The Try Guys Rewind 2018

The Try Guys Rewind 2018

– This is the Try Guys 2018 Year in Review where we’re gonna talk about
every amazing, special, hard thing that happened this year. – Tell me about the hard things. – Oh, everything was hard. – We’re gonna sip tea and dish. – Oh wow. (peppy guitar music) – This year has been the
most exciting, exhausting, demanding year that I
have ever had in my life. – This year was so hard. – I can safely say this is probably the busiest year of our lives. – [Ned] I can definitely say that. – It’s also been the most rewarding, but along the way there have been a lot of unforeseen challenges. – People also don’t know my contract ended two
months before ya’lls. So I was out of Buzzfeed and couldn’t talk about it for two months. Do you guys remember that? – I remember. – I had to stay quiet on social media. – February to April. – And then there was another two months before we launched the channel. So we were not making videos
and people started to notice but, you know, we didn’t
want to announce anything until we had something to announce. – Our last videos came out in January and we didn’t launch
the channel until June, so all of those six months it was just, “What’s going on with the Try Guys?” And we’re like, “We don’t know either”. – My parents were so worried. My parents thought it wasn’t gonna work. – I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up. – We’re gonna go gay bars tonight. – [Eugene] They were like, “Why
the (beep) are you quitting “something that gives
you a full-time salary and health insurance?” – Our top Google result for that time was “Are Try Guys– – [Eugene] Straight. – Right, and then the second was, “Did Try Guys break up?” – Before we actually launched, it was the most stressful for me. And then, my wife goes into labor. (text message sounds)
(suspenseful cello) And, oh God, oh God, still
don’t have health insurance. Now all of a sudden I wasn’t just making a new channel for me, I was starting a business
to provide for my family. Hashtag feed Wes is real. – You’ve told us about how
low your bank balance got and stuff like that, but, in the process you never showed cracks. – Oh thanks man. – Except for that one
that your sitting on. – Heyyyy. – [Eugene] But I think
Buzzfeed, we still have a great relationship with them. We love all the work we did with them. The big thing for me, and
I think for all of us was, you know, contractually you are obliged to do everything with them. – Eugene got cast in a
movie, which is awesome. Ned had a baby which is even more awesome, and Zach and I were like,
“Well, we’re probably “the least qualified”, and tried to hire a really
good staff that could help us. What’s up everybody?! These are our PA’s, Kasiemobi and Miles. Okay. Our editor Devlin, our
production coordinator, our producer, Rachel. That’s our studio. – We’ve just been filming,
working, non-stop. (Try Guys screaming)
(pump-up rock music) – It’s certainly the most
stressed that I’ve ever been. – All of that was leading up to, I think, one of the biggest moments of the year which was our actual channel launch. To discuss more about the
aspects going into that, we wanna bring in our
first special Try Guest. – Our producer, Rachel Cole! (game show type music) Come on down. Over here, over here. So Rachel was the very
first hire of the Try Team. – What were your first
impressions of each guy? – Well, Ned I knew. – [Ned] Rachel worked
on the branded series where we bought a house. – Keith I first saw at Ned’s baby shower and he was in a diaper. – Please welcome The Ring Baby! (techno dance music)
(cheering) – In a diaper? – That point, you didn’t meet Keith. His– – Experienced. – You experienced Keith. – And then, Eugene I
knew a little bit about because a director friend of mine had worked with him on a commercial. And I thought of you as
more of like an actor. – As you saw me in a diaper, you didn’t think of me as an actor? (laughter) (techno music) – And the first time I met Zach I think was for my interview with you guys and he had just come from the dentist and had a gauze and a
bloody tooth and I was like, “Shouldn’t you be at
home?” And you were like, “I’m fine, I’m just gonna make some tea”. – So after those stellar
first impressions, what made you want to work with us? – I thought I’d be working
with you guys collaboratively. – Can somebody zip me? Would you be a ‘deer’? – [Rachel] Which has turned
out to be very, very true. – How do you like it? – I will say, the first two
things we filmed together were Gourmet Garbage with McDonald’s and then Eat the Menu Taco Bell. – And this taco is the Belle
of the ball in the bucket. – And then, Candid Competition: Cakes. We only did one-person food
videos in the beginning. Big boy. – Not that those videos aren’t great, but I’m really– – [Ned] Whoa.
