Teen Vs. Adult: Women’s Health Fact Challenge

Teen Vs. Adult: Women’s Health Fact Challenge

really I don’t want it to be true but I also want to win it hi I’m destiny and I’m the adult hi I’m Jay leaning on the team today we are playing a game of true or false women’s health facts I feel like I know approximately 50 percent of being a woman a very young so I think I know a lot about like women’s health just cuz I am an adult like you learn more things every day about your body and like what women go through and like what you’re going to go through the older you get and things like that so I feel pretty confident the women’s health talks in school were more about like sex education and like don’t get pregnant I don’t think it was based more on like actual health a lot of early education I can remember is like sex ed and like it was mainly about the man like this is a condom this is how you used like it was never about the woman this is your body this is what does I usually just Google things I’m like is this normal is this okay like am i okay so I heard this is a competition and I don’t lose so I feel like I’m gonna win okay all right let’s get this competition started researchers believe that alcohol can impact the menstrual cycle by heightening estrogen and testosterone levels according to a 2002 study so out the hall can affect your period what does it do to you when your estrogen is heightened I feel like certain symptoms or certain things are like yeah out of whack but I don’t know I feel like it’s false because alcohol should aside blood not hormones adult men are at a higher risk of allergies asthma and autoimmune disease than women I do feel like I know more warm men in my life that have allergies really it’s like I know more women who have allergies I feel like maybe it’s women because I’m a woman and I noticed like hearing more things about women who were like having diseases or and women I don’t know we always get the short end of the stick I feel like wow wow I really thought I thought about it like TV same like I know I was on the right track and then I was like no there has to be a trick question so I was right a 2016 survey conducted at the University of Chicago and released by Planned Parenthood found that only 27% a woman and 90% of men agreed that consent is required at each step of sexual encounter I feel like that’s scary right it’s like alarming that’s a large people don’t understand it or they’re not important also I feel like a lot of people don’t know that there’s different stuffs I went to a school that was like superb everyone was hooking up and it was a yachty school and I heard a lot of women say like you know I just did it because he kept you and leave me alone that kind of comes into the conversation I don’t know like yeah I’m gonna Gus really I don’t want it to be true but I also want to win it I don’t know I just thought that that percentage would be higher for women 27% is not a lot yeah the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists believe that as many as 50 percent of women with fertility problems may have endometriosis I have no idea what endometriosis yeah so endometriosis is a condition where the tissues that normally grow inside the uterus grow outside of the uterus and I know it causes a lot of women to have really bad cramps and just really bad period pain and things like that so that sounds totally believable to me just because like the symptoms that come with endometriosis and a lot of women I know who’ve experienced it it just sounds like a hellish experience and I’m sure dealing with tissues and things around the uterus may contribute to like carrying a baby kind of make sense [Music] like yeah that’s really unfortunate you can get pregnant when you’re already pregnant Oh technically I saw something that this lady had two uterus so if you do have two then you could get pregnant in one and then get pregnant in another one after but I saw on a reality TV show this one this one lady had twins and they each had a different dad because she oh yeah been with someone and then got with someone else like him immediately after at the same time but even you’re not to be pregnant at that point like I don’t know that’s shocking like it’s cool to them like a woman’s body can do like cool stuff but like wow do you imagine being pregnant and you’re like oh there’s another one some research suggests drinking large quantities of caffeine might increase the risk of miscarriage I’m no doctor but I’ve heard that women can have coffee while they’re pregnant like one cup a day or something like that most miscarriages happen in the early stages so I don’t know if that’s like a in their first couple months no coffee and then yeah I feel like part of me thinks that like caffeine obviously like affects you somehow it’s not like alcohol or caffeine does come in a form I forgot about the time you think that maybe could be addicted to caffeine yeah I was a 2015 the average age of first-time mothers in the u.s. is twenty six point four years old I mean it depends I feel like it’s definitely like people are having kids older now I feel like it’s a mix yeah also like the point four makes a difference I don’t know 20 26 seems kind of high all day I feel like it’s gonna keep going oh yeah for sure the US has a third highest teenage pregnancy rates of any industrialized country I mean if I compare us like Canada or like Sweden yeah I’m a little concerned but also who’s Princeton sidekick Realty yeah I feel like honestly if we’re the third I can’t think of in the top two so I would think we’re the first not the cutest brca1 mutation it can increase a woman’s chance of breast cancer up to 65% and ovarian cancer up to 39% I feel like these percentages are not as high I’ve never heard of this before yeah like ever people that have this mutation usually get like their breast removes so I feel like there should there’s probably more like a higher correlation I didn’t know about that gene but it’s so crazy to know that like something that we passed down like that like that’s a really high percentage there are several ways to confirm a diagnosis of endometriosis including ultrasounds and testing menstrual blood that seems right to me yeah I think so I don’t think I don’t know how else you would like test it or like trying to figure it out you have to have surgery to find just to find out and you can’t even cure it they need do it you guys I feel like in this time and age there should be like anyways some studies have shown that testosterone and men may help them tolerate higher levels of pain dampening the activity of pain receptors I think that’s a lot I feel like women can handle so much more pain that is so true dampening the activity of pain receptors I don’t feel like hormones are like suppressors in men yeah and this is about woman health Oh [Laughter] [Music] see we yes we did know that women can handle higher pain but but I was also confused I was like why is this question I think I have a passing grade I feel like there was a lot of things that I just had no idea about I think I did okay but I think a lot of the like statistical questions of my percentage questions I had no idea I definitely learned a lot honest thing she got along right so my second time okay sure yeah but I feel like I got more right like in a row so that’s why I thought yeah that’s true but then I stopped I’m done I’m leaving okay I just wanna say we’re both winners we’re both right yeah yay we did it we’re both educated smart women and we both learned something today yeah a lot of face in it [Music]


