Signs Your Baby is Learning to Crawl | Parents

Signs Your Baby is Learning to Crawl | Parents

So crawling usually happens somewhere between
eight and ten months, but nine months is probably the average time of when your baby will start
to crawl. Now, crawling happens in stages, so first your baby’s kind of scooching, probably
scooching backwards before forwards, and then your baby’s scooching forwards. And then your
baby commando crawling. Commando crawling is when the knees and the shins are still
on the surface, but the baby’s kinda moving in a commando- type position. After commando
crawling, the baby will start to get up on all fours, and initially, they’ll just start
to rock. And then they may start to lunge forward, that’s probably about seven months,
and then ultimately your baby will take off and start really crawling. If you wanna encourage
your baby to crawl more quickly, here are two tips. One tip is that you can put a blanket
underneath your baby on the floor on a hard surface and lift the blanket up a little bit,
stand over them. For the baby, and put the baby on all fours. This will help them to
get that all four crawling position down. The other thing you could do is you could
try to encourage your baby to move. Put something interesting, an interesting toy, or even your
face in front of the baby and kind of, encourage them to move along. Keep in mind that some
babies never crawl, and this is. It’s perfectly normal. Some babies go right from scooching,
to pulling to a stand, to cruising along furniture, to walking.


  1. my baby is fixing to be 10 months she isn't crawling yet she and roll over and hold herself up with her hands and sit but not crawling is that bad

  2. my son is 8 months but his not showing any signs of being interested in crawling, put him on his tummy and you will find him laying on his tummy, or even worse crying,screaming and fuming:):)

  3. My now two year old was crawling at 5months and walking by 9months. My son is 4months and trying to crawl. It crazy how much sooner he’s trying

  4. Update: baby started crawling at 9 months, now almost 11 he is trying to walk. I'm learning that each baby goes at his own pace, just make sure to put the baby on the floor as much as possible so that he can explore and play games that allow the baby to reach for objects

  5. When do babies walk ? Baby's first steps are always awaited. While each child evolves at his or her own pace, there are still a few guidelines to help you watch your child's development.
    read more :
    Like language acquisition,walking is not done at the same age for all children. Each child goes at his own pace. So there's no need to worry. But, there are different stages of baby's development that will give you some guidelines.

  6. my son will be 6 months in 8 days and he's been doing the rocking on all fours and moves one leg forward and that's it.. I think he'll get it down by the end of the week.. not even 6 months yet and crawling…well damn near crawling

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  8. My almost 6 month baby hates tummy time and I've tried everything I can think of with the toys and the getting down with her patting her on the back smiling talk to her with excitement but all she does is gets really upset very quickly and I feel like I'm making her do something she doesn't want to do and its mean 🙁 is this normal ? I want her to crawl before 8 months and I definitely don't want her to skip it. I know it's not under my control but should I just let her cry for a few minutes and she'll just get over it when she sees I don't just pick her up?

  9. My LO is 8 months and she already gets in all fours and makes rocking motions. I'm super excited to see her move all over the house and drive me crazy.

  10. My baby is four month old, he rotate (in 360 form) could this be a sign of crawling.
    If yes, what should I do???

  11. My mom always says " you spend the first years of your babies life teaching them to walk and talk and the rest telling them to sit down and shut up!" 🤣🤣

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