Telling Our Family & Friends We’re Pregnant! They Had NO IDEA

– Hey everybody, and surprise! You all finally know we’ve
been hiding the secret from you all for two months now and it feels so good for
you all to finally know that a little “Flying the
Nest” star is on it’s way – Little puff pastry. (laughs) – We are so so excited and we just wanted to say quickly, a massive thank you. – You guys have given us so much support, honestly, out of anything
in our entire lives, the outpouring support you’ve
given us has just been, wow! We’ve just, the last two
days reading the thousands and thousands of comments so… – [Jess] I still get emotional about it. A huge question that you’ve
all been asking us is, did we record the reactions
of our family and friends when we told them that
we were having a baby, and yes, of course, we try to capture as many moments as we could, we want to put them all into this video so we can look back on
this on years to come. – So thankfully we actually found out we were pregnant right at the
end of a three-month trip. – So when we got home, we
had to tell Claire first, and we always get her a
little gift so it’s quite easy to tell her ’cause I told her, “Oh Claire, I got you something
when we were in Europe, go sit down on your bed”, so she sat down, closed her eyes, put out her
hands ready for her gift. – [Jess] Feels weird vlogging here. – Hi vlog! Haven’t been
on here in a while. – [Stephen] It’s been ages! – [Jess] Wait, all right, close your eyes we haven’t wrapped it. Put your hands out. – But I want it wrapped. – Ready? have a look. – Can I feel it? What?! What?! (Jess and Stephen Laugh) (Screams) Oh my god,
this is the best day ever I can’t believe it, yes! Oh my god! Yay! I can’t believe it, that’s so exciting, I can’t wait. That’s so exciting, so
you’re not going to be traveling for a while, yay! That’s amazing, oh my
god, that’s scary though. – It’s so early.
– I was thinking, I was like what the hell is that? And then I opened and
I was like, what? What? – I’ve only known for a few days. But, like, I have to tell Claire! – [Stephen] You’re the first person. – Really?
– [Stephen] Yeah! – We haven’t even gone to
the doctors yet. Or anything – So the next people
that we actually told, were our good friends Ashley
and Heidi and little Hugo. – And we had the best
idea on how to tell them. – So six months ago, Ashley
and Heidi were actually trying for their second baby. We all went round their
house for board games, and we kind of brought it up and said, “Do you guys think you’re pregnant?” And Heidi said “No I’m too early to try, “but how fun would it be,
if I took a pregnancy test “and we all found out together?” So fast forward six
months time we’re like, “You know what, that’s the perfect idea, “let’s see if they bring that up to us” ’cause we hadn’t kinda hung out, in about three months. Thankfully, Heidi did
bring it up and said, “Do you think you guys are pregnant?” – And I said “Oh, I don’t know,
but should we take a test?” I feel like I need to, like,
say something to the camera. So we’re currently at
Ashley and Heidi’s house. And they’ve convinced us to
take a pregnancy test. Right? (laughs) – Is there gonna be lots of tears? – I don’t know? I don’t
know how I’m gonna react. – [Heidi] 45 Seconds till we can check. – You have to be in it too. Oh my god, I don’t know what to say. – There’s 15 seconds. – 15 Seconds Hugo! – Did you find it difficult? – My heart is like racing,
what if this is it? (laughter) – Hugo are you ready? So you have to tell me
if it says yes or no. – Yes – Whoa, okay.
– Time is up. – We all close our eyes. – Wait are you going to hold it up here? – Yeah and I’ll hold it up
all together. Close your eyes. – I feel like this is such a big deal. – Close your eyes, close
your eyes, close your eyes. – Close your eyes. – Look. (laughing) – Wait, what’s it say? What’s it say? What’s it say? (gasps) – Are you for real? – It says yes. (laughter) – We’re having a baby. – I actually, really
wasn’t prepared for that. Oh my god, you’re having a baby. Did you know you were? You
already knew? (screams) (laughter) Screw you! – So we knew we didn’t
wanna tell anyone else now, until we had the ultrasound. Because I actually haven’t
had too many symptoms. I haven’t really been sick or anything. So it still wasn’t feeling real, so at week eight, I had an ultrasound, and we saw a little, flakey
puff pastry, inside my belly, and it had a little heart beat. So I was like, “okay I feel
comfortable now telling the grandparents” And it was
Stephens birthday coming up. So I was like, “Why don’t we
use Stephens birthday cake, to surprise Stephens
parents with the baby?” So today we’re going to be
telling Stephens parents, And I’m so excited.
We’re off to buy a cake. We have an idea! (multiple people) ♪
Happy birthday too you, ♪happy birthday to you, happy birthday, ♪ dear Stephen. Happy birthday to you. – Blow out my candles? – Hip hip. – [Multiple People] Hooray! – Hip hip – [Multiple People] Hooray! Woo! – We love you Steve! – What’s that say there? – We’re having a baby. (camera person laughs) What? – We’re having a baby. – You’re not? – We are. – What?! (laughter) – Ah give me a hug dad. – No, you’re not. – We are. I didn’t wanna tell
you till we had the ultrasound – Are you really? – Yeah
– We really are – Oh my god, really? – Yeah, really. – Oh my god, how do you feel about that? – I’m excited! – Of course. – Yeah look at the month of labor. – [Camera Person] Wait, let’s see. – I’m looking on the cake and I’m saying, “Where’s the happy birthday?” – What’s it say?
