Taking Your Health Seriously As A Hardcore Entrepreneur | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

Taking Your Health Seriously As A Hardcore Entrepreneur | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

(jolly ringtone) (electricity crackling) – Yo man, it’s Gary Vee. I wish I prioritized my health. I could have slept one hour less, I could have worked,
and this is a crazy one, I could have worked one less hour, I could have done a whole lot of things, but I should have found that one hour to do what I’ve been doing
for the last 65 days, and prioritize my health. (electricity crackling) You know, I knew that what
I was doing in business, what I was doing in friendship, what I was doing in parenting, that was all on point,
but in the back of my mind I knew that my health wasn’t there, right? But the way I was rolling, I should have looked a thousand times worse
than I looked back then. My weight and just my body
structure, my natural DNA, kept it in check enough
that I wasn’t 400 pounds, because there was no good eating habits, basically there was zero exercise, zero to the time I was 38
and a half, when I did this. So it’s on the back of my
mind since I turned 30, “Crush It!” came out in 2009, I was 34, it’s been there, it’s been there. And then I’m on a flight, I’m
just sitting in the plane, head against the window,
again it pops in my mind, randomly I’m like “I really
need to get my shit together.” At 30 is when I said “I’ve
gotta change my business. I’m doing it well, but if I
really wanna buy the Jets, or really accomplish crazy things, I have to make a huge turn.” And on my thirtieth birthday,
I made that turn mentally. Literally my thirtieth birthday, I was driving to the
store, I looked myself in the rear-view mirror, and
I said “you’re full of shit. Your mouth is ahead of your actions. You ain’t buying the Jets,
you’re not gonna buy a jet, you can’t buy a jet airplane. Get your shit together.” And that’s literally when I decided to start Wine Library TV and
go into the Web 2.0 thing. Hello everyone, and welcome to the first episode of Wine Library TV. Today, we’re going to explore
the Wine Library wine room. Temperature controlled, lots
of buzz, 3000 square feet. And it’s changed my life, right? And so I said “you know what? I’m gonna do the health version of that on my fortieth birthday.” And before I even landed, so
somewhere within three hours, the conversation with myself went from “the hell am I gonna wait ’til 40 for? I’m gonna do this at 39.” And then I said “wait a minute. why am I gonna wait ’til November?” This was like March, right? I go “let’s do it now.” You’ve gotta make the mental switch, in the same way that two years ago I said I gonna make the,
there way no tactic. Just making that switch of
going all-in, not doing tactics. When you ask D Rock,
has he been working out? – Yeah. – I said no, because you’re not, unless you completely go black and white. You agree with me that it is
a mental switch, not a tactic. There’s no like “you’re
gonna do this”, it’s binary. Either you’re mentally in the place of “I take this seriously”, or you’re not. – ‘Cause life does whatever it’s gonna do, you just decide what
you’re gonna do around it. And that happens with
exercise too, I think so. Yeah just go with it, or you don’t. – One to zero. – One to zero. – I figured out my
health by tricking myself into a system where I was
accountable to somebody else. I genuinely believe this is a binary game. Either you keep yourself accountable, or you’re gonna be
accountable to somebody else. I think a lot of people
that struggle with fitness, and health and fitness,
and really probably in life in general, in
different disciplines, is they’re unable to be
accountable to themselves. I figured out that I needed
a full-time health person that was not my full-time trainer, that was my full-time health person. Meaning they only worked for
me, period, end of story. That I would make that
big financial commitment, and that I would be
accountable to that person. So I call Mike, I said
“do you know somebody?” And he said “well I would do it.” And I go “whoa, you’re gonna
give up all your other stuff?” He’s like “yeah, it’s worth it.” – There’s something he doesn’t know, that I’m about to tell him, because it’s our last workout ever, is that I’m working out with you today. – What do you mean it’s
our last workout ever? – Jordan tomorrow. – And that’s it? – And that’s it! (laughing) – I didn’t even know that! – Yeah! – I just got sad. – Yeah, I’ve been sad. – I’m now two and a half, three years in, Mike did it for two years,
now I’m with Jordan, he’ll do it for three
years, he’s six months in. (electricity crackling) – [Cameraman] So when you
have taken over with Gary, what has been your main focus? – We’ve actually gone through a bunch of different focuses throughout. The main thing, number one, was helping him feel really good. That was from day one to
now, the most important thing is make sure he feels
really good, no pain. So we’ve improved his soft
tissue quality all over, especially in his hips and his legs. And then now, also in addition to that, we just wanna stack on some muscle, for the next couple of months, before we start doing a
little bit of a summer cut. (electricity crackling) – It’s been game-changing. I’m much more athletic and nimble, I’ve been really chopping
away at my inefficiencies. I workout seven days a week, seven. I’m in the gym every, and
one day maybe a stretch, or things of that shape, but nonetheless it does not come natural to me. This did not come natural to me. There’s fat Gary keynotes, cut it in right now Tyler or D Rock. There’s a right way to get
a six-pack for your stomach. There’s exercises, and there’s a diet. I know what they are, I’m not doing it. You know, I tell a lot
of my creative friends, I’m like “you need to
find a business partner. Give somebody 10, there’s so many people out there marketing shit,
go find one of those people and let them market your great
stuff, and give up 10 to 50% if it takes that much,
because at the end of the day, if you’re trying to make it
a living, it’s a business. And if you don’t know
how to run a business, or if you don’t know what to do, oftentimes it doesn’t work out. (electricity crackling) But most of all, I feel
good about the long-term. I know when I’m 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, I’m gonna be in a better position, than if I had not done this. I’m gonna lose 15 pounds, but all the muscle’s
gonna be there, D Rock. And that means shirtless keynotes. (laughing) (upbeat hip-hop music) Of course it’s supposed to be hard. People are like “Gary, it’s so hard.” No shit, asshole. Are you willing to pay the
price for what you want? You want a one percent life, but you’re not willing to put
in a one percent work ethic. It’s the stupidest thing of all time. Why should that be easy? Makes no sense. Building something real takes time. Everybody’s impatient. It’s not just a young kid thing, the world’s impatient. When I’m on the field, I’m all-in one way. You can’t be 50/50 working out, 50/50 in your relationships,
50/50 in your escapism, 50/50 in the way you play,
that’s why everybody’s average. You have to be macro yin and yang, micro all-in one way or the other. If you can make that binary switch of “I’m gonna work a lot, I’m not
gonna have excuses anymore. I’m gonna be very patient, I’m gonna learn how to build a business.” Then things can happen. Just like I made a switch here, forever, seven days a week, for life. (electricity crackling) Love you, talk soon, bye-bye. (upbeat hip-hop music)


