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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in
2004 and it was discovered through a
mammogram I had started early mammograms because my
mother had breast cancer I was referred to the Sutter Cancer
Center through a friend of mine that had breast cancer She referred me to Sutter Cancer center because
she received really good care and so she suggested her surgeon and her oncologist to me The Sutter Cancer Center Breast Team is made up of individuals representing
different specialties within the cancer center so we
have and a medical oncologist, surgeons, apologist, radiologists, radiation
oncologists, as well as other support staff including nutrition and genetics.
I met Mary Pare, the breast cancer navigator, on the day of my lumpectomy and on that day I was just confused and overwhelmed
with information and she came in and really helped my mom and myself calm down and focus on
what needed to be done. The role of the breast cancer navigator is
basically to be there with the patient as they go through this treatment/journey so I can help them
see what’s happening and provide them with information and resources resources and support
as they go through each part of their journey. When breast cancer patients are receiving a
diagnosis of breast cancer and thats men and women who can be diagnosed with breast cancer, their first
concern is just accepting the disease. It can be very shocking because
most women don’t have any symptoms They’ve had a mammogram and then
suddenly biopsy at someone tells them you have cancer. Those treatment decision
processes is a lot of work for women They need information and that’s an area
where I can be very helpful Sutter Cancer Center has the latest
technology with regard to treatment of breast cancer we offer all the available chemo
therapies and all the antiestrogen therapies that are available. Treatment depends upon the type of breast cancer
because they’re different types of breast cancer and it depends on the extent of cancer
Whether or not it involves lymph nodes and such so based on those factors we and
come to an agreement or a decision about how beneficial chemotherapy would be and
whether or not there’s a role for antiestrogen pills if the cancer is hormone sensitive.
One of the new and innovative treatments for breast cancer is the intrememe
device which is a new way of doing radiation at
the time of a surgery. Traditional radiation is six weeks in
length everyday. This replaces that with just one dose of radiation
at the time of surgery so it’s as effective for women who are eligible for
as traditional radiation We have a new women’s imaging center
downtown that is opened recently and offers digital mamography as
well as advanced MRI and breast imaging The Sacramento region has several
community-based services through our infusion centers in various different parts of
sacramento as well as imaging centers in different parts to make a
treatment convenient also we are the only program in the area to be
nationally accredited we have the national accreditation program for breast center accreditation.
When they meet with us, the team, then they are offered treatment
options. So what type of the surgery is right for them: lumpectomy or mastectomy,
reconstruction There’re options now in terms of different
types of radiation therapy and then a person needs chemotherapy:
what treatment is appropriate for them Different patients, everyone faces this
diagnosis. They’re unique and their challenges are
unique so how to help them cope with the
diagnosis and their everyday responsibilities. yesterday I met a woman and it was her first
year anniversary from having been diagnosed said how you doing? How’s it been? This year’s been
so rough and she says no no no today is my victory day. Look at me. My
hair is short and it’s curly, but I have my hair. I made it through chemo. I made it through surgery
look at me now this is my victory day. My life is better now then it was before a year ago
I’ve been in remission for five years and now that I have my health back
I tried to do things that I took for
granted before and in many ways life can be short
and you don’t really know what’s gonna happen I always tell my oncologist,
whenever I see him, he says “How are you, friend” I say, “Oh, life is good” and that’s how it is now today Life is really good.

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