Stress Vs. Strain Diagram for Brittle Materials – Design of Machine

Stress Vs. Strain Diagram for Brittle Materials – Design of Machine

Hello friends here in this video we will see Stress Strain graph for Brittle materials for that here I have a diagram again this is a graph on which on y axis we have stress on x axis we have strain the behavior of Brittle materials is shown here these are Brittle materials which behave in this manner now from 0 to A it is approximately not completely it is approximately a proportional limit proportional limit means stress will be directly proportional to strain but in brittle materials the behavior is in such a way that we cannot say that stress would be directly proportional to strain and what we can say that if stress increases strain it can increase or it cannot increase in case of brittle material from 0 to a the moment because a to B then what happens here we have a curve that stress value increases and along with that strain is also increasing so I will say that from A to B stress and strain both increases now suddenly what happens at point B the object is failing that is it breaks so at point B this is called as the breaking point or fracture so what has happened in case of ductile materials the graph was flowing it means the material before breaking it was giving some warning that the material was elongated its diameter was reduced and finally it will fail but you are in case of brittle materials the material fails suddenly so this is the important we can say difference between ductile and brittle materials that brittle materials they develop internal cracks first which are not developed from outside here I will write down brittle materials develop internal cracks first and then the cracks reach up to the surface so this is very important point in case of brittle materials that first like for example here I can say that this pen if it is a brittle material if I am applying a load from outside any deformation or change in shape will not be seen but internally cracks would be developed and if I go on applying more amount of load in that case the cracks will generate from internal to external surface and then the material will be breaking so this is the behavior of brittle materials and we can say that brittle materials like for example wood concrete glass and cast iron they behave in this manner so I hope the stress-strain graph for brittle materials is very much clear from this video


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