  1. Happy you took this on, Gary, and are now sharing this. I think good health is such an important factor in being a successful entrepreneur/businessman/employee/anything! There may be "exceptions" but as you say, go to a retirement home and talk to a 90-year-old who wished he took better car of his health. Be happy, be healthy, be present for your family. This will help the energy level high for the biz… Big props to you GV, keep spreading the positivity. ?

  2. The idea is so incredibly simple…make the mental switch. This cripples so many people yet it's so simple – something I personally also have to take the mental leap and switch as well.

  3. I'm happy to see that you've made real moves to make health a priority. I find myself pushing exercise to the side when I get busy, but it's just as important! Thanks for the video as always Gary, you're an inspiration. Look forward to the next one!

    Youtube/Antonio Vlogs
    Youtube/Broke Jokes

  4. I can't remember if it was this one or not (I consumed a lot of the content today) but you said something about people who find obstacles and people who find solutions. I've been in the previous camp for a long time (just graduated college so that used to be an obstacle I would mention (no time) and three kids under 8 where the older two have ADHD and are on the autism spectrum, wife had multiple diagnoses as well) and I just used those as reasons NOT to start. I've never started a business (maaaaaybe this online stuff can be considered one one day) but I always viewed those obstacles as the reasons I needed to start later in life like when the kids are grown and moved out (if ever).
    Not anymore, I view myself as a positive person, totally optimistic but I was sabotaging myself. I'm not looking to be the next million or billionaire. I'm looking to do something I enjoy, that I'm not depressed by, that I can be with my family with more often and even during, and that can provide for us in a way where basics aren't worried about and we get to do some cool shit too.
    Gary, you've said it numerous times but it was this time that it clicked. Here's to day one.

  5. Actually, sleeping one hour less is not such a great idea, Gary. It's one of the most crucial things to your health.

  6. Great talk Gary!!
    For those who don't exercise make it a habit to workout 5hrs minimum a week. Even getting a dog can help! Just stay active.
    For nutrition build up basic eating habits. Use your hands as a guidance.
    1. Eat slow- it takes our body time to realize we are full. Spend about 15-20min a meal
    2. Eat protein dense food. 1 palm of protein for women and 2 palm of protein for men
    3. Vegetables – eat 1 fist of veggies per meal
    4. Carbs- if you have not worked out try to eat of veggies and some fruit. After a workout have a few starchy carbs if needed but still mainly eat fruits and veggies.
    5. Fats- are important have it from eggs, meats, fish, olive oil, nuts, seeds and spread it throughout the day.
    If you build the habits to exercise 5 hrs minimum a week and build these basic nutrition habits they can help you out big time!

