Story Time: Being Told That I have Breast Cancer At Age 16 | SIGNS OF BREAST CANCER

Story Time: Being Told That I have Breast Cancer At Age 16 | SIGNS OF BREAST CANCER


  1. Hi,I just found your channel and subscribed.
    How many chemos did you have and how often? What kind of chemos did you have? Thank you.

  2. I have a very large bump on my left elbow.. it hurts a lot and I did go to the doctor… they did and MRI and an ultrasound on my arm… they say it’s a lipoma and never did a needle or any blood.. it still hurts, and is very achy and painful.. and it’s growing.. .. my bump and legs hurt usually at night) my legs also hurt like the bump, I also have nipples that go inverted and normal a lot… and I have lots of chest pains that are very sharp and last a few seconds. idk what to do. I have no idea if I should tell my parents I need to go back.. I’m only 14 so they tend to not listen to me.. if you have an idea of what I should do.. no one takes me seriously I’ve always had it in the back of my mind that something’s really wrong. I’m scared and cry myself to sleep and night from the pains.. and it’s really frustrating.. if you have any idea please reply!

  3. That’s what I’m going through now. One doctor feels the lump but the others don’t they told me I have breast disease but won’t check for cancer said it’s from periods I have the sharp pain discharge n burning I’m 21

  4. I love that you’re spreading awareness because it not common for teens to have breast cancer, I have some symptoms and I always thought that breast cancer at my age wasn’t possible but a few months later I finally told my grandmother and my mom

  5. Yesterday my breast started feeling very bad and I saw a lump kinda thing and I feel like something is wrong I don't know what to do

  6. Hi Mayra, First of all you are so beautiful and strong. I also have breast cancer, but I am also a survivor of cancer in my youth. I had ocular melanoma at 24 and again at 43 and now i have breast cancer. (three cancers before the age of 50) Insane. It's all survivable. I will subscribe to you. I started a channel too, talking about how to deal w cancer, I would love to get a group of females together to support one another online. My channel is shnooska. I have only a few videos, but a lifetime of stories. lets follow each other. Good luck and stay strong. xox

  7. I found a lump went to doctor last week she felt the lump I have my appointment tomorrow at the hospital I’m really scared and really stressed

  8. I have breast cancer too.. I am 39. I had the cancer for the last few years…nobody can say how long.. before i found out. Unfortunatelly although I was tested each years the doctor kept saying me everything is ok. I found it by myself and finally asked by myself mastografy. No history. I am so sorry… I know how it feels when nobody takes you seriously. If the doctor saw it I would be in a much better situation right now. I am in the middle of chemos now.

  9. I am so happy that my doctor took me seriously today, she felt a lump and scheduled an ultrasound for me in 20 days. I hope everything goes well ? Update: I went to the ultrasound and they said it was all good, i hope the best for everyone here ❣️

  10. Such as educational and inspirational story to make all women of ALL AGES to be aware of our bodies. Doctors all not all knowing all the time. WE KNOW OUR BODIES AND NEED TO PAY ATTENTION WHEN SOMETHING IS WRONG. I had a sharp pain on my left breast, felt a lump, and went to the doctor immediately, which later was dx stage 1 breast cancer and I am getting tx for it. I hope you get well girl! Be blessed.

  11. Hi, I just created this design for breast cancer awareness.. Please tell me your opinion 😀

  12. Wow you are one brave young lady. I'm 52 just got married less than 3 months for the 2nd time and just found out I have this disease. I'm scared because I also have a daughter who is 22 and I kept thinking non of my family members have breast cancer so why me and what if my daughter gets it. Listening to you gives me courage that I can also beats this disease. Thanks for sharing

  13. I’m 16, and one of my nipples had been really sore for a week and has some crust coming out of it independently, and my nipple has like an extra lump at the bottom, and I’m so scared because it probably just an infection, but I don’t know how to tell my mum, like I think that would be really awkward, but it constantly hurts and irritates and I’m pretty sure I need to go to the doctor either way. Does anyone know if there a likelyhood it could be cancerous, or if it’s just an infection?