– [Eugene] Whoa, Rachel, whoa. – I’ll have you know that
Candid Competition has a fervent fan following
and people are writing to get it uncanceled, thank you very much. – I’m pretty sure I’ve canceled it twice. ♪I’m sorry ♪ ♪ So sorry ♪ – By the time this video comes out, we have exceeded more than half of the products that we
released under Buzzfeed. Like, over four years we
released about 120 videos. I think by the time this one comes out, we’ll be well over 60, right? – [Keith] Yeah. – That’s crazy. – Yeah. – People always ask me,
when I tell them the story, what would your name have been and I’m so (beep) grateful
that we’re still the Try Guys cause I hated every other alternative. The Do Dudes. The Attempt Asses, you know, like The Guys. KNZE. Is it KNZE? Is it Kenzie? Is it kuhnuhz? Is it nose? Who knows? The attempt-a-bros. – I really don’t wanna
work with the Do Dudes, I have to say
– Neither do we. Neither do we. Also, congratulations. – Oh yeah. – She pregnant. – Making some Try Babies. Wes needs friends. – We don’t just hire people. We make ’em. – [Keith] We make ’em. – We should clarify,
none of us were involved in the making of Rachel’s child. – But, they will work for us. (laughter) – [Zach] Please welcome Kasiemobi! (applause) – Hello! – [Try Guys] Hi Kasiemobi! – [Kasiemobi] Hi. – One of your first big projects was to help make our VidCon show happen. – Yeah. – And what was that like. – That was (beep) nuts. (exciting music) Good evening VidCon, and welcome to the closing
night finale performance. Rachel calls us frantic, all-hands, like, “Okay. “So we’re doing a thing for VidCon. “There’s about 80,000 pages of script, “and we got these few pages
of props we need to get “and everything has to
be set, and there’s cues “and there’s video
segments we’re gonna shoot, “and there’s also live things
the guys need to rehearse, “so we need to book spaces for that “and also get costumes for that”. At one point, you couldn’t
really see the floor of this whole area now
because it was covered in giant boxes of fake
money, a whole box of cats. Yeah, my search history is (beep)– (laughter) cause of all the random
stuff I had to look up. – [Eugene] VidCon was
particularly important because it was kind of in line with are we the Try Guys or not and once we launched the
channel we were just like, “Yes, we’re going to VidCon”. We had to put this show together. I kind of took on the
responsibility of just writing and putting the staging
of the show together. – We wanted to make a statement. – You made it. – And because we didn’t
have a lot of money, a lot of the props we made, and you made. – [Zach] Yeah, we didn’t make (beep). (laughter) – I think one of my favorite props was the deal with it sunglasses
in one of the video clips. We just had really… Jankily float down onto Keith’s face and you can see people’s hands
at the corners of the screen. – It was great. – I was really proud of that,
that’s a Kasiemobi original. That was me. – You quickly realized
that we like pouring everything we have into what we do and we really appreciated
that you do that as well. – Yeah. – One thing I wanna say about Kasiemobi that the world does not know. Kasiemobi never stops eating
giant bowls of green things. Did you know how many greens you’re supposed to eat in a day? – All of them. You’re
supposed to eat ’em all. – Until you can’t stop eating
greens, and she does it. – Also, for as much as
Kasiemobi loves leaves, she (beep) hates celery. – Yeah, I think celery tastes
like the devil’s armpit. – [Eugene] Wow. – And, you can @ me. – Strong words from a strong
person, thank you, Kasiemobi. – And don’t you also hate pickles. – Yeah. – Get the (beep) out of here. (laughter) – Yay, Kasiemobi!
(applause) – [Try Guys] Hi Will, Devlin, and YB! – [Devlin] Hi – [Will] Hey – [YB] Hey – Welcome to our living room. – I don’t think people know how much work we put into the edit. Our videos… Two weeks on average? – When they’re lucky. (laughter) – Will, you have to finish every video. – Yes. – Which is a herculean task. – Well, for the DUI series it was definitely a herculean task. I worked some six to eight weeks I worked some long days. It was just like, everyday
was very stressful. (laughter) And so, I’m thrilled that it’s done. – He loves it here. – [Will] Love it here. – He loves it here! – You turn the brightest shade
of red in a split second. – I hope it does help people. I read the comments with a lot of, people on the high video being
like, “I drive high everyday, “this doesn’t change that much at all”. So, was it worth it? I don’t know. (laughter) – Thanks Will. – What was your favorite video to work on? – I think it would have to
be the little girl makeovers. (mouth explosion noise) – How would you describe my outfit? – Like your in high school? – [Eugene] Wow, thank you! – Hello darkness, my old friend. – Yep. – What do we know that from? – Trolls. – It’s from Trolls. – I felt like I forced
you guys to put my niece and my girlfriend’s niece in the video. – We loved that.
