Short film about pregnancy and birth around the world | Kiruna-Kigali – by Goran Kapetanovic

Short film about pregnancy and birth around the world | Kiruna-Kigali – by Goran Kapetanovic

Yes.No, it’s just a contraction.Cut it out, mum, please. It’s only two centimeters.
It hasn’t even started yet.It could be more than 24 hours left.I don’t want to occupy a bed
at the hospital when I don’t need it.
No, I haven’t spoken to him
and I’m not going to.
Because this is my choice
and I will take care of it myself. I know what I’m doing.Yes, I’ll call you. You don’t call me.Bye!Virgile, your sister is about to die! This baby won’t come out
because it does not have a father. These are the consequences
of your mistakes. You’re pregnant with a bastard. Where do you think you are going?
Your sister needs help. The baby is facing the wrong way.
You have to take her to the hospital. Vergile, go feed the chickens.
Please. I forgot to feed them. Grandma, my brother is still so young. He still needs me. And what are you doing there? Go away! -Do you understand I am still a kid?
-You are still a kid, but be strong. I’m going to get you something
for the pain. I know how to help you. Here it is, Malika. I can feel the head. I am going to turn the baby
in the right position. What are you doing? Are you crazy? Get out of my way! Go away! Here, drink some of this. Drink. Be strong. Vergile, take this, my child. Keep it safe. You will need it. Find a way to take her to the hospital.
Otherwise, she will die here. -I have to get through!
-What did you say? -Move! I have to get through here!
-I know who you are. My brother says you’re such a coward
you’re even scared of your own shadow. What is this? -If you help me, I will give it to you.
-I would get it anyway! This is mine now. Listen up! We have to take this woman
to the clinic in the valley. Otherwise, she will die here with us. It is important that we hurry up! It’s a long way to walk
and we have to carry her on this door. Del Piero, here. Drogba, here. Ronaldo, here. Beckham, there. Lift up! Hurry up! Don’t you hear? Hurry up! Don’t cry, don’t cry. If you want sour milk, don’t cry. I will give it to you. Shit! No, I’m going to… I need an ambulance to… Fjällgatan 12. No, I don’t have 20 minutes! Hello, can–? Put her down! Let’s take a rest. Vergile, run ahead
and tell the doctor we’re here. Wait. -Where is the doctor?
-Doctor just left. If you hurry,
you can still catch up with her. Run! Doctor! Stop! Please, wait! Doctor! Stop! Please, wait! My sister is dying. Please, help her. How is she? I’ll help her. Be strong! Hold her legs. Take this way. The baby is in the wrong position. We have to turn it. Help me. We need to move her. Lift her up! Hold it tight. Faster! Faster! Faster! Very good. Good, good! One more! Good! One more! Push! Malika, push! Push! Push! A beautiful baby girl. You are very brave. No! No! No!


  1. Some hospitals reject women who are not dilated enough. My cousin was 4cm dilated and they turned her away. I had two babies but I was never screaming in pain the first baby weighed 8 lbs and he took maybe 10 minutes after hours of contractions the second one weighed 6lbs and literally took me a minute to push him out and less time it all depends.

  2. Bullshit! A woman would NEVER come up with the idea of giving birth without any help or any people around! Also, how many of you don’t open the door if someone is knocking? How many of you didn’t get get off the car to see what’s the hell just happened?

  3. She didn’t want to take up a hospital bed early so that other women who needed it more could have it assessable

  4. Stop underestimate people the reason she did not get help was her pride, she was a doctor and thought she could handle her own pregnancy… But if she had called the hospital they would of send an 🚑 ambulance..

  5. This gave me love and respect for Africans. From meeting a couple of them for a few seconds while they were selling bracelets and stuff in other countries I've been to (you know the kind), I knew most were kind and social. I had really sweet conversations with two of them in Greece not too long ago.
    Yeah these kind of people are kinda pushy with selling you stuff, but if they speak English and they can speak with you, in my experience they always will and be kind. And off course nothing wrong with being a little pushy if you need to sell stuff in order to survive.

    But it's videos like these that show me how much their culture values helping each other. Off course they aren't perfect. They are human and there are more than enough views and practices they have that I would never agree with, but with my limited knowledge of them, I really feel like at the core they have on average a kind soul and a beautiful culture. Which is even more beautiful and tragic when you consider how bad the circumstances are for some of these people…

    Did I make the right conclusion? Do the people with more knowledge agree with me?

  6. Loved this very short film. The story gets better there is so much symbolism the amulet the car spinning in the snow while at the same time the boy and the doctor were swinging the pregnant sister. Such a sweet moving story.

