Trans or Gender Queer Health and Fitness

Have you been feeling like you need to go
to the gym or that you need to do something to improve your health and fitness? But then you actually think about going to
the gym and the idea of facing this dilemma at the locker room keeps you from going. I’m here to tell you that health and fitness
is not just for cisgendered people or the gender conforming and just because there are
times society rejects you, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your own wellness. Listen, you don’t have to go to a gym to
get a more rockin body or to start treating your body like the god or goddess that it
is. There are other ways. In fact, there are even BETTER WAYS because
what I can offer is more effective. My name is Jacque Lickteig, and I’m a health
and fitness coach who gets it. You see, I’m biologically female, but I don’t
quite identify as either a man or a woman. I’m just really gender fluid. And I’ve been in those locker rooms where
women walked in and questioned my presence. I’ve been on those gym floors next to the
dudes who chuckled at me when I was trying to bulk up, and I got over all that mess by
going my own way, and I wanna show you how to do the same. Better yet, I plug you into accountability
groups that offer nothing but love and support, and I stand firm in enforcing my rules of
ZERO HATE, ZERO SHADE. If something about this video spoke to you,
follow me. Like my page, reach out to me, follow me on
Instagram, join my next challenge. I’d love to help you love your body even

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