The DEMONS Behind Breast Cancer!!!

The DEMONS Behind Breast Cancer!!!

Prophet T.B. Joshua ministers prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing, deliverance to people, who have come from all over seeking solution from the healer Jesus Christ. As he moves along the line, he encounters this woman, and the unclean spirit within her begins to manifest. Let’s watch what happens next. Manifestation Of Evil Spirit. Be delivered, in the name of Jesus Christ! Be set free! Who are you in this body? Manifestation Of Evil Spirits I’m her husband. What have you done to her, as a spiritual husband? Her career, her education? What have you done? Manifestation Of Evil Spirits. What have you done to her career, her education? She is so sick — very, very sick. She has cancer. So you gave her cancer. Where in the body? She has in the cervical but they did not see that one — I hid it. She has in the breast. What have you done to her family? Her blood is infected. What have you done to her family? Nothing. Who’s this brother beside you ? He’s her daddy. Sir, what can you say about your daughter? She is my daughter and she has cancer of the breast. This cancer runs in the family — it killed both of my parents. A few months ago, she too was diagnosed with cancer. I believe it is a generational curse. Man of God, please, help us! To God be the glory — she is free. TESTIMONY TIME Good morning, Church. My name is Uzoamaka Akparanta. The lady standing beside me is my mother, Elizabeth Akparanta. We came here today to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God in my life. It all started two years ago immediately after my SSCE exams. One evening on my bed, I noticed an itchy spot at the left side of my breast. I then scratched it but two weeks later, I noticed that it had become worse. It wasn’t healing; no matter the antibiotics or treatment I used. It just got worse. It started expanding as well as bringing out water, blood and pus. Four months later in December, I went to the hospital, and the doctors told me I had cancer of the breast. I was very sad because medically speaking, cancer has no cure. They give you drugs only to prolong your life. However, in my mind, I said, “Thank you, Jesus”, because I knew a testimony would come from this. When you hear the word “cancer”, the first thing that comes to your mind is pain — constant pain. Both day and night, I was in pain. I couldn’t sleep at night. I had to stop sleeping in the room with my mum because she would wake up in the night, see me there and start crying. At a point, I had to start using breast pads because if I tried to take my bra off, it would come off with parts of my skin, causing blood to come out. I couldn’t wear clothes or go out under the hot sun because it made it worse. If I stayed somewhere which was cold, it caused me this sharp pain. I was always in constant pain. If I was walking on the road, someone would ask me what was wrong with my clothes. Then I would know I was stained; the breast pads could not contain it. If I was at home, I could change ten clothes up to ten times in a day because my skin was constantly bringing out blood and pus. Even my bra was constantly stained with blood. Whenever I went to the hospital, the doctors would start crying and ask why I had this at my age. I went for chemotherapy, took drugs and injections. There was a time they gave me this injection and at the bus company in Warri, they refused to let me enter the bus because they said, I looked someone who was about to die. They said, they didn’t want someone to die in their bus. We had to beg them that I would be able to manage myself for such a journey. It was so bad and terrible — the blood, the constant pain and peeling. It wasn’t getting better; it was expanding. Every week, we would buy a carton of at least 40 breast pads. Sometimes, I would finish them within five days; sometimes, they could last for eight days. When I got my admission into university, I was scared to go for medical clearance because I felt they would notice it and then defer my admission. I was always praying and remembered something Prophet T.B Joshua said. He said, “Whether God heals you or not, He is your Healer. He is aware of your situation. He will not leave you without healing, prosperity and salvation”. This gave me peace of mind, that God was aware of my situation and working out my healing. I then started the journey to look for healing. We went to the best hospitals and clinics we could find in Delta State and across Nigeria but we kept being referred to various other places. We went to UPTH and Lilly Hospital get the best treatment money could afford but they couldn’t handle it. Then, in January, I came to The SCOAN and was privileged to be prayed for by Prophet T.B Joshua. I remember that before I came, I was watching Emmanuel TV constantly at that period. There was a man sharing his testimony who said he saw the prophet praying for him in the dream. I laid my hands on the television and declared my faith would carry me to the point where Prophet T.B Joshua would lay his hands on me. I didn’t care how it happened but I knew the prophet was going to lay his hands on me. Indeed, God answered my prayer and Prophet T.B. Joshua laid his hands on me. That night, for the first time in about eight months, I slept peacefully. Two weeks later I was at home when I realized I had been wearing only one top all day. When my mother came home, I told her now my breast was dry and that I had worn the same clothes all day. That is not enough for Jesus Christ! Put your hands together beautifully for the miracle working God! That is indeed a miracle and that can only happen with the help of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Just a moment ago, we saw how the sister was placed at the prayer line – as you can see right there. Apart from the healing, she was also delivered from the evil spirit that was the architect of this breast cancer in her life. After her deliverance, she received her healing and after that moment, she said, everything changed for good. She is happy that she is healed, and she is here testifying to the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ in her life. Let’s clap for wonderful Jesus Christ once again! Miss Uzoamaka Akparanta & Mother (Healed of Breast Cancer) After the prayer, I went back to the hospital. Before then, the doctors told me my blood was contaminated with the cancer cells and that if it wasn’t drained, the cancer would spread to other parts of my body. However, when I went back for the test, my blood came out clear, my hormonal level was normal and everything was okay. I praise God for that! To God be the glory. Please go to the notice board and explain what we have there. Okay. Here is the medical report before I came to The SCOAN when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s also written here that I had a fibrocystic disease. Here, is it. Over here is the report after I went back to the hospital. I was told I no longer had any disorder. You’re saying, the medical report at the extreme of your left-hand side was the diagnosis of your breast cancer. Yes. After you came to The SCOAN, the man of God, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, prayed over this problem of breast cancer in your life and also delivered you. Afterwards, you went back to the same hospital. Yes. And what happened? When I went back to the same hospital, they found nothing wrong with me. In less than two months, something I thought was never possible, happened — my skin returned to normal as if nothing had even happened to it. I had no scars, spots or injuries — it cleared up as if nothing was even there in the first place. To God be the glory. We rejoice with you greatly. My name is Elizabeth Akparanta. I will first thank God for giving us this great man of God in this country, Nigeria. The lady next to me is my daughter,
Uzoamaka Akparanta. I don’t know how to appreciate God for what He did for me. Seeing her again, healthy. With the way it happened, I was thinking the breast would not be normal again. Now, she is totally healed. I thank God and the great prophet that God gave us in this country, Nigeria. I am grateful. How do you feel as a mother seeing your daughter healed? I am happy but during that time, I always cried. Every minute, I would cry and she would cry. Now, we are happy. We thank God. To God be the glory. Once again, let’s clap for Jesus Christ! Miss Uzoamaka Akparanta & Mother (Healed of Breast Cancer) What words of advice do you have to people listening to you? My advice to the viewers — we should hold on to God and believe in His prophets. It shall be well with you when you believe His prophets. I now have faith in God. To God be the glory. Let’s hear from your daughter finally. Miss Uzoamaka Akparanta & Mother (Healed of Breast Cancer) You made us understand, you’re perfectly healed. Please could you touch the very area where you had the breast cancer, and tell us how you’re feeling? There is no lump, there is no pain, there is no sore. I couldn’t even touch it before. I couldn’t wear clothes or bra. I couldn’t wear black because the doctor said I shouldn’t wear anything black. Right now you’re perfectly healed. Yes, I am perfectly healed. Having experienced the power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through His able servant, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua, what is your word of advice to everyone listening to you? My word of advice is this. During the period I had this sickness, I didn’t run from God; I was always reading and meditating on the book ‘The Mirror’ and I was always watching Emmanuel TV. I remember one sermon where Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “Don’t let your situation change your confession. Whether God heals you or not, He is still your Healer. Whether He blesses you or not, He is still your Blessing Provider”. When you are in any situation, thank God because He saw you through that situation and He is going to give you a great testimony out of it. Thank you. Let’s put our hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God And indeed, we’re happy to hear from you, that you’re fully aware that the source of your healing is the Word of God. To maintain this healing, you have to go and make His Word the standard for your life. As you go and do that, always have it at the back of your mind that better is not good enough, the best is always yet to come. Let’s put our hands together beautifully for the miracle-working God! Miss Uzoamaka Akparanta & Mother (Healed of Breast Cancer)


