– Good morning, good life, everyone. Welcome back to Amy TV,
where we come together to help you go after the life you want. Stress is unavoidable. Yes, there are good stresses in our life, but we’re here to combat
the bad ones, aren’t we? Today, I’m gonna share
some things that I do, whether it’s every day
or just periodically, for me to keep my stress low
and my productivity high. (upbeat rock music) As much fun as it is to go
after the life that you want, things pop up in life that
don’t make it so easy. Feelings happen, and I personally think they just tend to get in the way. Okay, not all feelings, but
when you start to feel negative due to stress, it turns out,
it’s doing a lot more to you than just affecting your mood. The American Institute of
Stress actually found in a study in 2014 that 77% of people
in the US report experience with regular physical
symptoms caused by stress, and 73% report experience with regular psychological
symptoms caused by stress. They also say that there are
seven top causes of stress in this country, the number
one being job pressure, followed by money, health,
relationships, poor nutrition, media overload, and sleep deprivation. While these are all things
that may or may not go away, and we can continue to improve
on them, we need to get clear on how we can relieve stress
so we can at least manage and not get torn down by the inevitable. Me being someone who is obsessed
with not being torn down, I guess that’s something I should talk to my therapist about, I’m gonna share some things that I do to keep my stress from
making me less productive. Before we can beat stress,
you know what time it is. I gotta share some Twitter
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I pat some eye cream on and I brush my teeth while that sets, and then I throw on
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month’s worth of vitamins. Why would you not at least give it a go? All the details are, of course,
in the description below. Okay, here’s what I do to
relieve stress in my own life. First and foremost, my favorite
thing in the world is sleep. I get plenty of sleep. I make sure to get seven to eight hours. If it’s one of those days where I’m like, ooh, I did not get enough time today, I don’t get enough time
tomorrow, I really could go for six hours to sleep,
emergency situations only. I am always getting at least seven. But sometimes there’s a six in there. It’s just every quarter or
something, maybe once a month. Stress will sneak up on you
like crazy if you are exhausted, so please stop telling yourself
that you don’t need sleep and that you’ll sleep when you’re dead. It doesn’t work that way, okay? I hate to break it to you. Meditation, this is one
that is not going to be for everybody, but I have started
to enjoy it more and more. I did it for 30 days straight,
you saw my video about that, and it has helped me so much
that those moments of the day that cause stress just
because an occurrence, something that could have just
happened and this is life, I find myself remembering the
calm moments of my morning when I meditated for 10
minutes, and it is so helpful. It helps me deal in a big way. It helps me see the big picture, and I do not stress out
as much because I’ve been practicing mindfulness and self-awareness. This isn’t for everybody, like I said, but if you are thinking, maybe
your mind is racing so much it would be great to have
a few moments it wasn’t, or at least a few moments
you tried to slow it down, ’cause we’re not perfect, I
highly recommend you check out some meditation tactics,
however that looks for you. You can use an app, you
can watch a YouTube video and try to do it, or you can just sit in silence and set a timer on your phone. Working out, working out.
(Amy claps) I hate working out, I hate
working out, but it works, sorry. I feel so much better,
tremendously, over the top, when I know that I’ve
gotten my workout in, or at least like today,
I haven’t worked out. I know I’m going to as
soon as I’m done filming. But if I stick with the
habit on a regular basis, and we’re talking about at
least 80 to 90% of the days that I wanna work out, I
do, I can tell in my body that I’m healthier, I’m
happier, I have more energy, and that just equals stress relief when sudden stress shows up
and you have to deal with it or overall stress does
not compound itself, because you’re just too
easygoing and feeling good. I highly recommend yoga as well. I love yoga so much. I feel like it’s this opportunity to not just work out your body, but think about what you’re doing with
your body at the same time. It can be very easy to lose
sight of what you’re doing when you’re just lifting dumbbells or doing things with
machines, but when you are in complete control of your
body, it’s just another level, especially when you’re meant
to look somewhat dancer-like. That makes it special. I also feel very together with myself when I’m like, got my
yoga mat over my shoulder and I’m walking with my
cute little yoga shoes and I’m ready to go
and I walk into a space where I’m working out, and it is serenity and quiet and candles and like, low music. I live for that. Massage and other self-care. I cannot encourage this enough,
especially for those of us who do a lot of sitting in our life or do a lot of standing
around in our life. Massage, allowing somebody
to work out muscles that you didn’t really know
were getting all tied together, that stresses the body. That can be stress everywhere else. If a part of your body is in pain because you’re not taking care of it, then your mind can get stressed out too. So going to get a regular
massage is something I try to do. I wish I could say I’m
getting in there once a month. It’s usually more like once every maybe eight weeks or quarterly. I’ve prioritized it a
lot more than I used to, but nowhere near as much as I do facials. Facials are much more important to me. (Amy laughs)
But I do love a massage. I try to work it in, ’cause I know I give my body a really hard time, as much as it may not be
moving on a regular basis. Shout-out to everybody that
does hard labor for work, because you need the
massage even more than I do. But if this isn’t for you,
if that’s not your thing, maybe it’s just getting a pedicure. Maybe it’s just going and
getting your nails done, just taking care of
yourself, doing the thing that’s stepping away from
the norm and allowing somebody else to take care
of you, or doing some other self-care thing that you
don’t make the time for. Add that to this category. Think about how you can
incorporate it more. It’s helped me a ton. It’s very easy for me to
stay on this hamster wheel, and so I have to get off of
it, and I incentivize myself to get off of it by getting a massage, getting my nails done, getting
a facial, stuff like that. I read in a book recently
