The Brain and Spine Hospital at Medical City Plano

– [Narrator] Looking for a
world class nursing opportunity to leverage your brain
and spine expertise? – We handle comprehensive
stroke and brain trauma so the time sensitive nature of our work keeps us on our toes. – I get to collaborate
with some of the finest neuro and spine surgeons in the region. – This unit has the best teamwork, the patients are top
priority for everyone. – Neurology is a really interesting field. It’s constantly changing. I love the people that I work with. We’re doing some amazing work. – [Narrator] In the
thriving, growing community of Plano, Texas our comprehensive
brain and spine hospital is the first and only in Collin County to be certified as a
comprehensive stroke center. – This hospital is growing
and truly innovative. Wanting to be on top
of the next big thing. – We’ve grown a lot
within the last two years where we’ve doubled our beds. With that you challenges, but you also have great opportunities. Having the opportunity
of lifelong learning, you definitely get it here. – We bring progressive advancements and clinical innovations
to everyone we serve. This is a rare opportunity
to learn and grow with the best. – Our staff is committed
to excellence always and when you look at our culture, we have some of the
most experienced nurses in the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We love our nurses and their experience that they bring to our patients. We have the brain and spine hospital here. We’ve got 68 beds dedicated to
the brain and spine hospital. It’s the largest unit
in the entire country. Our staff is sophisticated,
highly trained. We are the home for the
Texas Stroke Institute that has a network across
the entire Metroplex. We have 160 hospitals and
health care facilities that send us stroke patients and we’re the nucleus of that for the entire HCA system. – The residency program has been great. They really want to support new nurses. – They give you a certain mentor that can help you through your transition and to help you learn. – We value the voice of the
nurse in everything we do. It’s part of our DNA. – [Narrator] Delivering a level of neurosciences care found only at the most prestigious
hospitals in the country, our accomplished team of
neurologists, neurosurgeons, and nurses are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week for triage and immediate treatment
of stroke patients. – We’re in constant collaboration with neurosurgeons, with stroke doctors, with critical care doctors. – Neuro and spine innovations are transformative for a lot of people. Improving their quality
of life significantly. – Our interventions are critical and seeing the results of
everyone coming together, it’s amazing. – Come work with me. – Come work with me. – Come work with me. – [Female] Come work with us.

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