  1. Amen We thank Jesus for his mighty work , yes there is healing in the name of Jesus , We thank him for using the Man of God prophet TB Joshau

  2. thanks you my lord Jesus Christ, for delivering my sister from that horrible situation.
    I too my lord with faith you Lord so shall I also receive mine us I had ministered and continue to minister the anointing water from PROPHET TB JOSHAU.
    I return glory to lord of lords and king of kings in Jesus Christ name.Amen

  3. if prophets i choose tb joshua, teachers Paster Chris, blessed are those under these people, but tb joshua the greatest man, lm still learning

  4. nobody gives a shit how people hurts people that really has cancer, but money and popularity are over any feelings. so great video…. for cold hearted

  5. blessed is God almighty for he has given us mercy favor and a gift which is Jesus Christ and through this prophet he shows us there is hope and healing is real and Jesus Christ is alive hallelujah glory be to God

  6. Emmanuel,God with Us. Praise God, To God be the Glory. I connect with faith, distance is no barrier. I believe, I see and I believe. Thank You, Jesus For being here for Us, through Prophet TBJOSHUA Blessed be your name . ?

  7. Emmanuel @simple dope , if you don't believe there is healing in the name of Jesus christ then you are on the wrong platform , because l have.

  8. I hope prophet TB JOSHUA come into my dream and lay his hands on me.
    i need my own deliverance too. and deliverances of some of my family member.
    Thank you Jesus

  9. Papa pray for me i am in Italy for the past 11 years I don't have document tb Joshua pray for me I always see myself having sex with women in my dreams some time men pls man of God I really need ur pray

  10. Thanks be to God. Jesus healed many. And said with man its impossible.But with God all things are possible. And He is proving that through His prophet T. B. Joshua. And we seeing the witness and testimonies of thousands. Look at God. He is awesome! Creditable, Compassionate, loving caring Father. And faithful to His word. Am so happy for there deliverance. Am rejoying with my brothers and sisters. Jesus is alive and well. Our right now God. And demons have to Jesus mighty name.

  11. True devil synonymous i n evil things but He who dwells in us true believers is greater than him.glory be to God.

  12. From what i ser on notice it says mastitis but I wonder if it was inflammatory breast cancer and doctors did not realize it because it is so rare. Praise God for our little sisters healing.

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