The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

The Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

[ Music ]>>The Northwest Center
is a training resource that brings the latest
teaching and research to public health
practitioners in the field.>>We can’t fully improve
public health unless we move from the bench to the
trench to bring scientific and technical knowledge from
the university and move it to application in communities.>>We’re here at Beverly
Elementary in Edmonds in Snohomish County to
watch students in action in the Gear Up and
Go initiative. It was developed to change
the downward trajectory of activity levels in our youth. Gear Up and Go works
with the Northwest Center for Public Health
Practice as our evaluator. They have been integral in
actually seeing what happens and what best practices
take place within a school so that they can be replicated
and shared amongst others.>>I’m Lindsay Bosslet. I’m a public information officer at Public Health
Seattle and King County. When I was a student, I also
was research assistant here at Public Health Seattle
and King County and worked with the Northwest Center
on a texting toolkit. The texting toolkit is an online
resource for anybody who works in public health communications
to learn more about how to use texting in
public health practice. The Northwest Center
was instrumental in developing the
text messaging toolkit and made it the visual
masterpiece that it is now that makes it accessible
for all of the people who would want to use it.>>The Northwest Center is
important for being a link between the research and really
into the community so that one, we can go back and forth and
put research into practice and practice into research.>>At our school, we believe
very strongly in collaboration. We think that we can improve
and promote public health better if we do the work together, and the Northwest Center
absolutely exemplifies that collaborative spirit. I see the center as a research that will serve our
region for decades to come. [ Music ]

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