The REAL Way to Get Health and Fitness Results

– Yo, I just went to the gym. What did you do on a Sunday night? 7 p.m., it’s been a long day, but I still made time to go to the gym I was in there for less than
20 minutes, got my sweat on, could’ve gone a little bit
harder about probably 80% and I accomplished that, I got
the workout and I feel good. It’s easy, it’s not difficult, guys. Fitness you just have
to make it a priority. You don’t need a gym. I went down to the basic gym we have in my apartment complex, I could’ve gone outside
and done 10 sprints. You know, all of that sprints I would’ve been done for the day. I could’ve gone in my room and
done 50 squats, 50 push ups, 50 sit ups, something like that. Do some kind of end wrap or something. There’s a million things I could’ve done to got my fitness in. The reality is for most people,
what they want to achieve, has nothing to do with
exercise, it’s about nutrition, it’s about diet, it’s
about eating real food. Real quick video, we’re gonna go over, what you can actually do to
get a six pack, to be fit, to be healthy and to really
have the body of your dreams, by following a few simple
principles, first principles of human health and nutrition. So, let’s get to it. (“In the Jungle” song playing) Number one: move often, okay? Now these aren’t ranked
through order of importance. You should move regularly,
move often, avoid sitting, stand, mix up, you’re working
between sitting and standing, go for walk in meetings, walk
while you’re on the phone, get– try a walking treadmill
desk, do things like that. You wanna move as much as you can. The more you move, not only
the more calories you burn, the more your metabolic machinery,
your stomach and your gut and all the things work
properly, the better you feel. But just the better your
body and your brain works. Humans are designed to move. We are designed to move in
nature on a regular basis in a varying mix of ways,
over, under, through, above, climb, always over things. The more we can move, the
better is for our brain and for our body, okay? It’s gonna also help you
control your appetite. It’s gonna help you burn
calories and just do, everything you really wanna do, if you wanna accomplish anything,
walking helps you do it. So make sure you’re moving
as often as possible and like I said, walking,
a daily walking habit, 10, 15 minutes can do wonders
if you don’t already have it in your life, you know? Take it– make a point to walk
10 minutes after every meal. Walk around the block
two times or something. It’s super simple. You just have to make it a priority. Move as much as possible. Number two: practice some
form of intermittent fasting. I have a bunch other videos on
this, so I’m not gonna spend a lot of time. But in general, intermittent fasting is not about calorie restriction,
it’s about controlling your calories to a feeding window. So everyday I do a 16/8 or a 18 to 6. And that basically means, that I wake up and I skip breakfast and I
time my first meal of the day sometime between four to
8 hours after I wake up. And what that does is that
gives me a fast of about 16 to 20 hours from the day before. Now I will use something like
the drink your fat method, in the morning, a morning
butter brew at times, to help pull me over for that long. But today, I just had coffee
and I didn’t eat anything until 4 p.m. and I was good to go. And now my second meal
will be in a couple hours and I’ll have compressed
all my calories for the day into that eight hour window, alright? So, it’s about compressing your
eating to eight hour window so that you can extend the amount of time you go without food, because
the longer you go without food the more you get all the hormone benefits and the weight loss benefits and the appetite control
benefits and just all the reasons why fasting makes you better, right? And again, is not about calorie
restriction, most people who are fasting they
think, calorie restriction, it’s about calorie timing. Restricting your calories
to a certain window. Number three: wake up every
morning to a 12 to 16 ounces of water, Himalayan pink salt,
get yours at, use code WILDCEO for 12% off and a dash of apple cider
vinegar or lime or lemon, or something like that. This is gonna really get
you going in the day, and you need those
electrolytes in the morning to– your body, because it’s
depleted through the night. It’ll also help you crave food
in the morning if you’re used to eating breakfast,
it’ll help you eat less. It’ll also help you not crave
food as much, so if you’re practicing something
like intermittent fasting or the drink your fat, wake
up to a big glass of water with lemon, lime or apple cider vinegar and lime or whatever. It’s gonna have a lot of other benefits, but it’s also gonna help
you curb the appetite and just get the day started correctly. Number four, the big, big thing. And number five is kind of a bonus to the number four, big thing. And the big thing is
you must eat real food. Particularly, you must
buy real raw ingredients and cook them at home, yourself. That is the only way you
can control what you eat and what goes in your body. When you let corporations,
when you let restaurants, cook for you, you are
removing some of the nature from the equation, you’re
not getting any say, and you have no knowledge
of what’s actually going on. And as you’ve probably
heard stories of the thing that goes on a kitchen,
will blow your mind. The fryer oil they double,
triple, quadruple use or they use for weeks on
end, when they should’ve changed it out weeks ago. All that toxic stuff goes in your body. The low quality oils,
vegetable oil and seed oils they use go into your body. The preservatives, the
flavorings and the processed refined salt and sugar. And all these other
ingredients they put in food to make it addictive
and make it taste good that has no consideration
whatsoever for your actual health. The only way to control
your health truly is to buy the realest, rawest,
best quality ingredients that you can and cook it at home. Number five, we’ll go right to it. Number five is, I guess
number four covered it. Number four is real food. Number five is gonna– is
four and five is gonna be the same thing. So, number five: real food. What constitutes real food? Okay. So, something that is not
cooked, that is as real and raw and not prepared by a
corporation as possible. So, when you buy a bag
of sauce or something. Even if it’s like a
really good organic sauce, generally is not gonna be as good for you, as if you were to buy
those raw ingredients and prepare yourself, right? Because anytime you cook food,
you decrease the shelf span, because there’s almost
always preservatives or other things that go into that
food, so that it’s shelf ready and stable, right? And you just take some of
the freshness out of it. There’s a reason it doesn’t
taste as good as fresh food, it’s because fresh food
has all the nutrition, fresh food is what we’re designed to eat. We’ve been eating food right
out of nature immediately. The second we harvested
it, caught it, killed it or processed it, in nature
we would’ve eaten that. Instead of now we eat food out of packages that’ve sat in the shelf for
who knows how long, okay? So, four and five, real
and raw ingredients, preparing at home, get the
freshest, realest raw stuff you can get. Ideally go to your farmers
market, have a relationship with your local farmer. Buying good organic meats
online that come in frozen and defrost them in your fridge and then cook them the next day. Things like that. The more you can prepare raw,
real ingredients at home. You’re gonna get every
possible goal you can imagine. You want six pack abs? You wanna live a long time? You wanna look better, feel
better, not have brain fog? All these things when
you have a real food diet as the primary base line of what you eat. You will do all of those things. Alright? So guys, thanks for watching. This is a very short video on just getting the body of your dreams. Getting health, these really
are the first principles of optimal human health and nutrition. After all, humans are animals,
we are all the same animal, no matter what people will
have you believe about different colors or races or whatever. We are all fundamentally
animals of the same species and we are designed to eat the same foods. Now, there are certain variations
of some people do better with less carbs, more cars,
less fat and more fat, less protein, more protein. There are going to be variances
from person to person, but we still all need to eat real food. We need to cook things and not
let corporations cook for us. We need to get moving,
we need to exercise, we need to get sunlight,
all these things, right? So, make sure you stop to
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in the comments below, what you want me to cover, if you like the video,
if you don’t, whatever. I thrive on haters, so
that’s fine as well too. But comment something below and
put something in this video, ideally all of it, into use,
into action in your own life and make your life better, alright? So, thanks for watching. (upbeat music)

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