‘The Fitness Marshall’ Workout!

‘The Fitness Marshall’ Workout!

He’s taken social media by storm with his YouTube views with each of his routines ranking in up to 10 million views and helping viewers get fit with the click of a button. Check out the fitness Marshall. Caleb Marshall, also known as The Fitness Marshall, began blending his passion for pop star chorography and fitness. Check four serve this! Creating unique cardio dance routines that have garnered him over 210 millions view online. Dramatic pause! The popularity of his music video style workouts I’m all emotional and revved up. Have even lead to a live show that rivals concert style productions. And now those routines are hitting the road with his live tour, along with his uplifting messages You gotta tear apart the crusty dusty heart. The fitness Marshall has a one of a kind salute to getting in shape while having fun. (applause) Please welcome Caleb Marshall, aka The Fitness Marshall and his crew to the show. (applause) (funky hip hop music) Search for me right here! We’re searching for doctors within our network! Touch your sexy shoulders, and point it down. Now go to church! Woo! I’m just gettin’ a little bit o’ Jesus in today (audience clapping along to the beat) Now touch your body, touch! You’re just brushing off all your haters. Take your right arm up. Down! You’re celebrating a good report from the doctor! (cheering) That’s awesome. That is awesome, well done!
Thank you very much. Hi! You rocked it! Thank you very much! How do you go from being, you’re a student right? Uh-huh. And then-
Wait, student? All of a sudden-
How did you go from your student life to teaching Cardio dance?
To doing this stuff. So here’s the deal, when I was very young, I was not confident, I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere and one day I saw a Britney Spears commercial. On TV, and I was like, I wanna be this woman. (laughter) So I started just dancing in my room for fun, and it made me so happy and so confident and so I got to college and got the opportunity to teach these dance fitness classes and they gave me this pop star mic and a big mirror and a room full of people that would just do whatever I said and I was like, this is my dream! I’m Britney Spears and Richard Simmons at the same time! (laughter) I love it, I love it. And it just really took off, and it was incredible to see so many people connect with dance and confidence in the way that I did, and I’m not like a trained dancer or anything, so it was really just a chance to give normal people a space to feel sexy and confident and just celebrate life. And I know that you’ve commented on many of the comments that you get on your YouTube videos, could you share some of those with us? Yeah, so its about fitness and health and weight loss, but its also about mental health and spiritual health. There was a few months ago this little girl who had a brain tumor, so she had to go and get her operation. She was understandably terrified, and these videos were the only thing that kept her okay and kept her smiling before she went into surgery, and that’s why I do it. That’s amazing, the power of dance and positive- (applause) Well, I know you said you wanted to be like Britney Spears, but I think now everybody wants to be like you! Oh, stop it, stop it! Now, can you show us some moves? Of course! Are you guys down, are you ready? Yeah!
Ready. As long as you don’t ask us to replicate them. Lets go, lets go to the big floor. Let’s go, let’s watch the fitness Marshall do his thing! Alright, so we’re just gonna do the very simple moves. So once you get over here, you can join. We’re just gonna brush off our bodies like this. Oh no, you have to do it! Just clean yourself off, single, single, double, yes! Yes! Oh my gosh, get all your haters off, you can do it! Say, where’d they go? Not here, not today Satan. (clapping along to the beat) Look at you, you’re so clean, oh my! This is for the haters! Yes, yes! Oh, brush ’em off, brush away your haters. They’re gone! (audience cheering and laughing) Caleb, you rock. Thank you both for being here, we appreciate it. You can check out more of The Fitness Marshall’s videos or to find out how you can attend one of these live shows, head to our website.


  1. I saw this the day it aired. I was entranced and figured he was gay, which led me to subscribe to his channel. Hot.

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