Tarot Reading Blitz!

Tarot Reading Blitz!


  1. Maryanne Williamson is forcing Americans to consider what their values are as we go forward…that's a good thing….maybe that's why Spirit is allowing so many candidates …because each one is presenting a different vision or issue that needs to be addressed….

  2. THE PRINCESS IS AN AMAZING SOUL YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I'm watching the replay. I had a really bad troll, dropping the F-bomb as well as other language during one of my FB lives. I couldn't block him quick enough. Since then, before I do any FB lives, I call in the angels ahead of time, to keep the energy clear and high vibrational running all the way through the session. I haven't had problems since.

  4. Brexit is a Horrible idea. If Boris makes it happen it will not only destroy him it will destroy the peeps. They will end up with their own piss in their cherrio's. No doubt about it.

  5. I know this is not a political question but I was wondering if you could shed some light on those two teenage boys on the run for allegedly murdering a young couple and another man in British Columbia?

  6. My last comment for today🤣🤣 see I did learn something from your perspective on what Sanders said about reparation money! I had not heard that before—I love Marianne . I have her meditations!

  7. RATCLIFFE to replace Coates…..will he get confirmed? Was he chosen to suppress Russian security election hacking and or suppress trump business security…

  8. I would be happy with Elizabeth Warren. I'm not sure if this is the time for Mayor Pete but I would love it if he became Governor of Indiana and then ran for higher office in the future. I'd be happy with many of the other candidates for VP, not all. I do like Julian Castro and hope he does have a prominent position in the next Cabinet.

  9. I sincerely wish Marianne would drop out. I don't want to be mean, I think she's in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is not an entry-level position!!

  10. Thank you Miss Whimsy for this Blitz. I was particularly pleased to hear your channeling (if that what it was) of Marianne Williamson. At first when you started I thought I donm't' want hear this as she's probably going to make fun of Marianne like the mainstream media. BUt was happy to hear you put your own opinion aside and just read the cards. But then again if you joined the political conversation, i.e. ran for public office you probably would also get a lot of criticism as a card reader etc. I happen to like Marianne Williamson a lot and very refreshing in my opinion to have a spiritual person join the political conversation and carry it forward as you say. I feel she has a lot of juice and is "inspired". And who knows these are interesting and changing times.

  11. Love that Mila likes the energy and is willing to hang out.  Haya went to school in England.  Of course she has good relationships.  I really appreciate her, she has done a lot.  She's VERY high profile in the ME, especially for a woman.  She was the president of the big horse association for 2 terms, which is very unusual for a ME female. She was also a Jordanian Olympian in her younger years.  I read that she can't go "home" because she will just be returned to her husband to "work it out" due to cultural norms.  I don't know if that's true because I don't live there, that's just what I heard.

  12. Exactly how does one help you to avoid trolls while doing this work? I think not knowing how to do it is why you may not have gotten any takers.

  13. Hi Whimsy. If I'm not mistaken, I think that the mother of the king of Jordan is from England and a Christian. I thank you so much for what you do ❤

  14. After last night, Marianne Williamson made quite the impression on me– I've read several of her books and think well of her. She's a spiritual giant!!! We could do worse than make her the Democratic candidate for sure.

  15. Great session. My own country has had an on-going process for many years now of reparations to the indigenous people. One of the outcomes which I think is great is that it impacts current laws and decision making and re-shapes the way we go forward in a much more mindful way. We still have a way to go but it is becoming a more automatic and tangible part of our processes at many levels.

  16. Whimsy, please look at The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and the future relationship of these two.
    Thank you Whimsy. Julia

  17. You teach every, single time you do a reading. You are such a gift to us and the world at large. I adore you beyond words. Thank you.

  18. Yes Queen Elizabeth II will always stand up for Princess Haya as they are both avid equestrians and have great respect for each other.

  19. Awww, Whimsy, I felt bad everytime you said something about help!!! I wish I would've caught this live, I would've offered a hand!!! 💜💜💜 Thanks again for the great readings!!!

  20. I love Elisabeth… I admire Tulsi too, she is opening a lot of different point of views on topics, people are talking… Yes Whimsy, Revealing Light.. good one! Blessings!

  21. sometime can you look at when the state of wisconsin will escape the stranglehold of the GOP? they gerrymandered the state assembly & are ignoring the new democrat governor. the state supreme court is also in their pocket. nothing good will happen in wisconsin until the GOP is kicked out.

