The Triggering of Shia | He Will Not Divide Us

The Triggering of Shia | He Will Not Divide Us

Shia LaBeouf is an artist. Welcome to his museum. He brought you such works as: watching all of his movies in a theater, back to back, and wearing a paper bag. (JUST DO IT) (MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE) But now, he’s ready to unveil his Magnum Opus. (HE) (WILL NOT) (DIVIDE) (US) [Interviewee] He won’t divide us. [Newscaster]: Their message from a story of Queens, broadcast for the world to see. The camera feed will be up 24 hours a day, for at least four years. The media called it a triumph
(He will not) The first great art of the Trump era.
(divide us.) [Lady, tearing up] He will not divide us. He will not divide us. But, unfortunately for Shia /pol/ appreciates art too, and they wanted to express themselves on camera as well (my heeart.) [Jesus] But you’re so supreme! WAH DAH [Jesus and Cynthia Harrell] Oh, I give my life, not for honor, but for you. [Cynthia] In my time there’ll be no one else [Both] Crime, it’s the way I fly to you. I’m still in a dream. /pol/ had one goal in mind: to take over the exhibit, and trigger Shia. (He will not divide us) By day two, Shia is getting sick of hearing about Pepe (GO PEPE) (HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US) Pizzagate is real. Shia LaBeouf is a rich white liberal who doesn’t care about the working class. Six hours later… [Shia] He will not divide us. What is that, a little speaker? Whose speaker is that? /pol/ learned that Shia was particularly triggered by Nazi roleplaying, so it became a game to make Nazi references while he was on camera. What’s uppppp. [Shia] Bang bang. Hitler did nothing wrong! In a rage, he sexually assaulted some dude. Then, Sam Hyde showed up. [Shia] Yo, be careful. Be nice out here. Hey, be nice out here. You’re surrounded now. But it all came tumbling down. Off camera, because of a misunderstanding, he assaulted one of his own supporters. The police called the event and he was arrested. He was deported back to Los Angeles the next day. Soon after, they also had to put up a fence. A wall, if you will. And now only five people at a time can come in, and they are very well vetted. But, credit where it’s due,
(He will not divide – REEEEEE) although this was not good art,
(REEEEEEEEEEEEEE) Shia had created one of the most fascinating things to watch on the internet. (He will not-) (SHUT THE FUCK UP) (JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP) (SHUT THE FUCK UP) And here are a few of the best featured characters: The Milkybar Pimp
(You know that’s hate speech) Did you hear that? At the end he said Hitler did nothing wrong. There’s so many racist people calling me right now. Aids-björn Björn? Björn [Brittany] People started chanting “My wife’s son! My wife’s son!” “I am a cuck.”
(Laughter) [Interviewer] What’s your name? [Interviewee] Brittany Venti. I came there to trigger people, and it was great. But there are many, many more. It is the single best reality TV show on the internet right now, and it is going on for the next four to eight years. “Shadilay” (vocal version) – by P.E.P.E. [Shia] What is that, a little speaker?


  1. The funniest thing was that girl saying "if you're gonna arrest him you gotta arrest us all" and then did nothing

  2. I'm really not trying to be the "internet badass" over here. I think almost every male will agree with me on this. If anyone started screaming into my ear like shia did to that guy on day 3, that's battery dude! Someone gets in your face like that your allowed to stick him right in his face because any reasonable person would use force to get someone away from hurting their eardrums. So yeah if he screamed in my ear my anger would flare up & I'd stick him. I dont know if I'd win that fight, but I'd fucking stick the shit out of him with that first blow getting in my ear like that. That's not about being tough. Someone gets in your face screaming like that it's an automatic reaction. It's not looking for a fight. Its defending yourself

  3. I dont like Trump but HWNDU shit is so fucking meaningless and funny
    What a joke
    maybe Shia did this as a self intended metaphor?

  4. The thing I don't understand is who exactly is Trump dividing??? Mostly people that like his politics, and people that don't. Pretty sure the people that like his politics dislike the he will not divide us crap, thus leading to division

  5. I'm no fan of Shia, but I'm not sure why Nazis and the holocaust would be "funny" to anyone. Maybe young kids who don't even understand what it is? Much is just "edgy" humor I imagine, but the problem is some of the younger generation buying into it. They don't realize how funny it's not. I generally like Internet Historian, but he seems too smart to honestly be promoting this behavior and I don't get it.

  6. "He will not divide."

    But dont you seperate yourselves through protest and cast judgement on others with opposing values?… I smell hypocrisy. Also…

    When did Shia lose a few screws and become homeless?

  7. Watching this whole spectacle unfold in real time over the wondrous invention that is the internet and Shia's subsequent slow descent into madness was truly a work of art, a blessing bestowed on us lowly mortals by the universe.

  8. Who translated the title on my language?
    You know what "The Triggering of Shia" means in polish?
    Liberation of Shiites.

  9. Haha.. I wonder how many demons he has inside of him. Gosh, liberals are direct demons from hell. They are THE most hate filled people on earth, while holding "love and peace" signs. They're the type of people that tell you they love you while putting the noose around your neck.

  10. What was that Snake Eater cover that you overlapped over the Snake Eater singing dude?

    Not that it's anything better than the dude singing it tho…

  11. Never realised until now how biased you are towards the left. When someone is using a nazi dogwhistle and saying they love hitler it 's a joke, but when shia licks someone it's sexual assault. Just sad how politicised this channel is.

  12. ok im going to ask what a lot of people who didnt see or take part in this crazy persons hipster fad ask so here goes: WHAT THE FUCK!?

  13. OK pause. You've completely lost me at min 1:17. I don't…understand what's happening. It's probably too higher memeology for me.

  14. This is one of the many terrifying and remarkable things we discovered when making a video about 4chan calling in airstrikes. Just uploaded it a few days ago. Weaponized autism strikes again.

  15. The Snake Eater that overlapped with Mansoor on this video is Snake Eater (Live at Symphony Hall) uploaded by VGOOnline on YouTube.

  16. "Heebs will not divide us".. HAHAHAHA
    That's not particularly witty but for some reason I found it funny in this clip, considering dork boy Shia is one.

  17. Many of these assholes trying to "troll" just deserved to get their asses kicked TBH. "Shia is just a white liberal rich kid" says the white rich kid, the irony is just too strong

  18. Ok….ok….late as fuck i know….but the guy who actually dressed as big fucking boss and sang SNAKE EATER!!!! Bruh……my hero. Playing metal fucking gear right now and this almost made me piss myself.

  19. @ 0:45
    2 1/2 years later, and I still hear it as "first grade art", not "the first great art", no matter how sarcastic it was read. The truth is in there.

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