Stuffed French Toast Made Healthy! – Mind Over Munch

Stuffed French Toast Made Healthy! – Mind Over Munch

Hey friends! So you guys gave me great feedback
on my protein packed pancake recipe episode from the Kickstart Series so I thought I would
do another one of my favorite breakfasts – lightened up! Surprisingly, this dish is one of the
worst things that you can order when you go out to eat which is really sad a) because
it’s delicious and b) it is really easy to make it healthy. Let’s get to it! My stuffed
French toast! So we are going to start by making our fruit
filling and if you just want regular French toast you can FF through this part. In a bowl
we are going to combine our softened low fat cream cheese or Neufchâtel cheese, a little
bit of Greek yogurt, a jam of your choice – today I am using a no-sugar-added strawberry
but a homemade is always great, some stevia and a little bit of almond milk. Mix to combine
and sweetened to taste, it should be delicious. Also, feel free to add in your favorite fresh
fruit. Today I went with some finely diced strawberries and bananas. Go ahead and transfer
that mixture to the fridge to let it chill while we make the French toast. Now we will make our dredging mixture. In
a shallow plastic container you are going to add one egg – lightly beaten – egg whites,
almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and stevia. Whisk it on! We do not need any creamer or
half and half in this recipe, the almond milk will work just fine. And if you want to lighten
it up even more you could just skip out on the egg and use extra egg-whites. I do that
all the time and it works out fine. I just like to add the egg in occasionally because
it makes the toast crisp up really nicely. Heat up your frying pan and once it is heated
and ready to go you want to spray it down with some cooking spray. Then it is time to
dredge. I am using Ezekiel bread today which is a great choice for people like me who live
an essentially gluten free lifestyle but not necessarily a super strict one. It’s not completely
gluten free bread but there’s very little gluten in it. But any bread of your choice
will work just fine. Place your bread into the dredging mixture making sure you submerge
it completely on both sides. You want all of that eggy goodness. And then on to the heated skillet it goes.
Hear that sizzle and get excited. Gimme a thumbs’ up if you are stoked! Repeat with
the second slice and let it cook for just a few minutes before flipping to the other
side. I like to add a little bit of that extra dredging mixture on top because that’s going
to make it really moist so that when you flip it it’ll become nice and crisp and browned. Once it’s cooked you can transfer to a plate
and go grab that fruit filling you made earlier. So you know traditionally stuffed French toast
is made where you make a sandwich with the bread and the filling and then you dredge
the entire thing and cook the entire thing on a skillet but I prefer to cook both of
the pieces of bread separately so that they both get a really nice crispy coating and
then put the filling inside. But if you prefer to cook it the traditional way this recipe
will still work just fine. I like to lay one piece of French toast down on the plate, liberally
cover it with that delicious filling – it’s so good – and maybe even add a few extra slices
of fresh fruit before topping it with your second toast. And voila! And there you have it. Stuffed French toast.
Perfect for your brunch or I even eat this for dinner throughout the week which is absolutely
acceptable because it is healthy, made with wholesome ingredients and has about half the
fat and way less calories than traditional French toast. And if you do want the nutrition for this
recipe don’t forget to download the PDF which is in the description box below. It always
has the recipe and the nutrition included. A lot of you guys have been commenting, asking
for the macros and the nutrition of these recipes – they’re always on the PDF and of
course on along with loads of other recipes. I hope you guys have an
awesome weekend. If you make this for your Sunday brunch please tweet me @mindovermunch
so that I can see your remakes. And remember! It’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch. A bunch of dust on that It’s a dusty room [Laugh] Booyaw! Did a booger just come out of my nose?


  1. @Mind Over Munch  Is this french toast ok to eat if i want to lose weight, like a breakfast or a snack? or is this more like a cheat-meal?

  2. I am so thankful that I came across your channel. I've lost 13 pounds since January! I have made so many of your delicious recipes along with some from The Domestic Geek too. I adore both of you and I'm enjoying my new lifestyle changes. My 5 year old daughter even likes watching your episodes with me. She says I have turned into a chef because I am making so much delicious food. Thank you so much for everything you do! 

  3. i would love to start eating Ezekiel bread. However, i once bought it from the store and three days later half of the loaf started to mold up. is there anything that i could do to delay the bread from going bad?

  4. Totally off topic lol, but Alyssia did you get a chance to try making that pizza crust with oat flour? if so did it turn out well?

  5. hi alyssia. i recently discovered your channel (via the domestic geek) and i have been obsessed! i have raved about you and your channel with my friends. thank you for inspiring people like me to live healthier! i have tried quite a few of your tips and recipes and love them. i am a mom of 2 kids and have been trying to re-integrate exercise into my routine. any good tips for "easing in" especially that i havent done regular exercise in 6 years?

  6. I love french toast, and always make it with a wash like this, but have never tried making a stuffed variation! Looks amazing!! Also just wanted to let you know that my quest prize came in yesterday, thanks again 🙂

  7. You are so inspiring and creative. I love your videos! I was wondering if it would be possible to make the filling with ricotta cheese? 

  8. Wow thanks for all the recipes. You don't know how much I love your channel because it keeps my motivation up every time I want to give up on my healthy lifestyle. 

  9. Love the recipe! Definitely going to try it out! 
    I had a question for you… do you/how do you try to stay healthy when you're going on a trip.  I'm going on vacation soon and I do want to indulge, but I also want to keep up some kind of workout and healthy eating. How do you think to manage that… especially when it's a pretty busy trip? 

  10. I adooooooore how you're active with your audience and reply to each and every one! Thaaaaat's so rare! Thank you zillions for your time and effort to comment and reply. I could feel your love♡

  11. I can not begin to even try and tell you how amazing this recipe is. I've had it for breakfast and dinner. I make it with blueberry jam and fresh blueberries. MMMMMMMM. IT'S SO GOOOOOOOOOD.

  12. Hello thank you so much for your recipes I LOVE THEM I just started eating more healthy and your recipe videos are Wonderful, the great of the greatest hahaha ? ? (I find you on Instagram) thank you sweetie ?

  13. Just started watching you! Love your recipes. Just one question, could I substitue stevia to something?? Please respond!

  14. Great idea. I try to stay away. From starchy carbs but you had me open up to other ideas that could work with recipes close to bread. Interesting not too long and boring with blah blah those videos drive me crazy. 2 thumbs up 🙂

  15. I love all of your recipes!! Thanks to you I've been eating healthier and buying more healthy food. Thanks for all the tips you always give ? I can't wait to try the stuffed French toast!

  16. I tried the stuffed French toast this morning for breakfast and they were as good as they looked or even better, definitely in love with them even my kids wanted to try them!!

  17. I made this today for breakfast for myself and my family ! My dad is a picky eater but he liked it! :)))))

  18. what can I sub for the cream cheese? I don't like anything of that nature. would goat cheese be a weird substitute?

  19. "I went to a restaurant that serves breakfast at any time. ' So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance." — Steven Wright. Your Stuffed French Toast recipe would be the perfect one to make on November 28th. (National French Toast Day.) ???

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