  14. I was crying while watching your video ? I can feel your pain. My sister died because of breast cancer. I'll pray for your fast healing. Have strong faith in God.

  15. I kinda wanna hold you because you went years in pain and the doctors clearly kept sending you away you needed a professional opinion and I feel like they sent you away because of what they thought were growing pains even your mother couldn’t see it I hate that parents don’t listen to there kids in my case depression but please if you are a parent LISTEN to how your kid feel just listen don’t talk and try to laugh it off. I think after everything you are very Strong and beautiful.

  16. I made an appointment to check cause i have almost all the symptoms and i still have to wait for 9 days to find out. It's driving me crazy. My mom has been fighting cancer for 20 years now but i can't do it i can't

  17. You can definitely pull off the short hair. You're a very bonny girl. How frustrating and annoying to not be believed!! ? I think like you said, breast cancer is associated with older women so a 16 year old wouldn't be taken seriously. But seems many people are not taken seriously, regardless of age. It really isn't good enough…?

  18. im 17 i found a lump around three months ago and it was small but obviously scary and so i went to the obgyn nurse and she did the same thing and told me it was probably and cyst but recently my right breast has grown to wear it is so much bigger then the left and i noticed my nipple had inverted three days ago so i went back again today and have my ultrasound on friday im watching this cause it is so rare and i wanted to hear other girls stories incase something like this does happen to me, good luck on everything you are so strong and thank you for spreading your story it really did help me

  19. Sweetheart, you are incredably beautiful inside and out. Please, tell me that your doing well now? I would love to hear an update. You are on my heart and prayers. Be diligant with your belief and push when you need too. I am a Nurse and I can tell you that there is a automatic ignorant response by the medical community when you are young. You look so beautiful and vibrant and they make a 15second sum up of the situation when you go to the Dr at your age. Think of the medical community as a revolving door. Hurry up and wait, and then kjyou are on a timer to get you out asap and with as few diagnostic testing to save money and make money at the same time. They need to take the word of the pt into consideration. All of it would have been caught so much earlier if you would have had an immediate Mammogram & Ultrasound and needle biopsy. This type of " care" of women that may not meet the profile. Shame on the Dr's you saw. You are in my prayers darling, and trust yourself and don't quit working at it. God Bless You

  20. Last night I found a finger tip lump above my right nipple…I am 16 and I know it’s extremely rare for the average person to have breast cancer at my age, but my family has a long history of breast cancer. All my biological aunts on my mom side have had breast cancer (excluding my mom)…I have one aunt that actually got diagnosed at 16 years old…my mom says we’re just got wait a little until we fill like there’s a definite possibility of breast cancer.

  21. Me too.. i felt my breast and there's lump in my left breast and i dont want to have a sergery but the lump is like a egg and im scared to have sergery…is there a other option to heal this without sergery

  22. These dumb ass, egotistical doctors always try to act like they know what they are saying or like they are smarter than you because of the years of indoctrination they've received….very disturbing.

  23. You're such a beautiful and strong soul.
    You made me cry, sorry about this, the doctors (hopefully not all of them ) play god' they think they know it all.
    Cancer can be healed, it doesn't have to be a life and death situation.
    Please contact me as soon as possible I can help you get rid of disease.
    My email is [email protected]

    Stay strong.

  24. Please email that one doctor that dismissed you because she could be turning away other young girls who are in the same situation as you! I have had the same situation ( not cancer) but I knew something was wrong and I was dismissed. I was so pissed at the other doctor who literally didn’t give 2 shits and treated like I was stupid and wasted my time and money.

  25. I hate the F/:*ing doctors. They don’t know anything really. Look at the advancement the technology has made in the past decade alone. Medicine owes it all to technology otherwise not much progress has happened.
    To all doctors out there:
    I know you will get better soon because you’re smart and involved. ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Mayra, I am so sorry for all the pain you are going through at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep us posted! I just found out I have breast cancer and can't even explain the different emotions I've been going through, but I can't imagine if I were only 16.

