Teen Is Asked To Take Pregnancy Test – See What Happens And The Results

Teen Is Asked To Take Pregnancy Test – See What Happens And The Results


  1. What they did to the teen was completely inhumane and honestly, a disgusting act. How come the parents didn't even feel ashamed of what THEY did?

  2. Your forcing someone over there will to take a pregnancy test and filming someone without permission and that’s illegal just to let you know

  3. “Thank you for unlawfully imprisoning our grandchild, Dr. Phil. So glad to hear she’s not pregnant.” What’s that oath called that doctors take, about not doing harm? Oh that’s right. It’s called the Hippocratic Oath.

  4. Oh she's claiming that she's prego, that kinda changes things but I still think they needed to be more discreet and not embarrass her. Idk. I dont know the whole story

  5. Y’all saying she wasn’t filmed when she was forced to take the test, but don’t forget that she was watched by a crusty old lady

  6. She knew she wasn’t pregnant. That’s why she resisted taking the tests. She should’ve been treated like an unworthy newborn in the movie, “300”.

  7. I don’t mind them doing this because if this was my child, I need to know if she is pregnant or not. It’s not something to lie about. This is a very important subject matter. They are only filming her sitting in the floor. They aren’t filming her peeing on the stick. This girl needs a lot of therapy for lying and being awful acting. She also kept messing up the pregnancy tests on purpose which is wrong

  8. It’s prison for her if she doesn’t change her ways, yes this was a very uncomfortable situation and they invaded her privacy but where is she gonna get if she doesn’t stop lying (for example saying she’s pregnant to have power over her parents) or committing crimes? Watch the other videos, she completely refused to cooperate even when it came to just talking with dr phil. This was not the right action but someone has to draw a line for her and stop the insanity

  9. It's just my opinion, and I'm not defending her, but this feels wrong. She's lying, all of this could have been solved by talking to her, understanding her side of it. Not all this.

  10. Resisting was wrong. However not believing your child to this extent, is abusive. They neglected to see the truth. Then cried and blamed her for putting her family through what?

    What is this supposed to help when she becomes an adult besides future mental health issues? She was recorded against her will and then forced to take a test.

    Which came out negative.

    We blame this generation, say its doomed, they are too sensitive.

    However this is exactly why we are going down this path.

    True parenting has been depleted because of child abuse laws. Punishment is needed. Not this. Forcing a child on reality television to do this against her will.

    That's true abuse.

  11. Imagine commenting your opinions without watching this entire video, or the other clips to the entire episode that show more context 🤔😱

  12. Literally she was lying to her parents claiming she was pregnant and she wasnt doing anything to support or take care of her baby, a pregnancy test was needed. Shes a child and she didnt want her lie exposed so of course that's why she was throwing a fit, not because she felt violated.

  13. this is disgusting. dr phil is not a real doctor. he takes advantage of people who are in need. forcing a young girl to take a pregnancy test and being watched is absolutely disgusting.

  14. I feel like this was a serious violation of rights. Yes they’re coming from a good place, but making a teenage girl sit in a bathroom for hours forcing her to take pregnancy tests. Just dosent seem morally correct to me. She obviously wasn’t pregnant, that just wasn’t the right way to go about handling it. I have a lot of very mixed feelings on how that was handled . Especially on live tv and surrounded by a bunch of strangers and viewers of American television instead of her family. I think something like this could really scar a person. Not defending her actions but this was not ok to do to anyone.

  15. If anyone’s still active in this comment section please try and reply 🙁 even if its months after I posted this comment. I live in the uk so I cant watch Dr.Phil on my tv channels… Is there any I can get around this?

  16. It’s disgusting they forced the test on her like that, I’m sure if they didn’t come in with such hostility she would’ve done it easier

  17. This is a violation of her privacy and I don’t care what the parents say she shouldn’t be forced into anything to protect her self from them

  18. Okay this is a violation of privacy, right?? Forcing a young girl to pee, on FILM to preform a pregnancy test which she didn't want.?