  22. Thank you! I was able to see some of this live…now I'm on replay. Wow. I am learning even more hearing it a second time! ALSO, I noticed there were a few individuals who were willing to be Monitors – they were volunteering through the chat…I don't think you were aware at the time.

  23. my understanding is that putin influenced heavily that vote for brexit like he did in usa.. he was trying to break apart and union and sow division… would you like to ask how true this is? this could be influencing the stickiness of those who chose brexit without knowing true consequences.

  24. Excellent reading. Maryanne Williamson….I love her core function in all this is to be a teacher. She has been quoted by Nelson Mandela….Hello! Energetic Truth speaker…..both of you.

  25. You just changed my mind about Williamson. I now think she will be along the lines of Nelson Mandela in symbolizing America to the rest of the world…but she might have to endure being in America’s joke bag for the same amount of incarceration time.

  26. What about reparations to the American Indians whose land whose reservational land is being taken for oil and mining, or for their lack of water development when US government put them on desert land? Shouldn't they get reparations for water and solar power, and other things to make their lives easier without becoming dependant on companies that raise rates?

  27. Whimsy-you were talking about the Cuba attacks the other day~
    I think these are not biological but electromagnetic pulse type attacks. It’s a warfare used for crowd control etc. Effects make ppl feel sick too

  28. I guees the senate enablers have used Trump all they needed to. They have taken us the edge of democracy. 😖🤨I hope we don't have to find our what's on the other side of that line.

  29. Exactly whimsy as per the reparations debate…i want land and to live in peace with my little house..ive built submarines for thirty four years no regrets because i enjoyed my life. I think im more hurt that after the slaves were freed the farmers were given reparations for loosing thier chattel and farms..cuts deep to my soul…my grand mother was a child growing up on the Heyward plantation after leaving and moving to new york she graduated from Yorkville nursing school in the late 1900's and retired from morrisania hospital in the Bronx she was an amazing woman but she never talked about the horrors of slavery.

  30. Wouldn't it be great if after we pay reparations to the Native Americans and the descendants of slaves, that next up, are "all the women of the world!" They would call this time the great white man's impoverishment-by-divorce.

  31. Boris Johnson told Britain he could do Brexit, just trust him. That's what Trump said to his supporters. Hummmm. Do you suppose they have the same Russian advisors?

  32. Wow, very interesting. Especially Marianne Williamson reading. I knew she was well respected in her field and she's getting noticed by people who did not know her. Her message is strong and it resonates with more and more people as authentic love for all of humanity. I love Marianne. Thank you Whimsy, you are awesome and a bright light in these unsettling times.

  33. ghislain (m) and ghislaine (f) are quite common french canadian names. in quebec the "gh" is pronounced like the "s" in "measure", so female is "zheess-lenn," in male the final "n" is semi-silent. there is also the name "guylaine", pronounced with a hard "g", for "gee-lenn". one of the witnesses (victims) called her "guylaine", so i don't know how she pronounces it herself. robert maxwell, her father, was czech; he changed his name to "maxwell" to anglicize it. he may have found the name "ghislaine" in a book and pronounced it any old way

  34. Thank you, Whimsy for this reading and all of the previous ones. The way you read is very unique and I appreciate that.

  35. Re: the money missing/investigation, I have always felt that Mnuchin was going to be behind this. I have nothing to go on except that he is a) obviously greedy b)probably under TrumPutin’s control (remember that appalling lifting of Russian sanctions for no apparent reason at all?) and c) as Treasury Secretary he is guarding the money which means ample opportunity. I recall early on in DT’s Presidency that treasury data files were tampered with. Nothing ever came of it… gee I wonder why.

  36. The phrase “dark psychic energy” that Maryanne used really seemed to resonate with people. I think because that phrase is a way of saying the word evil without actually saying it but it registers on a subconscious level that’s the feeling people have about the DJT administration.

    Exactly about right and wrong. This is why all those people detained at the border are going to end up being well off American citizens. Reparations are going to happen at some point. It’s not reparations if the govt decides to spend your money on other causes.