  7. Gary I really like the "Switch" theme you talk about… Most people thing change happens over a long time but it can happen in an instant and be forever if you really want it. I fucking love you dude

  8. This is up there with the "Lonely at the Top" GaryVee original video, such a good video that can be applied to any person from any walk of life, not just entrepreneurs. Keep that content coming man! ❤️

  9. @garyvee you got chiron in your first house. so the wounded healer aspect is related in your personality. check your birthchart for more détails on astro.com. Best

  10. +gary vaynerchuk listening to you talk about this topic is like a carbon copy of how I think to myself in audible form….good health is the basis of literally everything else. Thanks.

  11. Agree with @Rafael Eliassen comment, a hearty YES to this message; but as a wellness/meditation coach (to simplify it,) we leave out the rest/recharge aspect of meditation (in this video.) If the exercise becomes another way to push ourselves it still has a slightly negative effect. You have talked about sleep and meditation in other videos. But just adding in here that that aspect of yin, of rest/destress is CRUCIAL to overall "fitness." Literally time where we are aren't "doing" is key for mental health.

  12. Do you know what's absolutely absurd to me? Two things: Daily Vee is SO valuable to me, I listen everyday while I work because it's my business' practicality compass and it's insane that these only get 40-60k views because when I lookup any other video/topic on YouTube I look for whatever video has the most views (like we all do…admit it!) and look at this diamond in the rough with only 60k views.. secondly, I can't wait till Gary is getting a million views a day and I can sound like an old man and say "I remember when he was only getting 50k on average per video" lol… @garyvaynerchuk

  13. Look. I started a serious workout routine in October 2016 and since then, I've been getting more money. I think it's closely related. Your mindset changes.

  14. Massively important message. I reckon just as 'hustle' can be glamorised, so can the 8 cups-of-coffee-a-day mentality that breeds burnout. A healthy approach to business, fuelled by healthy living – Arianna Huffington's 'sleep your way to the top' mantra – should be heeded.

  15. oh yeah! this is so important. so glad you being that honest aboit your health and the difference it make. I workout daily since 2014 and its a complete game changer! and for all the ladies ( this is not an ad.. theses girls really change my life) karena and katrina from toneitup.com are so acessible and make fitness fun and part of a very cool lifestyle. aho Gary V for that video!

  16. One of my exercise reverse engineering hacks was to start biking to and from work as much as possible. Living in Brooklyn and having my office in Tribeca gave me a 30 minute ride in. It has made all the difference mentally and physically. I still need to work out in the mornings but I always know that I have these rides in to clear my head and get my heart rate and adrenaline up to start the day…

  17. Very cool video. I hired a personal training 3 weeks ago to push me and get better physically because I was the same way you were. I focused more on my business than my health and it should be the other way. If you don't have health, your business will suffer. Thanks Gary 🙂

  18. Oh man. This is getting crazy good now.
    Look at the quality, detail and most of all pure value.
    We need to blow this up. Send it to at least 5 friends. Lets go.

  19. Thank you Gary and team putting this powerful message together for all generations. There are so many priority points. Gary my ? is should ones health be a priority before wealth. Thanks

  20. "Will you survive your success.." (without a life support system)Try circuit training, a chinup bar, pushups, weighted poi, vooddoo floss, ice dips, stretch, snack.

  21. Whats up VAYNERS im here because ive been so motivated by this man and the community of his listeners and how we all support eachother! I have my own youtube channel and right it is in gaming but i am looking for feedback if i should deliver and document more on different cost of living in different places or doing interviews! let me know guys! best of luck!

  22. I have seen thousands of workout motivational videos, and this one just got me super hyped at work. Can't wait to hit the gym tonight!

  23. fuck yea man right the fuck on this is exactly what people forget… health is wealth and this is the truest thing in the world. higher conscious for the win!! keep it up Gary best video to this fucking day!!!!

  24. I think something that would help this channel and vlog a lot is if Gary was more personable with the audience. You may laugh at that and say, "wait, Gary is personable," and that's true, he is, but there's another side to it, and I feel this is something Casey Neistat does really well and I feel like it's the reason a lot of his fans are so addicted. One word: Family. Casey's Subscribers feel like they're in his family and actually participating in his life. We see casey undress and dress, we see his wife and kids, he takes us out to lunch and before business meetings he personally tells everyone what he's about to do and when He comes out he tells us how it went. A lot of Gary is good stuff but there's sort of this disconnect a little bit. Instead of us feeling like we're with Gary we feel like we're looking AT Gary. I mean, the whole time there's someone ELS filming him, and whenever Gary speaks it's just about business, which is good, but people's biggest need isn't business, peoples biggest need is wanting to belong and be loved. i.e. family life. We want to hear about Gary's business but we also want to hear about GARY. We want to go out to lunch, see your apartment, see your family, see way, way, way behind the scenes where the other camera guy can't always be.

