Sunny Health & Fitness No.059 Twist Stepper with Handlebars

Enjoy the comfort and stability of
stepping in your home with the No.059 Twist Stepper with Handlebars. Step onto
the oversized textured foot plates that are designed to keep you stable
throughout your workout engage the hydraulic drive system as you resist
your own bodyweight when you perform pivoting steps. Step up and down with
side-to-side action to activate muscles in your glutes cows and thighs. Maintain
your balance as you step when you hold on to the adjustable heavy-duty
handlebars. Monitor your workout activity with ease when you glance at the
easy-to-read LCD display. Instantly track your total steps, time, calories, burned,
and reps. Step comfortably with the adjustable height system. Designed with a durable steel frame this stepper can support up to 250 lbs. Get the most out
of your cardio routine with a No.059 Twist Stepper with Handlebars by Sunny
Health and Fitness

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