1. Hey Ellen, I have almost completed my cancer treatment. At the end I am hoping to get a second tattoo on my right wrist that says 'Survival with a heart beat'. Instead of my first one that says '(Flatline) Fighter (Heartbeat)'. Could you make a game for donations to anything to do with brain tumors, OHSU, glioblastoma, or child/teen cancer? Thank you for reading.

  2. Ellen plz donate to children's cancer research because children only get 4% of the national funds. I should know. I had cancer and I'm only 10

  3. Hello Ellen i was hoping you could bring awareness to a Arnold Chiari Malformation my daughter suffers with this disease everyday.

  4. Ellen i‘m from switzerland and i watch your show everyday after school❤️ Also if i should do homework i watch your show! I don’t know any other person that watches your show everyday like i do (this includes my friends because most of them don’t watch your show at all also if you’re so amazing and nice❤️) I‘m always trying to tell people how great you are but they don‘t understand it? You‘re such an amazing person and you literally are the greatest, nicest, best and amazing person on earth i love you sooooo soooo flipping much❤️ MY THREE BIGGEST GOALS AND THESE THINGS ARE ON MY BUCKET LIST, ARE MEETING YOU, JUSTIN BIEBER AND SERGIO RAMOS. THESE ARE HUMAN BEINGS THAT I LIKE REALLY REALLY MUCH!!!!! I LOVE ALL THE TRHEE OF YOU WITH MY HOLE ENTIRE HEART❤️ Greetings from Bern, Switzerland

  5. Omg Ellen you should do a new game we're you get a random persons and they have to throw items that they really want in a basketball hoop under 1min and what ever they get it they win

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