Snacks that Fight Morning Sickness Symptoms | Parents

Snacks that Fight Morning Sickness Symptoms | Parents

Morning, mid-day, or even all day sickness
in pregnancy is something many women experience, especially during the early months. Here are
five things that can help. Keep dry crackers like saltines on your night table. Eat them
when you wake up, go to bed, or when you’re up in the night to quilt queasiness. Just
don’t forget the napkins. Eat something every few hours. Something is simple as low-fat
yoghurt, cheese and crackers, or even pretzels dipped in peanut butter can satisfy and satiate
you, and have liquids in between meals instead of with them. Ginger or peppermint tea may
also be helpful in managing morning sickness. And if you crave high-calorie, low-nutrient
comfort food, just have it. Keep the portions small, and when you feel well again, be sure
to eat right. And finally, play it safe. Call your doctor if you lose at least 2 pounds,
vomit blood, or vomit a material that looks like coffee grounds. Also call if you throw
up more than 3 times a day, or unable to keep food or liquid down, or feel sick after your
fourth month of pregnancy. For more on pregnancy nutrition, check out


  1. I have been drinking "no to morning sickness tea" as a treatment of morning sickness that was driving me crazy. Thank God, it soothed me.

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