– It was so good. – My favorite was probably
also the little girl makeovers. I think it’s super cute and fun and I’m surprised it doesn’t
have more views honestly. You know, get out there,
watch it if you haven’t. It’s a funny video. – You’re gonna make Will upset. And you don’t him to get red again. Okay, you better (beep) watch that video. – Dude, by the way, over Thanksgiving I watched the Trolls movie. It rules. – I hear people like it, but I hear those people are six. (laughter) – My first video was
the nail extension video and it was really fun but also, when it’s your first day
at work and they’re like, “Okay, have it cut in three days”. And I’m just like, “Okay, that was quick”. I feel like whenever I
have quicker turnarounds I get more pressure so I edit quicker, so maybe it is better for me. – Cause you’re Korean. – Maybe cause I’m Korean. – Can I just say I’m sitting
in the bottom of this frame and I don’t know where to look. And I barely, I can’t
turn it around, and… – Oh don’t worry Zach, you’re
face looks totally normal. As you sit there like… – Zach, we’ve adopted
you as our Jewish son. (laughter) Reverse adoption: the
Asians adopt the white. – Have you ever had the,
I’m sure all too common, experience where you got
footage from us for something and you just started shaking your head? – The 14 hour labor video
where it took a while to go through and actually realize that I was staring at Ned’s butthole… (laughter) For a week. – You gotta get the goatse. Ya’ll ready to bring in
our production manager? – [Ned] Yeah!
(cheering) – Come on over here Alexandria. Yay, Alexandria, Alexandria, Alexandria. – Hello, welcome. – Hello. – You’ve known us for a while. – I met you at Buzzfeed and
the first video we ever did together was when you guys
swam with sharks in Florida. I was actually a really big Try Guys fan before I worked with you,
so I was really excited to do the video. – [Eugene] I didn’t know that. – [Keith] I didn’t know that. – Wait, what was your favorite
video up until that point? – Probably the ones where you guys tried on the sexy Halloween costumes. It’s where I really got into it. – And who is your favorite Try Guy? We can move on, we’ll come back to it. (laughter) – Recently we hosted the Streamys. Now aside from managing all the day-to-day with our production, you also did a lot to make sure that that went swimmingly. – [Alexandria] And you guys put it all together very quickly. You just started rehearsing
the week before the show. – Keith wrote the music
and I did the choreography and it was all, basically
felt like last minute. – And it all turned out perfectly and it was really cool to see you guys all in your element and
choreographing and writing songs. It was a really, really fun experience. – There was some, I guess like,
gripes about previous years where the roasting was a little too heavy on the audience members, so we weren’t allowed to be mean funny. Which is really hard to do
and not look totally lame. – A toast to Liza Koshy who was nominated for creator of the year and
whose career is so far ahead of ours that it really just makes us sad, to sit around and try to write a joke. They’re like, “We don’t want
you to say the word ‘boner’ “in the script. “We don’t want it to be too low-brow. “But we love the goatse,
it’s so fun and fresh”. – Instead of “no one’s
getting a boner” I had to say, “No one’s ding-dong is dancing”. – That seems more graphic to me. – Yeah, it’s far more visual. – So the night of the show,
you got to attend the Streamys and see the show. What was that night like? – It was a pretty magical night. It was quite magical. I’d never been to an award show before and it’s only something you see on T.V. I feel like you guys all really killed it. And then seeing Eugene
come out in drag was very surprising and amazing. And then I remember at the after party, who was it that we saw
and I embarrassed you? Yeah, so pretty big. (laughing) And I just didn’t know who they were. I’m just too old. And they’re all surrounding us and Miles just looks at me like, “Alex, shut up, “they’re all around us”. – [Keith] Alex, you’re embarrassing me. – [Ned] You’re blowing it. – You know the only thing I
remember from the after party is right when I walked in
you walked straight to me and say, “Eugene? Shots?” – I feel like you said that to me. – You know what? Yin and yang, it’s the same difference. – Alexandria is really great at her work. She’s done wonderful
