Top 10 Myths About Sex

Top 10 Myths About Sex

10 Untrue Sex Myths NUMBER 10: MYTH: BIG FEET EQUALS BIG MEAT Truth: There is no evidence to say that there
is any correlation between the size of a man’s feet and the size of his penis. In 2002 researchers
from University College Hospitals in London measured the penises and feet of 104 men and
found no link whatsoever. They also discovered that the distance from
a man’s thumb to the tip of his index finger is no reflection of his genital size. Similarly, research has found no specific
trends concerning penis length and racial background. Sources: Mental Floss, The Frisky. NUMBER 9: MYTH: PROMISCUITY CAUSES A WOMAN’S
VAGINA TO BECOME LOOSE Truth: There is a popular misconception that
having regular sex will cause a woman’s vagina to become irreparably loose. This is completely untrue and is based more
on societal tendencies to shame promiscuous women more than their male counterparts. The muscles of the vagina are naturally elastic.
After sex, the muscles will tighten back to how they were before. Even after childbirth,
a woman’s vagina will regain its previous shape within approximately 6 months. Sources: LA Weekly, Loveology University,
Steady Health. NUMBER 8: MYTH: MASTURBATION IS BAD FOR YOU Truth: In Victorian times, it was feared that
masturbation could lead to blindness, insanity, and infertility. Even today, regular masturbation
is often seen as a reflection of an unhealthy libido and something that should be discouraged
in teenagers. However, there is absolutely no evidence to
suggest that this should be the case. In fact, quite the opposite is true… masturbation
offers a range of health benefits. For women, masturbation can help prevent cervical
infections and even lower the risk of type-2 diabetes. For men, masturbation can reduce
an individual’s chances of developing prostate cancer. Sources: The Independent, Men’s Health,
Cosmopolitan. NUMBER 7: MYTH: APHRODISIACS ARE REAL Truth: As long ago as the time of Galen in
Ancient Greece, people have believed that certain foods have special libido-increasing
properties. Oysters, chocolate, and honey all have reputations for stimulating sexual
desire. However, a study published by the International
Society for Sexual Medicine said that there is no evidence that any of the foods contain
nutrients that would have a specific and notable impact on an individual’s libido. The most likely explanation for the food’s
‘aphrodisiac’ effect is in fact the placebo effect, as the idea of aphrodisiacs has been
so ingrained in popular culture that people expect the foods to affect them. Sources: Web MD, Science Daily, Sense About
SEVEN SECONDS Truth: The popular idea that men think about
sex every seven seconds is a complete myth. If it were true, men would have to think about
sex 514 times an hour, or 7,200 times every waking day. A study conducted by Ohio State University
found that, on average, men actually think about sex around 19 times a day. In comparison,
women think about it only 10 times. This study also tested how often men and women
think about food or sleep, and found that men also thought about these impulses almost
as much as they thought about sex. This implies that men have more regular indulgent impulses
in general. Sources: BBC, The Atlantic. NUMBER 5: MYTH: SEX DURING A PERIOD IS SAFE
SEX Truth: It makes logical sense that sex during
a woman’s period would carry no risk of impregnation, seeing as menstruation is the
body releasing an unused egg. However, there are numerous problems with
this logic. Very few women have perfectly regular menstruation and ovulation cycles. For example, women who experience long periods
could see them overlap with their ovulation, making them fertile even when menstruating. Another issue is that it’s possible for
sperm to survive inside the reproductive tract for up to five days, meaning that sperm released
during period sex could fertilize an egg days later. Sources: NHS, Bustle. NUMBER 4: MYTH: PULLING OUT PREVENTS PREGNANCY Truth: The withdrawal method has been criticized
for only offering 73% effectiveness as a type of birth control, compared to condoms, which
are 98% effective. The flaw in the method is that a man doesn’t
need to ejaculate inside a woman to make her pregnant. Semen is not only released during ejaculation,
there will always be drops on the tip of his penis when he is aroused. A single drop of
semen contains a million sperm, and therefore has the potential to impregnate a woman. Sources: Feminist Women’s Health Center,
ORGASMS Truth: One of the most resented differences
between the sexes is that women are able to have multiple orgasms and men aren’t. This isn’t actually true. Men can have numerous
orgasms in quick succession, so long as those orgasms are not ejaculatory. The male refractory period is the time after
a man ejaculates, before he can ejaculate again. By stopping all stimulation immediately
before ejaculation, men can experience the euphoria of an orgasm as many times as they
like – without actually ejaculating. This technique, also known as edging, is difficult
to perfect and requires a great deal of self-control and strong pelvic floor muscles. Sources: Men’s Health, Alternet, Menprovement. NUMBER 2: MYTH: THE G-SPOT Truth: Whether or not the G-spot exists is
one of the most hotly discussed sexual health topics. In 2009 a study at King’s College London
concluded that – if it exists – it is not a specific, scientifically provable entity.
The study was conducted among 900 pairs of identical twins, who filled out questionnaires
about their sexual experiences. It found that twins did not report a similar
G-spot, suggesting it to be a psychological and subjective phenomenon. However, the jury
is still out Sources: Kings College London, TwinsUK, Telegraph. NUMBER 1: MYTH: SIZE MATTERS Truth: The Journal of Sexual Medicine has
published new research, arguing that penis size doesn’t matter in terms of how much
sexual pleasure a man can give a woman. The average length of an erect penis is 14
centimeters, pretty much the same as the depth of the average vagina. If a man’s penis
is too long, it can cause their partner pain and discomfort. Furthermore, the majority of the most sensitive
vaginal nerves are located by the vaginal opening, so a larger penis wouldn’t be necessary
to stimulate those areas. Sources: Journal of Sexual Medicine, Live
Science, Medical Daily.