  25. Whoop Whoop! how do want to feel for the rest of your life? what decision will you make today to make a change to your health. BOOMBOOM LOVE YOU GARY!!!!!!!

  26. Awesome.. But where do you draw the line? in Health, but also Ethics… Want true legacy? Go Vegan.. you'll be on the right side of history regarding health but most importantly, ethics, then do some research… Look at patterns. I'm curious to see when Gary would switch towards a plant based lifestyle.

    100 years from now we look back at society and feel so bad about how we used to treat our planet, our animals and ourselves…

    Where do you draw the line regarding ethics? Where do you draw the line?.

    The one question nobody can answer for me is.. Why do you want to cause pain and suffering to others…?

    We don't need it, It destroys our planet and It's the most unethical thing we as humans have ever done.
    And again.. if we don't need it. It's bad for our planet (which we do need!) and it's definitely not good for the animal's that get eaten. The woman that get exploited for cheap H&M clothing etc..

    So if we don't need it… Why cause pain and suffering if not necessary?

    If you didn't know or never considered this perspective. I respect that. But at least look into it.

    And after reading this and you still prefer to cause pain towards someone else, when not necessary.
    Then you are being a selfish human being.

  27. I'm 11 years old just dropped out of school and Gary has influenced me to start the car dealership business I always had dreams of!!! #garysinspires

  28. Most important Vlog you've done Gary.

    To be successful you need to be capable, can't do that if your mind and body are shit. This will only help you even more as you age.


  30. If you are truly taking your health seriously I hope you are doing much more than just gaining muscle and looking leaner. You talk about legacy and I'm surprised you don't seem interested in anything life extension related. You could easily hit up people like Tim Ferriss or Dave Asprey and have a truly bigger impact on your health as opposed to just looking much better (which you do). I hope you're doing full blood panels routinely if you really want to play the long game Gary ??

  31. still working on that "all in" mindset, either in or out…I go back and forth as many times as Gary switches time zones

  32. This video makes me so happy. As a fitness entrepreneur it genuinely kills me to see people be successful in their careers but treat their body like shit. Glad that Gary figured that out

  33. Whoever came up with this (video) concept….DOPE! One of the best, if not the best video I've seen on this channel thus far in terms of videography.

  34. Massive respect Gary, you took the plunge and decided to get this handled! A lot of entrepreneurs in their 30s forget about health and situation escalates very fast in their 40s. I'm happy you nailed it man, you have so much value to bring to the world and having your health on point is critical. Also great work by Mike and Jordan who helped you out!

  35. Gary's fitness is just as important and interesting to people but its sad that it doesnt get the same attention on the vlogs because its such an essential aspect of his persona

  36. DAMN GARY!!, i was waiting to turn 40 to start working out and get into better shape but you just turned that fucking switch in my head man… looking forward to see results in the next 8 weeks!

  37. This is a great message Gary! I'm about in this position myself right now, and deciding if I'm all in or if I'm full of shit and fooling myself into thinking I'm all in.

  38. This is actually a sort of epiphany I've just had with a little different wording in my head… Crypto was what led me to it because I had been calling some really good entry points and market turns on hunches but not been putting anything in myself. I slowly and then sort of at once realized it was easy to make it look like I was super savvy with the trading but on my side of the screen I didn't have enough faith in my calls to act on them, which was a matter of being less knowledgeable and skilled than I was projecting. Part of my move to New York was a goal to no longer be the person that has really cool connections, but to actually make myself a cool connection to have for my own successes and applied skills. I suppose an underling of that is to accomplish things that make you worth talking about, then your not the only good word about yourself and your fulfillment from what you've done is greater than what you could ever feel from successfully gilding your mediocrity…

  39. This video gave me goosebumps! Amazing editing with a touch of simplicity. Thanks Gary for showing more about your gym and diet life ?

  40. Hey everyone, I recently did a podcast interview with Gary's personal trainer, Jordan Syatt on my YouTube channel.
    If you want to learn about being a fitness entrepreneur, social media, Instagram etc, then you'll love it! 🙂

  41. This video is so fucking important among your "hustle, hustle, hustle" sentiment. My health has been struggling lately as a result of pushing it so hard that I just get hungry and impulsive and spend all of my earnings on fast food and coffee anyways. It's back to the drawing board. I'm 20-years-old and can't keep going like this. Thanks for the video Gary.

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