  27. I have a lump in my right breast the size of a golf ball & I go to my ultrasound this Saturday! My doctor didn’t even want to send me to a ultrasound he said “it’s impossible to get breast cancer at 19”

  28. last year I had a fibroadenoma and last month I found another knot on my left one now they took altrasound and said there something there but since I just had a biopsy on my breast last year for me to wait 6 months I mean really my mom and dad both died from cancer so I get scared really fast

  29. Praying for you baby girl ❤? I just read your in remission. God has plans for you! Your life is just beginning

  30. I have pain in lower left side of left breast.and now i got clear water discharge when i press on nibble.iam so scary.But no lumps.Is this serious one

  31. As soon as the doctor dismissed you, you should have went to see another doctor. There is a type of breast cancer that has no known cause or family history and strikes young women. It is called triple negative breast cancer. There are increased risk factors of: being African-American, being Latina, having the BRCA gene mutations, or if Caucasian being under 40 at diagnosis. I found my lump and it was determined to be stage 2A triple negative. She is very correct. Do your monthly self exam. That could save your life.

  32. So 2 months ago I noticed some swollen lymph nodes in my armpit. After 1 month I started feeling a sharp pain in my left breast, in the area of the nipple. I examined my breast and felt a hard, solid lump. At first it wasn’t painful, but then it got more and more sensitive. I went to the doctors, she send me to make an ultrasound. They said it was likely to be a benign tumor (fibroadenoma), and they also found (what they believe are reacting) swollen lymph nodes in my armpit and near the breast. They said to come back in 6 months and to keep checking if it grows bigger or anything changes.

    A few days after this, i started getting sharp pains in other parts of my body. I would feel it and feel a bump/lymphnode. It started in my legs, then got it in my belly, groin, and hips. I would feel a burning sensation in the bumps throughout the day.

    It didn’t stop there. I got sick (had on and off diarrea for 13 days), and have been feeling nauseous everyday ever since. Sometimes I puke, sometimes it feels like I have to but I won’t. Also the dizziness is real. I feel really weak and emotionally I’m a wrek. I just know there is something going on with my body.

    The doctor sent me to the cardiologist first because of a heart murmur. They couldn’t find anything wrong. Today I have another appointment with my doctors, and I’m going to insist on it she will sent me to an internist or another specialist..

    ❤️btw, you are such a strong person !!

  33. Hunnie you will be okay if its stage 3 it's easier to deal with my grandmother survived. Prayers tho . You look like a fighter .

  34. OMG What is wrong with these Doctors. I would have been screaming at the top of my lungs to this Doctor that there is definitely something wrong. It just makes me so angry that your cancer was not diagnosed on your first visit when you told him there was something wrong. All those months lost when you could have been in treatment. I am so glad you are making this video and I want you to stay strong and know in your heart you will beat this disease.

  35. I'm 19 and got diagnosed with bladder cancer. Doctors never took my symptoms seriously because bladder cancer only occurs in people of age 50+. I hope in the future we young people will be taken more serious.

  36. I have pain in my breasts and I can feel something hard in there. But i really have no idea what to do.

  37. Omg! Your so brave keep pushing forward Jesus is with you if you receive him as your savior ? God is the only one that can heal you just know that no matter what the doctor's say…God bless you!

  38. I’m 16 right know and I’m soo scared I feel a bump on my right breast and I’m freaking out I don’t want this to be cancer

  39. I have been having the same symptoms as her except for the lump because mine is in my lymph nodes and I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I'm really scared I hope everything thing is okay but I'm scared like a lot of people are saying that they wont take it seriously cause I'm only 16

  40. Hi. Can you describe the lump when you first felt it? The size? is it close to skin or breast tissue? Hard?

  41. soursop kills cancer as well as red seeded grapes with key lime juice destroy cancers and dandelion root and mango prevents it from coming back

  42. Tiny bump in my breast near my nipple. Omg my mom said the same thing. I'm the one freaking out. I'm getting a ultrasound. It didn't grow tho. Pray for me.

