Trans Man on Cover of Men’s Health Magazine   Positive News

Trans Man on Cover of Men’s Health Magazine Positive News

What to think of for the intro.. oh, I know!
NASA just released a 360 video of Mars from the Curiosity Rover. It’s pretty cool, I’ve
linked it in the description. [Intro]
Most of us may know that kids will generally push their curiosity to the next level, and
actually come up with really good ideas, something British designer Dominic Wilcox did where
he asked children throughout the UK to think of ideas for inventions, and they’re actually
really useful! Oh, and he brought them to life! Let me give
you a few examples. Henry Hughes, age 12, came up with the “Tooth-o-Matic”, a toothbrush
with a built-in toothpaste tube so the toothpaste goes right out onto the bristles with the
push of a button. 6-year old Amelia Liddle has designed the
Food Cooler, something I really would have wanted when I was way younger than her. 11-year
old Georgia Dinsley invented the Pringle Hook for scooping out Pringles chips so you won’t
have you waste a perfectly good sheet of paper. Lastly in this video’s list, if you need
to use a phone booth, I don’t know why you would in 2016, but can’t get in for whatever
reason, Colin Salmon’s Phone Friend has your back!
Our next story this evening involves German model Ben Melzer, who will appear on the April
cover of the German edition of Men’s Health magazine. Okay, good for him, I guess, but
why is this significant? Because, take a look at him, a man so manly that he never wears
a shirt, after all, that would just contain the manliness! Wow, that guy is handsome!
However, go back five years ago, and you’ll find that it was a slightly different case.
Yes, Melzer is transgender! He was born as Yvonne Melzer, and started transitioning at
the age of 23. He said in a NowThis video “I was never a typical girl. As soon as
I started thinking, pink was a no-go”. Countless people across the world are just
like this, being uncomfortable with the gender they were assigned at birth, also known as
gender dysphoria (which you may or may not have heard of, and if you haven’t, you really
need to go out more! [And you’re taking this from someone who literally hangs out
in his office all day!]), and many transgender people are discriminated against, and (yes,
I’m going to quickly talk about this) this obviously needs to stop! People shouldn’t
be demonized for not being comfortable with the gender they were almost arbitrary assigned
at birth. We don’t have control over how we’re born, our skin color, our social class,
and, yes, our genitalia, so good on you, German Men’s Health, for accepting Ben Melzer’s
true identity. Stay positive! Thank you for watching this video, if you
enjoyed it, please give it a like and subscribe for more in the future. It felt so good to
get that final point, even though you’re not supposed to broadcast those kinds of views
on YouTube, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. Either way, see you on Sunday
and stay positive.

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