– What’s it say? – [Stephen] Oh, we ordered the cake! – [Camera Person] Yeah, turn it around. – [Stephens Mum] Jen will be so excited. – [Jess] I know we tell her tomorrow. And next was my family and unfortunately, they live on the other side of Australia. So I couldn’t tell them in person. But it was so fun calling each person and telling them, they’re
gonna be grandparents, they’re gonna be uncles,
they’re gonna be aunties. So, ah, it’s so cool. Oh and guess what? Mum. – Yeah? – And guess what’s
happening next year in May? – What? – You guys are gonna become grandparents – You’re kidding? Holy fool wow! Wow, wow, wow! Liar, oh wow, wow. Jessica,
I can’t believe it! Oh my god! (Jess laughs) Oh my god really? Oh my god. (Laughs) I’m too young to be a grandmother. Mee maw, mee maw,
– Where’s dad? – Mee maw. – I see you got that puff in ya face. – [Jess’s Mum] Oh shut up! Shut up. (Laughter)
Oh my gosh, oh wow! – A may baby, so it’s
gonna be the same as you. – [Jess’s Mum] A Taurus. – Yeah it’s gonna be a Taurus. – Oh my gosh, how exciting, oh la! Oh wow. – Look at that little happy face, Stephen. – Are you spewing? – I was just calling because,
you’re gonna be an uncle! – Oh really? (laughter) I don’t know how to react. – I feel like I keep just shocking people. – It’s exciting. – I know. Hello! – Hello, hello. – How are you?
– How are ya? – Good how are you? – I’m good I’m just walking down Chapel. You know, casually walking down Chapel. – Guess what? – What? – You’re gonna be an uncle! – (gasps) Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh my god that’s so exciting! Oh my god, I’m so excited! That’s so cool. Because I hate children but
I really want to be an uncle. Oh my god that’s amazing. So exciting! That is so exciting, I’m gonna cry. Oh my god, congratulations. – Hello
– Hello Oh you are sweaty, you did
just go for a bike ride. I was just calling because,
you’re going to be an auntie. (Laughs) – What? – Sorry I shoulda waited for
you to wipe the sweat off. – That’s okay. Here’s my baby. – Aww! Aww it’s so cute. – Oh my god, Drew is gonna lose it. – I know and then he’s
gonna probably ask me what star sign it is. – Yeah (laughs) – Uh! A Taurus, just like you! – It could be a Gemini. – Uh, even better! – So finally, we then
went out and kinda told the rest of the world,
the rest of our friends. And we tried as hard as possible to capture as many people as possible. So I hope you enjoy this
little montage of our friends and family finding out. – [Jess] I’m pregnant. – (gasps) What?! Congratulations.
You’re such a shit. – [Jess] ♪Happy birthday to you. ♪ – Hip hip. – (multiple people) Hooray!
– Should I blow out the candle Oh yeah, so uh, me and Jess are pregnant. – What?
– What? – What?
– Really? – [Stephen] Yeah. – Oh my god, give me a hug! Well done. – ♪ Happy birthday to you,
living the life in Mexico. ♪ – I mean we’re celebrating
a couple of things, ’cause it’s like, my
birthday and also, um, We’re having a baby. (laughter) The delay was everything! – I can’t tell if you’re joking or not? – I’m not joking (duck sound) – There’s like… – That is so cool. – I am whisper screaming right now. – I know. Ah there you are, aw Caley! – Aw no! – Aw. We thought we needed to
call you to see how you were. – Well we have some,
um, something that might make you feel a bit better Caley. We’re having a baby. (screaming) (Laughter) – You’re gonna lift my
heart rate into the red. (laughter) – Oh that is, ah, that is wonderful! – She got goosebumps guys! – I’m pregnant! – Shut up! Wait hold on!
Now I need to get Paul out. I left him in the restaurant but now I’ve just flagged
him down. Oh my gosh. That’s so exciting. I’m
not gonna say anything till he comes out. – Okay. – Come here. – I’m pregnant! – (gasps) Are you serious? (laughter) Congratulations! That’s great news. Congratulations.
– That’s so exciting – Aw thanks guys. – I’m ten weeks! Guess what girls. What? I’m having a baby. Baileys not impressed (laughs) – If it’s a girl her name should be Ellie. – Ellie, so Fred or Ellie? I always have the biggest grin on my face, every-time I watch all those clips back. I feel like the best part about being pregnant so far, has
just been telling people. And the surprise on their faces. It’s been so amazing, but,
over the last three months We have also been capturing
things that have been happening, behind the scenes to
do with the pregnancy. And I know a lot of you
have been asking questions about what’s been going on, so, the next video that you’re gonna see, the last pregnancy video, is going to be everything that’s been
happening over the last three months that you’ve all missed. But I just wanna say thank you again. And that video will be out soon and yeah. – Thank you guys, really
appreciate it, like, You guys have been absolutely amazing. – All right – Thanks so much guys.
We’ll see you very soon. – Bye!

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