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  44. Hey, not sure if your going to reply as it’s a year later but I’m 14 years old and have a medium size lumb on my breast, it feels hard and I don’t know what it is I’m panicking and scared it might be ….. …… my mom told me it’s probably jus to do with your periods or a sis however I’m really scared?

  45. God bless you sweetheart. Your gorgeous with or without hair..! Your face is soo beautiful..! I’ll be praying for you doll..!

  46. I told the hospital I thought I had bc it was a bruise I thought it wasn’t normal they lifted my radiology apt took me that day the tech told me I was crazy and the dr told me she needed a biospy immediately. It’s a giant Fibroadenoma that needs to be watched closely or I need surgery to remove it. I can’t even feel it my only symptom was a bruise. Now I have 6 mammogram orders and 6 ultra sound orders.

  47. Hi. I'm 18 years old and a few months ago I just found out that I had a lump at the side of my left breast. I didn't took note of it untill last month I felt pain at my breast which is normal …. Right ? Means your breast is growing ….? I don't know … But I massage my left breast and I felt the lump . I was surprised because it was still there so I told my boyfriend because his mom been through breast cancer stage 5 and I ask him for advice … He told me to check as soon as possible and I told him I can't because my mom had her knee implant so she can't walk. He insisted to bring me check and his mom allowed him to skip class for me. So this week I'm going, he's going to bring me to do mammogram. And I was nervous so I went to YouTube and search young people who had breast cancer. And your channel came up and I felt like I wasn't alone …. Thank you for sharing your story, it made me feel calm and motivated.

  48. I admire u so much girl, I can't even express in words. U are such a beautiful girl. And makes me angry how doctor dint pay attention on what u were on what u felt.

  49. I felt a lump a year ago they told me it was nothing now I went to another dr because I have a lot of pain in my left breast! Did you have pain

  50. I had felt a hard spot/Lump in my left breast and kinda on my right so I went the the docter and she scheduled an ultrasound and they said it's just dense breast tissue but I'm wondering if I should get a 2nd opinion

  51. I have small lump la thing on my breast (both sides) sometimes wen i sleep on my side I felt discomfort (very mild) doc said it's just a Fibrocyst. What cud it be? What shud I do?

  52. That crazy I can’t imaged being that age and having breast cancer I have breathing problem since I was little and scare I might die one day but but stay strong girl keep fighting don’t give up .

  53. I don't know what's going on my right breast. Yes, I'm 16 also right now and totally im scared. Something's wrong with this. I felt small hard like a stone and this isn't just normal. :<

  54. Mayra Davila,
    Did you ever go back to your Original doctors?!
    The one's who said, "It's nothing." or, "You have lumpy breasts."

    What was their response to your new (& accurate) diagnosis please?!

  55. Bless your heart! I can't believe they didn't listen to you!!! Blows my mind! Hope all is well and you are in my prayers!!!!

  56. I have an appointment at a breast doctor next Friday because I have a lump on my chest wall (I’m 15 turning 16 next month so Idek if that is apart of my breast). Do you think that could be something wrong? I feel what could be mini lumps but I never feel my breasts so I honestly don’t know what breast tissue feels like. I feel so anxious and I’m trying to stay positive and not fear the worse.

    They’re saying it could just be a cyst. My mom says so as well. She’s a CMA but I’m still super nervous.

  57. I had a lump in my breast n it's big,but the doctor keep telling me it's normal n it is just breast tissue..I knew something wrong with my body

  58. thank you for sharing this..i felt a lump on my right breast which is why im searching these type of videos.My aunt died from this and i remember she told me that previously she felt a sharp pain and she undergo a mamogram but nothing was seen and was sent home

  59. Yesterday I felt a bump in my left down part of my breast, I compared it to my right breast and there is no bump in my right breast in the same area. I'm so nervous! I don't know what to do. If I will just ignore this or say this to my older sister :'(

    Victims of breast cancer Kindly fill this form . I'm working on my final year project related to breast cancer. thank you very much

  61. I hope your doctor is held accountable for ignoring you for so long. I’m so sorry you had to wait so long for someone to take you seriously.

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