Sofía Vergara on Posing Naked

Sofía Vergara on Posing Naked

You do look lovely and
you have been here a lot. We had a very fun here. Now listen, one
thing that you showed a lot more of
yourself on a magazine recently than you usually show. Here. Because look at you. No, it’s on the– what are you trying to hide? You’re naked, you’re
completely naked and you’re covering yourself. Did you practice at home
on how to actually– Well, I was kind
of funny because– It’s on newsstands! Why can’t I hold it up? I’m like, you know what
I’m kind of nervous, can you send me
inspiration, what you’re thinking you’re going to do? What are the poses? So the magazine
sent these pictures of these beautiful,
tiny, long models that covered their whole
body with their hand, with their arm. And I looked at myself
and I’m trying these poses and there was– first of all, I do like
this and one is here. And the other one is here. So there was no covering
anything with this stupid arm. So then I’m like,
if I do this then they come out through here. So if I did this, then
they were coming down here. It was like, it was really– First of all, listen,
I’m not an expert on how to take naked
pictures, but for sure this is not the way. Because there’s nothing
sexy about that at all. I was just trying be creative. I was trying to be practical
and solve their problem. But then I said to
them, it’s impossible. We can’t do that. We have to figure out a
way how I can look decent. It was not pornographic. All right. Well you look fantastic. That’s all I’m going to say. Thank you so much. Because it’s a very difficult
thing but you figured it out. It’s an arm and a hand– It’s an arm and a hand
and a very weird angle. Yeah. And you’re, like, shaking
by then you have to smile and look sexy. And it takes a long time. I’m about to do
one, coming up soon, so I want to know how to do it. Oh, really? I’ll tell you what to do. Yeah, because I’m really
gearing up for it. OK.


  1. Now is May 1 labor day so no work and im having a Sofia Vergara marathon…i just love her being natural funny one.

  2. Loveee Sophia ?? …I had a girlfriend Sophia…when I was 22…true story…Sophia's like Vincent ?

  3. There are three people I HV seen who are adorable funny and not at all arrogant – Sofia , Camilla caebello and Kristan Bell?

  4. I like her because of her ….

    I like her Spanish accent, not her body. (Whatever she wears or not that doesn't matter)

    You filthy minded people.

  5. I see that Ellen is running those mental images through her head.
    Look at the grin on That woman’s face.

  6. Talking about nudity and still sounding so innocent ? only Sofia can do this… You guys indeed lucky to have her in your country

  7. I’m blown away by all these approving comments! It’s NOT ok . When did this become ok? She’s a beautiful girl. She becomes an object when she does this and she is sooooo much better than that. Then people wonder what has happened to our society? Get a clue.

  8. Women have a natural instinct to show their bodies , its a very strong natural urge to show their T&A especially to men ?

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