Stressed About Work? How to Outthink Anxiety, with Byron Katie

Stressed About Work? How to Outthink Anxiety, with Byron Katie

The Work is basic inquiry, and it takes one
into a meditative state. Let’s say if you’re very stressed out you just become still. And
you identify what you were thinking and believing in that situation. Let’s say I’m at work and
I have the thought, you know, “This job is stressing me out.” So I would simply, now that that thought is
identified, just write it down on a piece of paper. It’s stabilized from mind to reality;
it’s solid, identified and anchored. “This job, my job is stressing me out. Is it true
that my job is stressing me out?” And the first response might be “Yes, yes, yes it’s
true my job stresses me out. And he said this and she said that, and this is more than I
can handle.” Okay, no that’s not inquiry, that’s a discussion. So now we slow it down,
look at the paper. “This job is stressing me out. Is it true that this job is stressing
me out?” Now the answer to the first two questions is one syllable, it’s either “yes”
or “no.” This is inquiry. Any defense or justification or story is not inquiry,
inquiry is to get still and let the answer show you. It comes out as a “yes” or “no.”
And so we just meditate on that until – that’s why I say it could take a while for some of
us. And then, “My job is stressing me out. Can
I absolutely know that it’s my job that’s stressing me out?” Okay. Get really still.
“Can I absolutely know that it’s my job that’s stressing me out?” Yes. So to imagine
that it’s “no,” you’re just guessing at the right answer. So it has to be authentic.
You cannot fool you. You can’t fool you. So some people say ultimately every answer is
“no.” A “yes” to me is as valid as a “no” to someone else. This is personal
work. So let’s say I’m at a “Yes. So it’s my job
that’s stressing me out. My job stresses me out.” How do I react when I believe that
thought? So I close my eyes; I see me taking it home with me; I see me frustrated at work;
I’m short with my children, my husband; I want to quit. Then I worry about money and
security, letting my family down. I blame even innocent people at work. I’m focused
on work. Most of the time I’m paid for eight hours but I’m 24/7 waking hours I’m at work
in my head. And a lot of us can go further with that. It’s like “How do I react when
I believe the thought. If we get really still we can see that’s when we go for the chocolate
cake or the cigarette we said we’d never smoke again or the alcohol. “My job is stressing me out. Who would I
be without that thought?” And I start with “Right here, right now I’m at my desk, who
would I be without the thought my job is stressing me out?” Okay. So all of a sudden “I’m
present and there’s nothing here to stress me out. There’s nothing here to stress me
out. There’s a desk. There’s my computer. There are people working that are not even
speaking to me. My job is not stressing me out.” So I look at the paper, again, “My
job is stressing me out and I’m going to turn it around, my job is not stressing me out.”
So I might turn it around because we have an object, “My thoughts about my job are
stressing me out; my thinking is stressing me out. So is that as true or truer? It’s
completely true. My thoughts about this job stress me out. So for me that completely shows
me an innocent world, in other words all the people I’m working with, my boss, my workload
completely innocent, it’s what I’m thinking and believing about it that is the cause of
my stress.” So, another turnaround as I sit in this might
be “I am stressing my job out.” Well, what does that mean to me? That doesn’t mean
much to people, but this is my inquiry; I’m sitting in this; this is my meditation. So,
“I’m stressing my job out.” And then I begin to see when I’m stressed out how I
approach people. “I’m short. I can be argumentative. When I think my workload is
just too much my job is stressing me out, I’m rushed; I’m not connected, when other
people need help I’m not available; I’m not compassionate, not understanding; I isolate;
thinking that I don’t have time for this person or that project, I’m just focused on this.”
So I find I’m selfish with my time. “I miss people, connecting with them, and I’ve lost
the ability to connect with them. I’m not connected to myself, I’m just thinking that
my job is stressing me out.” So you really can’t guess if you’re doing
authentic inquiry, not rational thinking but just listening, witnessing, watching, being
aware. Everything shifts, the way you see everything shifts and that the creative mind
is weightless.


  1. Destroying capitalism is the way, obviously. This is just bullshit wishfull thinking. She doesn't have a real job. 100% bullshit.

  2. Is she mispronuncing the the word or wtf? am i missing something? I thought inquiry is pronounced "In-kwa-ree"

  3. Mindfulness is just too difficult to hold on to in the real world. Mimicking a confident personality isn't exactly a great solution but for me it is more successful at treating anxiety. Think of an overly confident person you know and ask "what would they do in this situation?". The answer to that is usually not care what other people think and only care what you think.

    Certain things work for certain people.

  4. "We made the working environment super stressful for normal humans, but rather than fixing it we're going to tell you to change who and what you are."

