1. I fail to see how his whistling is a tick.. seems more like a very prominent habit.. was expecting him to whistle while he spoke..
    but then again I guess I don't live with him

  2. Medical conditions are not sooo bad. I mean that boy has a talent now because of Tourette Syndrome. Talent now XD Go people who are living with medical conditions. If I can do with fourteen medical conditions, you can do it XD

  3. I have a 9yr old boy, Tre, who also has tourettes & in the last couple months has added whistling to his complex tics as well. It's never easy to be patient with something you can't figure out the answers to. (whistling loudly all day) combined with the chaos of 3 other kids, 1 am. staffordshire 3yr old boy, 2 pet mice & 1 oscarfish & u have the ultimate patience test. But our kids didn't choose Tourettes, it chose them & i' m one proud mommy of a son with Tourettes!

  4. @reand1w: Here! 🙂 You pucker up your lips like for a kiss and put your tongue on your bottom teeth and gently blow. It also helps to lick your lips first. 🙂

  5. That is unbelievably annoying. I've met a lot of people who whistle compulsively, and it's the most irritating thing in the world.

  6. Well it is annoying at times but he cannot help it. My son had a whistling tic if it got to bad I would just go in another room b/c I knew he couldn't help it. Imagine your self in their shoes? Not alwayus fun.

  7. dios tiene la solucion para estos problemas convulsivos cuando la ciencia medica no encuentra una explicasion nuestros niños se transforman en ratoncito de laboratorio con un coctel de medicamentos que muy pocas posibilidades de recuperasion nos dan, dios te puede ayudar el es el doctor de los doctores busca una iglesia evangelia

  8. We played that song that he's whistling in my symphonic band competition. Its a really good song if you want to amaze a crowd 🙂 . No wonder he got second place.

  9. ruin his life by calling him robbin u stupied fuka

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  12. You people have no idea how much shit and pain u have to go through with having it. I'm 27 years old and my bones hurt everyday from tics when I was young. I feel so sorry for these poor kids that have it way worse vocally. God bless you'll get over it.

  13. It's like they're referring him to some kind of "musical genius" but he's really not that good. Harsh to say, maybe. But true.

  14. wow all that practice really pays off!
    …he can't control it and that sucks but that whistling tho! Wish my whistles sounded that good.

  15. no. I just am not going to recognize something as special when it's not just because he has a mental disorder. I treat everyone the same. this is nothing special. I've been whistling since I was 4 and I can whistle the star wars symphony too with perfect pitch. I don't feel special about it.

  16. omfg you really are dumb and inconsiderate its not the fact that he can whistle the star wars theme its the fact that 1 of his tics is whitsling so he decided to go into the competition. learn to freaking think before writing stupid dumbass comments

  17. His whistling might not be exceptionally good, I agree on that, but what bugs me way more is the way of the media glorifying a behaviour the boy himself will, sooner or later, not like at all. and basically saying: "Hey, look at this boy, he's so weird and strange, and we still love him for that!" Yeah, reminds you of something? The "good old" reality TV, maybe?

  18. Wow, everyone is a critic.
    Honestly, I think he is brilliant. You can either wallow in self pity for your condition, or take the symptoms and run with them. I think he is fantastic.
    You critics need to leave your green monster at home and just look up videos that you enjoy, and stop trolling.
    Thank you.

  19. I believe he wasn't born from his mother's womb. He was hatched from an egg. Maybe a cuckoo bird layed an egg in his mother's nest ?

  20. I feel bad, I know how tiring this has to be for him. I also have TS and i had a tic were I would pop my jaw and bark. I'm glad he is turning something so annoying and tiring to something so amazing.

  21. Ok seriously the jealousy of many people here is fucking annoying.HES NINE YEARS OLD STOP WITH ALL THAT BULLSHIT YOURE NOT MAKING YOURSELF COOL!??

  22. Good God America has officially morphed into an Onion sketch. This kid has ZERO talent. Even worse the news anchors LYING through their teeth in amazement.

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