Things People Say in One Week | Gem Turner | Disability Diary

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel Today I thought I would do like the weird things people have said to me just this week I do love people but sometimes they’re just a bit weird First one, image it I’m on a train just chilling with my friend You know we are just chatting about life And this woman says to me she’s like having a look You know I just smile and I’m like… And then she says Is that erm, and I’m thinking oh my god people call my chair different things all the time is that a… double buggy? eh!? First of all where’s the children? Second of all, in what way shape or form does this look like a buggy!? No, no it isn’t and you know when you don’t know what to say I just said no it’s a wheelchair and I just wanted to be like just google it, have a google and you’ll see loads of wheelchairs she kept asking really weird questions like you know what’s your name and I said it’s Gemma Even though I was like you’re probably never going to want to know my name again You’re never going to see me again But anyway I said oh it’s Gemma and she was like is that Gemma with a G or a J? I was like why!? This is not one of those security questions where if you get the right answer you get into my bank details But anyway I was polite and I was like it’s with a G like the stone And then she said to her friend next to her she was like “in’t she lovely” She’s here I’m listening People ask me questions and then forget that I can actually hear what they are saying Anyway I’ll stop ranting about her now Oh this was a bit of an ordeal Basically this woman kept like, she was a waitress of let’s say the older generation and she just, you could just feel that she felt sorry for me I’ve always found this really weird like people just default think i’ve had a really hard life which I haven’t really yeah I’ve got brittle bones, I break bones but we deal with it Anyway this woman she starts like patting me on my head and if anyone knows me, I like my personal space so it was just so annoying she pat me on the head gave me a kiss and a cuddle and then I just thought woah woah no too much and she just whispered “don’t worry I’ll look after ya” and I was just, you know when you don’t want to look rude but this is just too much so I just put my knife and fork down and was like “can I just say…” “I’m 23 years old, I’m a very independent woman and I don’t need looking after” She was like… Right… ok and then I look like the bad person and I was just like you can’t just kiss and cuddle people If you did that to someone else that wasn’t disabled that would be weird, like that would be weird you’d report it so… you know sometimes you’ve got to be a bit brutal and say look stop it it’s weird This was the day after the train so I’m feeling very sassy right now Then the same day a man said to me “watch out, woman driver” I don’t understand why you had to you know name it name that I’m a woman, to be fair I’m grateful that he called me a woman and not like a child yeah well done he obviously was trying to suggest that I wasn’t a good driver course I’m a great driver I’ve been driving since I was two anyway I don’t want to moan people are nice but that’s just a snapshot of how weird people are it’s like people panic and either like want to just look after me and save my day or or people just think this is my chance I can ask her anything I want! and she’ll answer So I hope you enjoyed that, if you did don’t forget to subscribe I’ll definitely do more because people, people will probably unfortunately never stop saying weird things to me so I’ll just keep telling you them If you enjoyed it please do subscribe and I’ll see you very soon, Bye!

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