about the power of distraction, and I find that I’ve actually
started to work on this. I’m not mastering it quite yet, ’cause it’s very easy
to just get caught up in a stressful moment
and let it take over, but I do find that if I’m
stressed about something, if I don’t have a solution,
then that makes me upset. I do not like not having a solution. I try to distract myself from
it, not in an unhealthy way, not in like, a binge
Netflix for a whole weekend and not make good on my obligations way, but distract myself for
at least a little while, enough time that it makes
sense in that situation to be able to reset and allow the feelings to subside for a little
bit so that a clearer mind can actually come up with a solution. To me, if there is stress
in your life and there is not a possible solution
at all, it’s either stress that you have to deal with
because it is bigger than you, and that has happened to
me in the last six months, or it is stress that is
absolutely completely unnecessary somebody might be trying to put onto you, or maybe you’re accidentally
putting it onto yourself. That distraction is great
for allowing the things that don’t matter to fall
away and the things that do to start to clarify
themselves a little bit as to how you can solve an issue. Another thing I’m kind of new
to but I’m really enjoying, and I’ve talked about this
a little bit in the past, is oil diffusing. So I have a little diffuser in my office. I love putting the oils in there. I actually, at a weird level, have gotten obsessed with lemon. I’ll drink my lemon water in the morning, and I will also have lemon
diffusing from my diffuser, and I’m like, cliche, come on, come on. Do you just wanna swim in lemons now? Okay. I also really enjoy spearmint. That makes me feel awake,
it makes me feel fresh, and before bed, I love
to diffuse lavender. So I’ve been trying to expand a little bit on my nose journey of happiness, just the things that
make me happy to smell, because of course seeing certain
things would make me happy or certain things occurring
would make me happy, but smelling something
that makes you happy is just a new opportunity
to make that happen, and that relieves stress in a lot of ways. There are certainly experts
out there that will tell you exactly which oils will destress you, and I don’t have those answers for you. You can look into that with
your favorite oil company. But for me, I just pick
the ones that smell nice, and I pop ’em in, and that works for me. We’re gonna call this one
take a walk, as much as many of you would like for me
to call it move your butt. (Amy laughs)
Just take a walk. Move your butt, but take a walk. Just clear your mind. This could be a distraction for you in that moment that you need
the art of the distraction, the power of the distraction, or, you just need to walk
something off sometimes. Sometimes a stressful situation,
you just gotta take a walk. I love to walk away from
a stressful situation. I don’t know about you,
I’m pretty good at it. But keyword is walk,
not get away, you know? (Amy laughs)
Walk it off. Use the energy in your body
to work through something. Walk away. Come back with something better. Morning pages, this has
been a massive one for me. The amount of things morning pages has been solving for me
is really incredible. I highly recommend you check
out Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way where
she talks in great detail about what morning pages is, but we also talk about
it in great detail here. So if you don’t know about it yet, you are new, hello and welcome. Morning pages for me,
three pages, unfiltered, first thing in the morning,
whatever is on my mind. It’s quite a boring read,
if we’re being honest. But the nice thing is that
it’s so boring sometimes, there’s so much junk coming out of my head that doesn’t need to
have a place in my life. I get it out, I put it on paper, and then it’s just like, you
close the book, it’s done, and a lot of that stuff, I
don’t keep thinking about. Or if they’re bigger issues
and I am thinking about them, I’m having a lot more clarity
about it and less stress, because I’m starting to
articulate it into words rather than leave it
jumbled up in my brain. Avoid alcohol. You know I love me a prosecco, okay? I do, I’m a wine drinker,
and it makes me happy. But, I actually try avoid
alcohol when I am stressed. It seems like you would
do the opposite, right? A lot of people will say,
oh, I had a stressful day. I’m gonna come home and have a beer. Well, I don’t tend to do that, because I know that
alcohol is a depressant, and so if I’m just gonna
further depress myself when I know perfectly
well I’m stressed out, that just doesn’t really make any sense. I personally would rather go
into a prosecco in a great mood and make it better by having
just one little drink. So when I’m stressed, I
avoid alcohol pretty much altogether, because I
know it’s not a solution. And I am just an addict of
solutions, there you go. High on solutions, is that a thing? Hmm. And most importantly, the
last thing I’ll say is just the things that you have in
your life on a daily basis. What are your daily rituals? When I wake up, I do my
skincare, I feel amazing. When I go to sleep and I do
my skincare, I feel amazing. When my bed is made, when
I wake up in the morning, after Vinn wakes up in
the morning, actually, ’cause I get out before him, I love going back to my bed at night
and seeing that it’s made. These are the pillar moments in your life, the journaling, the
workouts, things like that, that if you keep them consistent, they will level you so
that when peaking moments of cortisol levels go
haywire, you can manage. If I didn’t have my daily rituals, if I wasn’t completely obsessed
with the vitamin taking and the dog walking and all
this stuff, I would not be able to manage some crappy email
that comes in and ruins my day. All right, let’s share what
we’ve learned with a tweetable. “We don’t have to avoid what
we know isn’t permanent. “Don’t let a moment define you.” All right, I wanna hear from you. What are your best stress release tips? How do you stay productive? How do you combat the crap? Leave it in the comments below. I wanna learn more ways
to do this for myself. I’m selfish like that, you know. And thank you again to our
sponsor of this episode Care/of. Check out their vitamins and
get 50% off your first month if you’re one of the first 100 people to click that link below
and use my code AMY. That’s all for today. Thank you so much for tuning in. I appreciate it, as always. Make sure you remember to
subscribe for good vibes, kiss the ones you love, and
go after the life you want. Cheers. (upbeat rock music) Lucy, you literally just bailed
in the middle of my video. WTF, why the face?


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