  1. Damn, I will never get these 10 minutes back. “I just wanna win”……but they’re both women….so they both lost.

  2. 1:49 I knew that one instantly because autoimmune diseases run through the women on my moms side of the family. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, 2 of my sisters have diabetes, and my mom has hypothyroidism. My mom passed down autoimmune diseases to 3/4 of her daughters 😂

  3. I was shocked! And also really distracted by the ADORABLE balloon unicorn in the back😄😍 2:55

  4. Hey, i have a question for the ladies, I started my period about 2 weeks ago, and I'm still bleeding heavly, the odd thing is, It's my very first period, and i live with my dad. So i have no body else to ask. Could you guys help me out?

  5. The teen's laugh is just…. wow. Probably just nervous laughter, which is understandable, but totally grated on my nerves

  6. Hey guy, i want to start posting harry potter related videos. Can you pleaaaase subscribe. When i get 100 subscribers i will post the first video!

  7. “adult” yeah 25 is just the beginning of being an adult, your brain finally has settled down. I guess since insurance companies consider you one, i guess 25 is “adult”

  8. "Young Adult vs Slightly Younger Adult" should've been in the title instead tbh

    They're basically in the same "world" at 19 and 25

    Maybe a 16 year old would've been a better choice to have as the "teen" because they'd get their knowledge through school/friends/family and it isn't exactly common for 16 year olds to have a gynecologist they can go to for information in regards to things about their bodies, like women who are a lil older in or approaching their 20s 🤷‍♀️

  9. The only one I got wrong makes me extremely sad. SERIOUSLY?! The consent percentages should be MUCH higher!!! Especially in women!!! Know your worth, ladies! Speak up for yourselves!!!

  10. Wait how is USA the highest teen pregnancy when some places out there people marry at 14, or its commonplace to have kids as a young girl?

  11. You need a laparoscopy to find out if you have endometriosis. Contrary to popular belief, it can't be found even with an internal ultrasound OR a CT scan. But treatment DOES exist! It involves complete removal of the lesions. You don't have to just live with excruciating pain.

  12. I have endometriosis its so painful they didn’t even know until I had surgery for a dermoid cyst that was in my left ovary the can burn it off but I usually comes back pretty quickly mine came back just as bad within 6 months I was 17 at the time my obgyn said I have the worst case of endometriosis she’s ever seen in someone my age

  13. I knew everything but the one about gene mutation. Don't know lots about genes or gene mutations, tbh! But everything else I knew. Why didn't they include PCOS symptoms are sometimes treated with diabetes medication? that woulda thrown em as well! They don't seem to understand how hormones move through the body and how much they affect. I guess most people don't.

  14. I'm 26 years old and I have major severe endometriosis. I have to have a hysterectomy (June 18). My doctor said she will try to keep my ovaries, but everything else has to go. Will have a video.

  15. In Germany u are an adult as soon as u turn 18 …. they should have taken people from different generations 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  16. So. I was at my mom's yesterday. We were talking about the BRCA gene, because my dad had it (which he passed in Sept. 2017 from Pancreatic Cancer). She had received a newsletter about the local hospital (I won't name it, because to we were not happy with them) that couldn't treat him, and within the newsletter, it talked about the BRCA gene, AND another gene, that I hadn't heard of that she also said he had tested positive for when he was going through this cancer. I just can't remember what it was called because I had never heard about it before. BUT I am glad that the BRCA gene was talked about in this video, and as well in The Try Guys video when they took gene tests. I am glad that it is becoming a topic, because a lot of people don't know about it.

  17. It’s scary how low of a percentage of consent is. I just know I was so appreciative when my ex would ask me permission to kiss me or stuff like that because he knew I had a lot of insecurities

  18. I knew the allergy thingy was false, because my mom is allergic to trees, grass, cats, dogs, and the stem of the bacon.

  19. thank you for explaining what is endometriosis!
    although i’m still young (15 years old) i’ve been going through some tests to prove if i have it.
    from experience, i can say that it is a lot more painful than a normal cramp.
    there’s been occasions that i’ve suddenly throw up and then pass out or just trow up all day.
    i think this is something important to know about women’s health because of all the issues that it has.

  20. People in the comments so cringy… 19 is a teenager not an adult, someone does not become magically an adult when turn 18, and by definition adolescence is from 10 to 19, so she is a teen all the way

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