Super Advanced Circuit | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Super Advanced Circuit | Sleek/Strong With Rachel Cosgrove

Today, we’re gonna be doing an advanced circuit,
so really make sure you warm up good, first. You’re gonna be working out right along side
me. So push yourself with the intensity, and really step up to the challenge. First of
all, we’re gonna be doing 20 seconds intervals. So you’re gonna take 20 seconds during the
exercise, five exercises. Between each exercise, you’re gonna get 40 seconds of rest. So really
push yourself during that 20 seconds, and then fully recover, let your heart rate come
down, get ready to go again for the next exercise. Once you finish all five exercises, you’re
gonna repeat the circuit again using the opposite side on some the single-sided exercises. So
are you ready? Let’s go ahead and do this. So we’re gonna start with a Lateral Lunge,
again, 20 seconds on, 40 seconds off. You’re gonna need one dumbbell or kettlebell. Go
ahead and hold it on one side, and here we go: Stepping out to one side, Lateral Lunge,
come back up, pressing overhead. Remember, we’re going for 20 seconds — as many as you
can get done, with good form, for that 20 second period. Now we’re gonna do all one
leg, and then you’re gonna repeat the circuit and do the other leg a second time. We got
3 seconds left. And we’re gonna go ahead and move into our next exercise. So we got 40
seconds rest — catch your breath, let your heart rate come down, and we’re gonna get
ready to do a Romanian Deadlift with a Row, balancing on one leg. So you’re gonna be on
one leg, nice and tall, core is tight, dumbbell is gonna be on the opposite hand of the leg
you’re standing on. And the other foot, you’re gonna let hang right behind you — you can
use it as kickstand right behind you to give you some balance. So here we go — we’re going
for 20 seconds. Bending from the hip, all the way down, and you’re gonna row it up,
stand back up, stand up. Bend, row, down, stand up. Again, 20 seconds, as many as you
can get done. And when you repeat the circuit, you’re gonna repeat on the opposite side.
So remember what side you do. Here we go for 3 more seconds. And, done. We got 40 seconds
of rest again. Catch your breath, let your heart rate come down, and we’re gonna move
on to a Push-Up with your feet in the TRX. So go ahead and set that dumbbell down, and
get yourself into position. We’re gonna go down to the floor. We’re gonna place your
feet in the TRX, and then gracefully turn yourself over, so you’re in push-up position.
And again, we’re going for 20 seconds. So here we go: Core’s nice and tight, and tuck
those knees in. Keep that core really tight. Don’t let your back sag or let your hips come
up. And get as many done as you can get done in that 20 second period. We’re almost there
— we got 5 seconds. And, done. And you’re gonna go ahead and take your feet out. We’re
actually gonna go ahead and make this into one handle for this next exercise. So just
slipping each knot through. And from there, place your foot in the TRX. Here we go — this
one’s really gonna get your heart rate up. You still have that 40 seconds. Catch your
breath, let your heart rate come down, and we’ll go in 5 seconds. On your mark, get set,
and we’re gonna bend down and jump. Down, jump. Now really keep that knee tracking right
over your toe, as you go. Core’s tight, chest up, good posture. Go at your own pace. Give
me 5 seconds more. And, rest. Take your foot out — we’ve got one more exercise to go.
Remember, you got 40 seconds. Catch your breath, let your heart rate come down, take that recovery
period — get yourself ready in position. You need one weight for the next exercise.
Place right in front of you. And here we go in 3 seconds — 2, and go: We’re gonna do
a Clean. Up, set it down, hands down, take your feet out. Opposite side — clean it up,
set it down, hands down, and repeat. Again, for 20 seconds. Here we go, last one. And
that’s it. After you’re done, 40 seconds of rest. Repeat those five exercises using the
opposite side.


  1. I've been doing your Women's Health…21 Day Shape up Plan, I'm in my last week and it is very fun, challenging and effective, and this looks like more of the same. Thank you so much for all you workouts

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