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  2. I always think about sex every 7 seconds. That's why I eat my hotdogs in under 6 seconds, So it doesn't get weird

  3. Masturbation can cause blindness and eyesight problems.

    One time I came so hard it hit me in the eye and I couldn't see well for a few days.

  4. I'm pretty sure that last one isn't a myth. Ive heard from multiple women that a bigger dick feels better and a small dick isn't as fun.

  5. Masturbation or coming in general will help chances of not getting prostate cancer? Also, has a woman ever been involved in this experimentation?

  6. 4:12 is not true. Tons of research proves the male "lubricant" contains no Semen. And that Semen found before ejaculation, is most likely from a previous not long ago ejaculation. Not saying "Pulling out" is a good idea, only the fact mentioned is untrue.

  7. I'm unsubscibing because who ever is doing the voice for these is constantly mispronouncing words and I really can't stand listening to him do that

  8. Glad the size myth was discussed, I dont wanna be fucked by something too small but I HATE it when it's too big!! it's all about balance and finding out what fits really… just like men's size differs, so does the size of a woman's inside. it's just gotta fit.

  9. No 8 is a lie, excessive masturbation is unhealthy and is linked to accelerated balding, anxiety, weak joints, poor brain health, thyroid problems, sleep disorders, lack of motivation, low confidence, depression, dermatitis, low testosterone and many many many more health issues. Having your body put all it's energy and nutrients into producing semen is not good for you so stop fapping and go find some pussy!

  10. The belief that precum has sperm in it hasn't been proven. Or rather, studies that do "prove it" have been replicated without the same results. It is still an open question. From personal experience, it works and neither me nor my partnerns are infertile.

    But, it requires a lot of self-control and self-knowldge, so I suppose idiots are better off believing it wont work. Sadly, idiots are cumming inside all the time anyways, so….

  11. #4 fuck yeah, now my stupid high school friends can stop complaining that they shouldn't be pregnant because their boyfriend's "pullout game was strong"

  12. Correction, the G-spot actually does exist, and is the most sensitive area in the vagina. The myth that it doesn't exists stems from frustrated male partners who don't know how or where to find it. The key to find it is to feel around inside of the vagina until you find a soft spot similar to the soft pallet on the roof of the mouth. The G-spot isn't but about two to four inches deep, depending on the women's vaginal depth, and may very from person to person. The G-spot's location is one of the reasons that girth is more desired than length, because if your penis is too long, you might not hit the G-spot if you have a lack of girth. Also, comdoms are effective 97% of the time, not 98% of the time; it says so on the packaging.

  13. now that i know that dick size doesnt matter, i dont have to worry about my miniature dicked friends getting laid 🙂

  14. The pullout method does work, there is no semen in precum. It is however not as effective as condom due to human error and left over semen from previous ejaculation.

  15. When it comes to penises, thickness does matter. I'm speaking from experience, years ago I was with a man and I was unsure if he was in cause I couldn't feel anything.

  16. Anyone who says that the G-Spot is not real, has never found it, or experienced it. For those that have, know that it is very real!


  18. number 1 was obviously written by a man with a small penis. Penis size isn't the be all and end all, but a bigger penis is more pleasurable, well for me anyway, and I have a very tight vagina (i exercise every day and have had many compliments and even a complaint or two). Number 2 is also wrong, the g spot had been researched and proven to be real. I know where mine is and I know what it feels like to have it directly stimulated as opposed to regular non direct vaginal stimulation.

  19. Whait Im confused ive hade sex he would go in then come out and jizz and not go back in so ive been doing it with semen in me???

  20. The G-spot is real. The research they based it on here is kind of dumb. It's not scientific at all, they just "asked" women?? This needs to be updated, because it has certainly proven scientifically to be real. Also, there is such a thing as cervical orgasm, so uhm, size may actually matter if the woman likes that sort of thing.

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