shatavari benefits for women before that we would like to remind you that, if you have not subscribe our channel yet then please subscribe us. Shatavari contains natural phytoestrogen which is beneficial for healthy reproductive system of female it is uterine tonic which strengthen uterine muscles. it also helps women to boost milk production after delivery shatavari Promotes healthy energy levels and strength according to ayurveda it is beneficial against perimenopausal symptoms in women. it reduces frequent episodes of ‘hot flushes’, ‘night sweats’, ‘low memory’ and ‘Depression’. Shatavari helps to fight against candida yeast infections of vagina. it also helps in PCOD (polycystic ovarian diseases) when it is used for long term under physician’s advise. Shatavari is immune booster So, it helps our body to clear various infections. and it has miraculous anti-aging properties. Shatavari is an anti-oxidant. it stops gastric ulcer formation. shatavari detoxify intestine. and regulate digestive enzymes activity it also helps in hyper acidity and Leukorrhea (i.e. white discharge in women) along with female reproductive system it also helps to male reproductive system. in short words, Shatavari is a nutritious herbal plant which is free from harmful fats and cholesterol It has very low in calorie value and sodium. shatavari has lot of vitamins like vit A,B,C,E and K with this. it also contains calcium, protein and good minerals. now lets see, how to use shatavari? the best way to take shatavari is in the form of ‘Churna’ because, the action of the shatavari starts as you put it on your tongue. you can also use this powder in capsule form. for best result use shatavari powder with Jaggery or ghee what is the dose of shatavari churna? you should take this churna from 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in starting phase. mix shatavari powder in a glass of warm milk with honey or sugar. then gradually increase the dose form 1/2 to 2 teaspoon i.e. 3 to 10 gms. please consult your health care professional before use of shatavari.


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