  19. As soon you will know you will be sexually active, stop and see a doctor and a contraceptive plan, no time to play stupid, yo do not need to complicate you life. If you wanna a be an adult, start there

  20. Comment section really shows slow a lot of people are. She lied about being pregnant and you got people arguing about “how it must of felt to take a pregnancy test with all those cameras” lol. Yeah I guess I’d feel embarrassed to get called out on MY LIE on a show I AGREED TO BE ON 😂😂😂

  21. In my opinion, if she was this rude to her parents she kinda deserves this. She wasn’t a victim she was resisting every action they were trying to help her with. If this was abuse, despite people saying that they say that the government is messed up, the police would be on their tail end.

  22. Ok, this really upsets me! I watch all this and can’t see the end..??!! 😳
    Why, what’s the point? Does ANYBODY KNOW WHERE THE ENDING IS TO THIS EPISODE? Thank you.

  23. This may seem racist but after looking at the black lady it reminded me that i've seen white kids curse there biological parents out and even hit them but if the black lady that 9 times out of 10 raised them hear them and give them that look….they INSTANTLY apologize to the black lady. What im saying is when black women were raising the white babies they never turned out to be disrespectful as they are if their parents raised them. Cant make the kid raise his voice or talk back to the black lady but curse and hit their parents. I think it has something to do with black women scientifically being the mothers of everybody on the planet so they know what to say and how to say it no matter who you are . now go watch the clip of Claire Huxtable when Vanessa went to see the wretched so you can see why black woman are not who you want to piss off

  24. To be honest I think she was going through some things that her parents doesn’t know about. Yes being a teenager is honestly tough we are not always going to tell our parents everything because the trust. Maybe she feel untrusted or other things it’s not about power or leverage maybe there is a hurting inside the lines. Teenagers is not always gonna tell the full story

  25. I don’t care if for a fact I knew I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t take that test for anything. That’s such a violation to your child.

  26. you say her name, show her parents, publicly read the things she’s written, and forced her to pee on a stick in-front of staff. If i were her i’d call the cops. There is no way anyone would sign off to doing this willingly! I’ve never been more disgusted and disappointed in this show. If Dr. Phil isn’t her parent why is he controlling her like so and abusing his sense of power?

  27. I honestly don’t know what the home situation is. It could be a number of things. I think part of it is probably the parents. Or maybe she just fell with the wrong group of friends. I really hope that she gets the help she deserves though.

  28. This is one of the times I really do not agree with doctor Phil’s methods. She should not have been forced to take that test, especially with cameras rolling and a bunch of people she’s never met before… disgusting

  29. showed her a positive pregnancy test, but then refused to do any other ones that were impossible to manipulate, and kept messing with them, of course, she was pregnant.

  30. What do you expect with that kind of behavior? She's spoiled and she knows her right 🙄. That's how it is in America

  31. Father seemed disappointed she was not pregnant. The statement afterwards was bizzar. Almost like he couldn't let go of that thought.

  32. I think it's kind of revenge. They took away her condoms so now she can actually be pregnant. It's her own way of 'teaching' her parents that they can't just take away her stuff and make her do things

  33. The mom seems like she has some mental issues com on phillie billie cant u see most of the things happening in ur fake studio

  34. I'm sorry you should not be forcing a teen to take a test and videoing her. As a teen I find that disgusting that you are videoing and crowding her.

  35. If that was my underaged child whose living with me and I’m her legal guardian and paying for her, she would’ve had to get a blood test done. Forget the urine test. In my opinion and working in the medical field and also being a parent I agree with making her being supervised by a licensed nurse to take the test. Cameras in her face no, it should’ve been done more privately but as a child pulling these stunts and possibly being pregnant it would be abuse not to make her take a test to make sure if she is pregnant to have her and the baby receive prenatal care and make sure mom and baby are safe.

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