  7. When my mom was pregnant with me and my twin brother, he came out quickly. Unfortunately for my mom, I was backwards and the doctor in the room was an amateur. My mom got mad at him because he kept wanting to do an unnecessary option, which my mom downright refused. She told him she would rather die bringing me into the world than risk my life. After nine hours of shifting and turning, my mom finally birthed me into the world by herself. She is a strong woman and I thank her for the sacrifice she was willing to give in order to keep me alive.

  8. WTF… How dare that doctor hit the African woman in labor. That was so horrible, it was assault. Women should be treated better in childbirth. I had a home birth. I would never go to a hospital to be abused like this.

  9. Some people are very ignorant. Do you see in some places there is zero privacy and your business is everyone's business? People are doing things not out of kindness but for other reason. I also like to see people demonizing upper class or western societies. If you like a society that is not your own so my I'm go to those countries and see how you're treated.

  10. The Doctor yes was the one who delivered the baby back in Africa so she is the same person. Nice short movie I appreciate…

  11. That is so messed up how the European woman doctor was there for the pregnant African woman when needed but no one was there for her in her home country when she needed help. People talk a lot of negative stuff about Africa but there is a still a strong sense of community at least in the rural areas. The whole “It takes a village to raise a child”is an African proverb after all. Those African boys would’ve helped the white woman.

  12. I remember my mom telling me I was in the wrong position, so it made me feel so bad that the African woman’s baby was also In the wrong position.

  13. You all praising Africans and condemning others. The boys helped, but many times those countries are not willing to help. They are all poor and desperate and will steal from you quicker than offer's survival. If the pregnant Swedish doctor asked for help along the way she eould of received it and they would not of expected a pendant.

  14. The motto: Birthing conditions worldwide need to be more optimal for women, whether you're in a developing country or whether you're in an infrastructure-advanced country like Sweden.

  15. The doctor is the same lady that was giving birth… she is holding the lucky necklace from the second lady that she helped…

  16. This little film make me cry…. Too many pregnant women in the world are dying every day giving birth. many say that giving birth is the most beautiful thing on Earth, but they don't think about the suffering of women. If there must be a single reason for men to respect women, it must be this one.

    I will never have children in my womb, with millions of orphans, i will prefer to adopt… and i will give all the love i have in me!
    (sorry for my mistakes, my english is bad)

  17. Кошмарные сравнение.Почему нельзя было просто вызвать скорую помощь?Обычно куча народу.

  18. Considering the terrible conditions the African boys have to live with they were so brave and strong. But the boy with the umbrellas I found so funny

  19. And then my relatives saying:
    -You will be a mom someday.
    And me:
    -Fck this sht Im out. No-o, thanks.

  20. The doctor 😭🌹she got the love for others when nobody was there for her .. hard to find ppl like this this days

  21. Am I the only one thinking the Swedish woman would've been better off just staying at her apartment rather than driving out in dangerous road conditions because she freaked out over a little bit of blood? Especially since she wound up giving birth just fine in the car anyway.

  22. I am moved absolutely moved by the amazing idea. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to those who made the film. Thank you. We need eduactio and awareness in the world. No one is black no one is white no one is backward. We are backward in educatio . Must show this to my kids and students.

  23. The boy who took the other boy's talisman did exactly what they told us to do in my hs Health class when there's an emergency and everyone's frozen in place with fear. You start calling ppl by name and telling them what needs to be done. it shakes ppl out of their fear and gets them to focus. Kudos to him. He may be an asshole,but he's an asshole that knows how not to freeze up in a crisis,and delegate authority.

  24. I hate the common misconception that first births that are vaginal take the longest. My best friend's sister was only in labor for about two hours,and pushed for like 15 mins before her first born came into the world.

  25. That sweet brave boy tried to help his sister… he knew what he was doing… it's very painful but it's a way to do it in order for that baby to be born head first… he sure tried to help bless his sweet little heart… Maybe he could become a doctor when he grows up… he tried in every way to help…

  26. I'd like to know the point this film wanted to make.

    It portrays birth as terrifying when it is a natur bodily function. A female's body is literally made to do it. Anyone concerned about birth after watching this, I encourage you to watch natural birth videos and research it ❤ I have had three babies and birth is exciting, not scary!

  27. I don’t wanna sound uneducated but she could have waited 20 minutes for the ambulance rather than drive in the snow because they could’ve helped at home

  28. Yooo! What's up with the boy with the blue umbrella.

    Love the film, reminds me of a 9months who went to the farm to plough and came back home with a baby in her hands from the farm delivered by herself.

  29. I feel so sorry for all the women out there across the globe who have gone through all that pain of giving birth, but at least you can say that you gave a life to a child…❤️

  30. I'm a lesbian so I will never meet being pregnant but he strength in these ladies is intense but they are so brave and t must hurt alot

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