  37. Whimsy I am believe former president Ronald Reagan signed reparations legislation for the Japanese, which was paid to the heirs if the internee was not living. Victor

  38. Something to calm our psyches down. A gift from the heart.

  39. I love the idea of creating a new covenant between a government and it’s people based on trust and integrity. The whole world could stand to do this. MW’s whole take on atoning/reparations and acknowledging & healing from past wounds are sound, and will go a long way to building that sacred covenant in the future. There’s real psychological benefit to the people that have been oppressed to… I really hope something like this happens. ❤️

  40. Marianne Williamson was the pastor of the Unity church near me for several years (the same church Jack Boland pastored when he was living) and I had the good fortune of being able to see her speak on a weekly basis along with many other greats like Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, Og Mandino and others . I think she is in this race to help elevate our collective consciousness and national conversation and help us to visualize a future for this country that is about our soul and not just our economics and politics. She doesn't need to win the presidency for this to happen as it appears she has already had an effect on the country judging by the news reports.

  41. Whimsy, can you do a reading on how Trump followers are going to react when he is forced to leave office? Will they turn aggressive and violent to people of color? Will there be even more shootings and beatings and abuse? As a mother of people in their 20s (especially a black son), I really would like to know this.

  42. I don't think she is victim bashing – isn't it about people taking personal responsibility? Isn't it perhaps calling attention to the victim mentality rampant in our society today? She needs 28,900 more donations. For the reparations, Marianne wants economic opportunity for the payment, not cash payments, but funding in the way of community development and education. She's talked about this for 20 years. She has already spoken internationally.

  43. Angela Johnston, you have a great brain. thankyou for my first great chuckle of the day. the movie is already being written. from downunder take care Janell xx

  44. I missed your live post , but Hi from Queensland Australia! Just love your personality and your readings, many blessings 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  45. Everyone needs to see 'The Great Hack' Please! (It's on Netflix) So much chaos world wide has been sewn by data mining! Many people who are mentally malleable have been swayed, brainwashed and controlled. Time to WAKE UP! Thank you Whimsy

  46. Whimsy! So good to see you and Milla! Fun tarot blitz and I'm glad you didn't read on Epstein. I'm having nightmares about that situation. Maryann at Revealing Light is so good! I just love her! Love and light to you and Milla 😻🕊🐈💕

  47. whew! we seem to have a long long way to go….Maryanne may be way ahead of her time… but the so welcome
    ring of truth in what she said in the debates is so very welcome to my ears, and it seems some of the public
    is very supportive of her depth of vision.

  48. Thank you Dr. Whimsy AND those who join your chat. I pray for protection for you all, and that trolls and those who are negative are plagued with technical difficulty every time they engage in activities that could lower our vibration.

  49. Hey Girl! I had stopped in at the beginning of the Blitz and had to laugh – everytime you would ask for a monitor people would say love too and it would scroll by, then you would say, still no one to help me monitor, and more people would say yes, me, me, more than happy to help. I got caught up in the energy and started posting Whimsy, people are volunteering, scroll back. And still you would say, so no volunteers yet. By the time we hit the Castro reading I had to leave, to much energy viaing for attention and I was getting caught up in it lol. Great Blitz, love your insitghts hope you got a chance to scroll back and see how many wonderful viewers want to help keep the trolls out. Much love 🙂

  50. Terrific blitz! Loving your expression of energetic passion regarding reparations and MW's perspectives on life today!!!
    As a child asking for Halloween candy, 🤓👻🤔😍, will you please do what you do to help the world to reveal,repudiate and abolish the 15th century Doctrine of Discovery. 😖😧😤😱
    It is the root concept of international law that is still currently upheld by US Supreme Court decisions. It is the framework of Monarchs and the Catholic Church to lay claim to all non- Christian lands and resources.
    The Pope's have acknowledged and apologized for it harming so many people. The current Pope will not repudiate it. The World Council of Churches have denounced all of the papal bulls of that dark time, yet not the Catholic Church or the international courts.
    This haunts us all!
    Will you please help and guide us to address this basic crime against humanity? With Love, Light and Gratitude, we thank you 💞

  51. Wow, just wow. A brilliant blitz session…thank you so much, dear Doc Whimsy!

  52. Whimsy, How do we know when you go live? Also, how do we get rid of Trolls? I am thinking for the future to help you so you can focus on your reading.
    Thanks so much, loved your reading!

  53. Thank you Whimsy! Great reading. Really feel like there is shift happening. In peoples perceptions of others and our spiritual global evolution. Cannot express our gratitude for you & other readers lighting our way!

  54. Whimsey, I am amazed at how well you channel Marianne! I can listen to her or you channeling her truth much to my betterment. A covenant to citizens to higher self and power. It truly resonates! Let's contribute Marianne2020.com , 27k individual donors by Aug. 28th. Lots of love!

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