  5. Takes a super long time to get to the point, then doesn't really actually help in "out stressing" yourself, only identifying (annoyingly) the source of it. Go around in circles

  6. I love her use of 'simply', as if that's the easiest thing in the world, all the while feeling massive pressure and stress… It's not as easy as she see,s to think it is. Has she become so calm that she has lost touch with normal working people who haven't been doing this for years?

  7. Folks, your comments made me chuckle.  I believe the point is that you have to slow down to discover these things about yourself.  If her slowing down, and her asking you to slow down and listen is stressing you out, you probably needed this video.

  8. TL;DR: It's all in your head, its not your job stressing you out, its your thoughts about your job, if you can't shut down your own mind for awhile and relax, then you are not controlling your mind, but your mind is controlling you, Great Vid!! Keep it up!

  9. I have an anxiety disorder and the workplace is the only place I actually like having it. Anxiety pushes me to work really hard at my job.. with it I can get a lot done and impress my bosses, and without it I'd struggle to find any drive at all.

  10. You should be stressed about work, it is an unnatural thing that us humans invented, for making rich people richer. Of course you should be stressed as any slave.

  11. Seems she is trying to get you to see something simple. Focus on the solution, not the problem. Not your feelings, not the other persons feelings, just the problem. It is the release of tension you want, but all your doing is tensing up. You would have to soul search to figure it out. I feel her delivery was intended to be painfully slow.

  12. Her Job is stressing her out… 😛

    But she has figured out a way to get around just thinking about it…

  13. ROFL, a police officer during a door kick…. is this stressing me out? Wait let me think on that and have a discussion. "LARRY WTF YOU DOING GO GO GO KEEP SHOOTING"

  14. what do when it's your boss stresses you out by the way they block you from reaching performance.also treat like a piece of dirt and posture their authority over you even though they 6 inches smaller female and weigh less than half your weight..ask you to leave three times in less than a year.cause you to miss days through absences.therefore their behaviour costs you fianicially.costs the company also.what do you then.All other videos say just look for another job.what then .what would you do then.

  15. Just focus on the feeling of "stress" really really focus on it, where is it coming from? Your brain? Did you create it? Where is it located? Is it even real or is it just a thought in your head? Question it

  16. i know it's my job that's stressing me out… i've been working there for a few months, and i'm going to quit… but on days like today, i bring it home with me and stew in it all evening… how do i just let go when i get home?

  17. Wow, quite the many haters in the comment section. Byron Katie is one the most intelligent people I've come accross. Just because her "work" makes you uncomfrotable or rubs you the wrong way, it doesnt mean it's not effective and impactful to people.

  18. True I am stressing because of thinking to much. Well I messed up a month ago I was sleeping at my desk because I stayed out all night being stupid. The morning came I was two hours late because an EMERGENCY can up. I got to work n I just was exhausted completely. Well now I feel like I'm being set up n I need to just not think so much about the negativity n just work my hardest n get to work everyday

  19. It's clear as the fucking day that she is not a nurse. 2 years of nursing and seen most of my colleagues bursting into tears in the middle of the shift or having rage episodes. Not to mention that the doctors and nurses have problems going to sleep or maintain a healthy relationship. And me aswell. 2 years of nursing and 1/3 of my hair is fucking Gray, and i.m only 26. So..yeah! My job is stressing the fuck out of me!

  20. So let me tell you about this new job I'm supposed to be starting. I applied not thinking anything.. got the job. They just need my TB results which I have but I'm not going to tell them . I'm going to apply for my unemployment benefits until I actually start working. Which is completely honest. My assignment in Philly ended so…my unemployment benefits is the same amount as that assignment probably more $400-$500 a week.

  21. The clinic is supposed to send them the TB results. I called them just to check in to say I did my part which was the TB test. She told they are usually slow with sending in the results. Well I have collect unemployment until everybody do their. I did my part. I got screened. Got a physical. Completed the application. Sent them 5 references. Completed my new hire forms, tax forms etc. Completed all other necessary forms so….

  22. I think she's trying to explain mindfulness but I personally feel that Noah Elkrief's videos really hit the nail on the head regarding work anxiety.

  23. Sorry,… but this is a very strange & twisted form of CBT/Mindfulness – and a total invalidation of one's feelings. It also encourages you to adapt to what are for many are in reality – highly dysfunctional work situations – and is largely waffle of the "cope with it" variety of self help. Just change your thinking and adapt – not make changes in the real situation……Stick with Becks or Ellis's CBT I think would be best.

  24. the answer is no, it's the people at your job that are doing or saying things you don't like that is causing you stress, not the job itself

  25. As always,Bless you Katie! I've been practicing The Work for at least 10 years..a recent scary event ..or my THINKING it was a scary event,sent me into a short spiral or anxiety and all old buttons reactivated..Your crystal clear awareness in this video clip helped ME get Me back on track..
    Thank you much!

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