Should You Stop Having Sex During Pregnancy? | Pregnancy Sex Tips | Parents

Should You Stop Having Sex During Pregnancy? | Pregnancy Sex Tips | Parents

Lots of men and women wonder whether they
should stop having sex during pregnancy. I’m Dr. Logan Levkoff, and I’m here to answer
the question of whether sex should end while you’re pregnant. The answer is no. You don’t
have to stop having sex while pregnant, unless of course your doctor tells you you shouldn’t
be having it. There are lots of reasons why a doctor might tell you to stop having sex,
but some of them would include preterm labor, preeclampsia, placenta previa, but other than
that, a doctor will be clear if you should stop having sex. So, continue. It’s important
to be sexually active when you’re pregnant. It’s important to be intimate, and you know
what? It’s important for you as a pregnant woman to have pleasure, to have orgasms because
it feels good and because we’re women and we’re entitled to pleasure no matter how pregnant
we are.


  1. I keep having sex with my wife pregnant. Now she's in a stage where she will give birth within 2 months and can say sex these days are painful and releases more energy from me just to make her happy. The fact my wife's body was thick type and her curves were huge and when she got pregnant her body got bigger so I found it more difficult to have sex. It's kinda painful when I'm trying to have intercourse.

  2. A certified sex educator?

    So you have CSE certification. I'm not going to hire you unless you show me something about your CSE experience.

    Wow 😳

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