Tricep Workouts: The Best Tricep Exercises for Women NO MORE BAT WINGS!

Tricep Workouts: The Best Tricep Exercises for Women NO MORE BAT WINGS!

hey everyone its Lisbon Sarah from go Super sisters calm and today we’re going to be sharing with you one of our all-time most requested videos and that is how to work the back of the arms or the triceps so we have four different exercises for you today we’re going to run you through three different sets of 15 reps for each one so let’s get started I want to make sure that you do a three to five minute warm-up make sure you include things like arm swings you’re going to do shoulder openers arm circles front and back head rolls basically warming up the upper body making sure that your joints are loose ready to go your blood is flowing so that we prevent injury now I have with me today a resistance band and Sarah is going to be showing you the option to do with the dumbbells so she’s starting with five pounds here and that’s a great place to start if you’re a beginner however if you have more experience or you’re looking to get a little bit more burn and strength training in you’re going to want to up your weights maybe 10 or 12 pounds depending on your current fitness level let’s break down the form information that you need to know so that you make sure your workout is nice and safe and then we’ll get into the actual workout okay the first exercise we’re going to be doing today is overhead tricep extensions so with the band’s you’re going to step on your band and then step through bring your band up elbows in narrow so don’t let them ever flare out band up and extend okay so you’re holding your abs in tight your back is flat and your elbows are staying stationary where they’re where they are they’re not going to flare out it’s up and down not side to side now for Sarah with the dumbbells it’s the same exact thing she’s keeping her pelvis tucked here her abs are engaged her elbows are in her peripheral vision so she can see them from the front if you go too far back you’re going to stress your back and you don’t want that her elbows stay still it was as well so if she turns from the side here you’re going to see that if I put my hand here it’s not going to touch her elbows stay right where they are the next exercise that we have for you today is the tricep kickback so you can do this with a band or with the dumbbells again the band you’re going to step right on the middle okay depending on how wide apart your feet are that’s going to make it a little bit more challenging for you increase your resistance but I’m going to start with my feet right below my hips okay and turn to the side here so that you can see it’s very important to have a flat back here anytime you’re in a bent over position you’ll always want to keep the abs engaged the core tuck the pelvis in okay so from here I’m going to bend my knees or stacked right over my ankles going to push my butt out tuck my abs in pull my elbows up above my back keep my elbows where they are as I extend and then back in so my elbows don’t move at all that’s what the band let’s see what it looks like with some dumbbells okay so Sarah’s going to come down again feed her together knees are stacked hips her back back is flat abs are in elbows up above the back elbows stay still she inhales in exhales as she extends her arms her gaze is on the floor so that her head is in line she’s not craning her neck back and beautiful most importantly here again if you’re bent over you want to protect your lower back so keep your belly in suck your belly button in towards your spine the next exercise is going to be the tricep pushup so you have some options here for modifications if you’re a beginner you’re going to keep these on your knees hands are flat right stacked right under your shoulders okay your elbows are going to rotate forward so that the crease of your elbow points straight ahead like headlights parallel with one another you’re going to tuck your abs again keep your booty in shorten the distance between your tailbone and your belly button keep your elbows squeezing the sides of your ribcage as you go down as low as you can go eyes on the floor and then press back up that’s what you’re going to do for beginner level one level two if you’re ready you can take your feet out wide and do the same thing tricep push-up and then level three feet together press your heels back abs are in booty is tucked down you go and exhale press so you don’t ever want back sway okay or hips up high and keep the elbows squeezing nice and tight and keep your body in a solid plank visit one of the all-time best moves for the back of the arms is a tricep dip so let’s make sure we get our form right you’re going to put your hands right outside your hips your fingertips point towards your toes again rotate your elbows in towards your body and make sure they’re lining up like they’re on railroad tracks okay so parallel don’t ever let them flare out like chicken wings we railroad tracks okay from there you’re going to scoot your hips off the bench press through the elbow straight arms you want to make sure that your hips are nice and close to the bench here so I don’t want to be way far out I want to be nice and tight level one your knees are bent at 90 degrees level two you’re going to do straight legs and level three you can alternate doing five of these guys at a time and then do the other leg five at a time keep your legs straight all right let’s get working out stuff on your bands middle of the band make sure both sides are even pull it in elbows and narrow tricep extension if you got the dumbbells same thing make sure you keep your elbows in your peripheral vision there’s three good four beautiful soft controlled flow movement six seven abs are in eight nine ten you got it 11 you feeling the burn the back of your arm yeah yeah 12:30 no my band is so heavy 14 last set last rep 15 lower down carefully set it up for the next exercise tricep kickbacks here we go stand on the middle your band if you got one wrap it up with some you two elbows high abs in kick back good one two three keep your belly button in towards your spine gazes on the four five six seven eight nine beautiful ten gorgeous Sarah eleven twelve thirteen fourteen elbows high abs in push your booty back turn the gluts on there you go beautiful next exercise tricep push-up let’s go stack your hands choose your level done you go one two keep your elbows forward abs engaged four beautiful keep going I’m going to come over to Sarah make sure she’s doing it right got to watch this one she’s a wild child six seven beautiful so she feels this in the back of her arms eight got seven more seven gorgeous abs are in tuck your pelvis six five beautiful four three two last one gorgeous tricep dips let’s hit it choose your level I’m going straight legs today you keep my arms in nice to narrow to inhale exhale beautiful four five tall posture six abs are in seven you got it eight seven six squeeze the back of the arms four three two gorgeous scoot yourself back up onto your chair and shake it up you’re going to repeat all four exercises for your tricep for a total of three sets make sure you do 15 reps in each set of each move followed by a quick little cool-down hydrate and then give yourself a pat on the back as you rocked it today good work I’m Liz this is Sarah from go super sister’s calm if you enjoyed this workout or you know somebody who’s trying to target the back of their arms please do share it with them and subscribe to our channel for more we’ll be here anytime


  1. This is awesome! I'd love to try this.i have wear and tear in my shoulder and it's a bit painful and stiff in the arms the right one.
    Please let me know.
    I'm used to exercise.

  2. Wow, i couldn't do the bank push ups anymore, was to much 😀 maybe when i do the rest for a while i can do these last 15 to 🙂

  3. you are not going to get mass with them tiny ass weights. How are you supposed to feel burn with them things?

  4. Fruk…. the weight of my dumbells do matter. No wonder I don't feel like I'm actually exercising with my 2 kg dumbells. Might need to fill up empty milk cartoons with water and use that

  5. These exercises will help to train the tricep muscles but if the back of your arms are swinging then you ought to consider trying to burn fat. There is only so much tightening the tricep muscles can do for the appearance of your arms in such cases.

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  7. I can'f feel my arms, I hope they are still there . . . I am kidding, I love, LOVE this workout. Can I do it every day to see fast results? Thanks, Aug. 5, 2019

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