things for our company, but she’s also number one
going out party queen. – I’ll take it. – I’ve had Alexandria convince me to do so many tequila shots – [Eugene] That was in Miami. that I vomited squid ink pasta. – That wasn’t my fault. We had squid ink pasta at dinner. I didn’t like it, so he
ate his and my plate. So he had about two pounds of squid ink pasta in his stomach. – As one does, when in Miami. – Ned is taking a shower, he’s vomited black pasta everywhere. – It looks like he’s rejecting Venom. – And then he couldn’t find a towel, so he comes out with a hand towel, just only barely covering his package. – And he passes out face-first on my bed– – With his bare butt sticking up – With the hand towel just
half covering his bare ass. – I had covers on, didn’t I? – [Zach and Eugene] No! – I covered you at some point. – The takeaway here is
that we’re professional but we also like to have fun. – Yeah, we work hard and play harder. ♪ Miles Bonsignore ♪ ♪ Miles Bonsignore ♪
(drum roll) – It’s been noticed that if
anything horrible, God forbid, God forbid if anything horrible
were to happen to Keith, we have a very suitable
replacement in Miles. Just throw on some glasses, trim the hair and I think we’re good. You better watch your back, Habersberger. – I would like him to already
start being in on my wide chat so I can just come in
for the close up jokes. – Yeah, that’s fine. Even if nothing happens to Keith, I mean, we can still add another
member to this ensemble, you know what I’m saying? – You know what Miles? – Maybe do a five guys, burgers and fries. – I have thought, the
one thing that this needs is one more white dude. – Yeah that’s what I was thinking. – So, some exclusive 2019 news, Try Guys are actually gonna have a podcast that we’re launching. It’s called the Trypod. – It’s always funny. – So we’ve been doing some test episodes over on You can go listen to
all of those episodes. But, in the new year, we’re
gonna have Trypod once a week and Miles is kind of our poditect. Our architect of the pod. – A poditect, yeah. – He’s our podcast produce. – We talked about it a couple months ago and we had a shed out back. As soon as I saw the shed, I was like, “You know, I want us to
sit in that shed and talk”. – We’re a small but mighty team, but we are growing and I think that part of what we’re aiming for is, we say production assistant loosely cause eventually Miles and Kasiemobi are also gonna be making creative content. And we want to sort of
reflect our philosophies with you young creatives
and anyone out there who might eventually be
interested in working with us. It’s a possibility. And so, Miles, kind of taking
the helm on the podcast was a good example of someone who just knew what he was (beep)
doing, cause I had no idea. – Go listen to the Trypod. – Also, Miles, I love this
shirt that you’re wearing. – Thanks – Where can the fans get those? – You can go to – Okay, you know, that’s
not, you know what. It’s just
– Use the discount code. Internet darling. – We did not do that… – We should really have an
internet darling discount code. – Hey, I mean… – That’s not a terrible idea
– [Eugene] We’ll see Miles. – Aw, sorry we have to cut. Thanks Miles! (intense boom) (Try Guys sigh) What a year it’s been. – Yeah. – It was a new challenge
and through new challenges you have new triumphs and
that was really exciting. – You thought this year was big. 2019… – Even bigger. – I mean, this year was
super stressful for us and it was crazy quitting the Buzzfeed and going out on our own starting our own independent company and we really appreciate
all of your support. – [Eugene] Going independent showcased how invested and passionate
you, the fans, are. And that was really the most
moving thing about 2018. – What I learned in 2018
is that triceratops’s… Triceratops? – Triceratops is just the general term. Like fish. – Triceratops go hard. – They go hard. – [Ned] Mm-hmm – [Try Guys] Mm-hmmm What will we try next? – I feel like you have
to say it, “What will– you gotta do the finger. – Like, wi– wi– will. – That is literally the Ned effect. ♪I’ll be there for Christmas ♪ ♪ Oh yeah, yeah. ♪ ♪ I said I’ll be there for Christmas ♪ (upbeat guitar music with claps) – I want Will to take us out. – Let’s unbore the butthole, you know? (laughing) – Loose cannon over here.


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