The Safest Estrogen Foods for Reducing Breast Cancer Risk – Dr. Veronique

Ty Bollinger: Talk about estrogens in food. Soy has what is called phytoestrogens, right? Dr. Desaulniers: Right? Ty Bollinger: Talk about plant estrogens. Dr. Desaulniers: Okay. Food has been around since we’ve been around. Plant estrogens do not act like
aggressive estrogens. They are very protective. The don’t—they protect against DNA damage,
they block the estrogen receptor sites. They actually reduce the level of circulating
estrogens in the body. Flax, for example—a study that I like to
quote—there was a study done at the University of Toronto
where they took women who were getting ready to have surgery, they measured their cancer
markers and their tumor levels, and for a month they
gave them five teaspoons of ground flax seed in a muffin,
which probably was made with white flour and sugar, but, anyway, the ground flax seed was
in there. And in 30 days their markers went down by
30 to 71 percent, just with ground flax seed. Fermented
soy—if you use non-GMO, organic, whole fermented soy, it has a very protective effect. It turns on the
P53 suppressor gene, it reduces the circulating estrogens. It is a protective food. Look at the Asian
society. They have used soy in their diet for thousands
of years and their breast cancer rates are much lower. Ty Bollinger: But the keys are that it is
non-GMO and fermented. Dr. Desaulniers: Absolutely. Ty Bollinger: It is interesting, isn’t it,
that we have to say non-GMO. Soy, by nature—corn, by nature—cottonseed,
by nature—all of these things that are genetically
modified—they are actually not GMO by nature, right? Dr. Desaulniers: Correct. Ty Bollinger: And so when you genetically
modify them, they’re not really any longer that substance anymore. Dr. Desaulniers: The real food. Ty Bollinger: They’re something else. Dr. Desaulniers: They’re frankenfoods. They’re foreign foods so your body doesn’t
recognize what they are.

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