Stage 3 Breast Cancer Definition

Stage 3 Breast Cancer Definition

>>>Jay K. Harness, MD: Stage 3 breast cancer.
Another definition of stage 3 breast cancer is locally advanced breast cancers. These
are typically large tumors with lymph node positivity. So in the tumor lymph node staging
system, this is often T3 meaning greater than 5 cm in size and certainly at a minimum N1
meaning at least one lymph node that is positive. Another possibility to become stage 3 is to
have multiple lymph nodes involved which means four or more lymph nodes involved. So stage
3 breast cancer by definition requires multimodality treatment. So the batting order of the treatments
can certainly vary, but often it is chemotherapy first, followed then by some type of surgery,
followed then by radiation therapy, followed if somebody is estrogen receptor positive
by antihormonal therapy. It is a real step-up in the staging of breast cancer. It requires
multimodality treatment and it is very treatable. ***** Hi, I am Dr. Jay Harness and I want to share
with you an important information that I believe that every newly diagnosed patient with breast
cancer needs to know. Susan Denver: “I am a breast cancer survivor.” Katherine Stockton: “I am a breast cancer
survivor.” Coree: “I am a breast cancer survivor…” Susan Denver: “…and I want every woman
to know…” Katherine Stockton: “…about personalized
breast cancer treatment…” Susan Denver: “…and the Genomic Test.” Coree: “A test that helps guide a woman
and her doctor…” Katherine Stockton: “…to the best treatment
options for her.” Susan Denver: “Pass it on!”


  1. thankyou so much for the information. 2009 I had stage 3 BC with 11 lymph nodes infected. ….my treatment was hard but I'm a survivor. ..thankyou Dr. Chu Ming

  2. I had stage 3 with 5/6 lymph nodes infected.  It was a long & hard journey…  Thanks for this info, very helpful.

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